Patrick Stewart

played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Jean-Luc Picard is the Captain of The Enterprise, he was also the captain of The Stargazer. He lost his heart during a fight when he was a Cadet at Star Fleet Academy. Ever since then, he has changed his life because of that event. During one of his first missions when he was the Captain of The Enterprise, he met an alien, called The Q. All aliens that come from The Q Continuum are very powerful, immortal, and they are all named Q. This Q, played by John DeLancie, has run into Guinan before, and also put the human race on trial because Q found the mistakes that human society made to be unacceptable. Later, Picard died, and Q saved his life. He also helped Picard realize that his past wasn't as bad as he remembered. Picard has achieved many things, and is very intelligent, and athletic. He won an award once, and he loves to play fencing. He played fencing with Chief Herbert, and Guinan. He is a historian, and loves archaeology because they represent the accomplishments that people made long ago. He is very diplomatic, and is an expert at solving diplomatic problems. Sometimes he uses strategy, like he did when he got Deanna's Mother back, and when he convinced Gowron to lend a cloaked ship so he could visit Spock,. He helped Sarek with a diplomatic mission. Picard can become an Admiral whenever he wishes. He was offered that by Admiral Quinn at the time that The Federation was at risk of invasion by Parasites. Picard was kidnapped by The Borg, and serves as the voice of the human race. He attempted to help take over humanity, but he had no control of his actions. His family owns a vineyard in France. He has had a rough past with Beverly Howard Crusher, when he ordered Jack Crusher to his death. This is one of the causes of his discomfort of children, and at first, he was uncomfortable around Wesley, and called him "The Boy", but later was impressed with Wesley's knowledge of Star Fleet and Starship operations.
played Professor lan Hood in Eleventh Hour (UK)

Professor Ian Hood is a Professor Emeritus of Physics and now works as science advisor for the government. He is tasked to solve different issues revolving around modern science topics. For his research on these issues, he doesn't operate out of an office, and he has no support team, but works through his contacts and his influence on other scientists and institutions to get to the truth.

After receiving a death threat, he is provided a personal protection officer, Rachel Young, who is appointed to safeguard him on each of his further investigations. Although Rachel tries to keep him away from trouble, Hood occasionally ignores her advice, making her job even harder.

Although Hood is expected to supply budgets to the government for his investigations, which he has to predict and request before he starts a job, being empirically driven, he usually winds up underestimates the costs, which leads to the obligatory trouble with his accountant supervisor. However, these disputes don't mean much to him, because he does work nobody else is able to do, and the bills always end up being paid for anyway.

He is a committed scientist who doesn't believe in any supernatural phenomena. If no one can tell what's behind a mysterious occurrence, he will search and find the scientific explanation behind it. Although he had sought out alternative healing methods for his sick and dying wife at the point where science couldn't help her anymore, and after they tried almost everything else, and his wife still died, he came once more to the conclusion that only science can really lead one to the truth.