Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane has brown eyes and natural blackish-brown hair.
Seth is 5' 10" (1.78 m) tall.
Seth is the brother of Rachael MacFarlane, who often voices characters (such as Hayley from American Dad!) on Seth's show's.
Seth often incorporates music into his shows. This is most likely because he has a great singing voice. He was given voice training by a 90 year old couple who also trained Frank Sinatra.
The reason Seth's production company is called "Fuzzy Door" is because the door to the apartment he had while attending the Rhode Island School of Design was covered in fur.
Seth based the voice of Peter Griffin (from Family Guy) off a loud mouthed security guard that worked on his college campus, and Stewie Griffin (from Family Guy) off of Rex Harrison's perfomance as Henry Higgans in 'My Fair Lady'.
Seth is a very talented pianist.
Seth is a very big fan of Rex Harrison.
Seth has a Scottish ancestry.
Rachael isn't Seth's only famous sibling. His cousin, Tim Mercer, has a punk-pop band in Brooklyn, New York.
He used to write for the show Dharma and Greg until he was fired. When he got his own show, Family Guy, he continuously mocked "Dharma and Greg" in numerous episodes.