J. August Richards

played Charles Gunn [S02-S05] in Angel

Charles Gunn portrayed by J August Richards is first introduced toward the end of season 1. We get the first impression that he will be different from the rest of the unified gang in that he has a past history in Los Angeles fighting for the good of his gang against the vampires that ravish his people.

Gunn is mostly a renegade vampire killer up until his character begins to mature with a relationship with Fred midway through season three. Their relationship is a prominent part of the series until they "both" kill a human man, which destroys their entire relationship. Gunn gets a makeover in season five when he gets an implant that gives him knowledge of the law and of demonic law. He goes from the casual man to the business man. This makeover proves deadly when his striving to be a different man ends up with him signing a paper to have Illyria brought to Wolfram & Hart that ultimately kills Fred. Gunn stands by Angel to the series finale where he is bleeding badly at the final battle scene.
played Assistant D.A. Billy Desmond in Conviction (2006)

Billy Desmond is smart, politically motivated, and hasn't lost a case during his three years at the DA's office. Initially, he appears to care more about winning cases and his political stature, but it become evident that Billy will not compromise the law or the DA's office for either his track record or his aspirations. Billy appears to be closest to Finn and Peluso, who he is seen to go out with after hours, but he also has hit a club or two with new co-worker, Potter.