Paris Hilton

Hilton's show The Simple Life was recently canceled by E!.
Recently spent 23 days in a Los Angeles County jail after violating her probation for a DUI charge.
Was involved in notorious sex tape scandal in 2003 that involved a video tape made of her and a former boyfriend having sex on camera together.
Grandfather Barron Hilton is reportedly fed up with her antics and has decided to cut off at least part of the inheritance she was supposed to get under his will.
Has a younger sister named Nicki and two younger brothers named Conrad and Barron.
Is the niece of actresses Kim and Kyle Richards.
She personally hates her size 11 feet as it has been nearly impossible to find shoes that are stylish or even fit at all. There are shoe companies that now make such large shoes in her size just for her.
She enjoys golf and tennis.