Blake Lively

played Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

Serena van der Woodsen

First Appearance
1x01 Pilot

Serena is the daughter of Lily van der Woodsen and has a younger gay brother, Eric. She was a troubled teenager, who loved to party. When she returns she tries to be a better person and wants to be there for her brother, who attempted suicide. Before she left town, Serena had a one night stand with Nate Archibald, the longtime boyfriend of her best friend Blair Waldorf.
She began dating Dan Humphrey, the son of Lily's great love Rufus. They broke up, when Serena tried to hide her wild past from him, but soon tried to make things work a second time. But they realized that they are in different places and broke up again. Serena tried to be friends with Dan, while dating Aaron Rose. Serena broke up with Aaron, when she realized she still has romantic feelings for Dan. They reunited once again and were shocked when they found out that they share a half brother, which Lily gave up for adoption right after his birth.
Serena then began dating Gabriel Edwards, the ex-boyfriend of Serena's friend Poppy Lifton. While a trip in Spain she thinks that she accidentally married him, but when Gabriel followed her to New York, he told her that this wasn't the case. Gabriel confessed his feelings to her and hoped for a second chance with Serena. She gave him this chance, without knowing that Gabriel is working as a con artist together with Poppy to get money from the high society of the Upper East Side.
After her friends helped her out, Serena graduated with them and started an attempt to uncover the identity of the mysterious Gossip Girl, which failed. When she is ready to leave for a summer vacation to Europe, Carter Baizen came to her right before she left with informations about Serena's missing father.
Serena seems lost when she returns to Manhattan and decides to skip college for another year. She admits her feelings for Carter and begins to work for a publicist. Lily isn't very happy about Serena's choices and tries to convince her to go to college after all. Serena tries to prove to Lily wrong, while Carter confesses to her that he is in trouble. He owns the Buckley family a lot of money because of a scheme he ran on them. Serena is disappointed, but eventually forgives Carter and wants to help him.

Keith van der Woodsen - Father
Lily Rhodes - Mother
Eric van der Woodsen - Brother
Scott Rosson - Half brother
Chuck Bass - Adoptive half brother
Celia Rhodes - Grandmother
Richard Rhodes - Grandfather
Carol Rhodes - Aunt

Romantic relationships
Nate Archibald (one night stand)
Dan Humphrey (dated)
Dan Humphrey (dated)
Aaron Rose (lovers)
Dan Humphrey (dated)
Gabriel Edwards (dated)
Carter Baizen (lovers)
Trip van der Bilt (affair)