Charisma Carpenter

played Cordelia Chase [S01-S04] in Angel

Cordelia, portrayed by Charisma Carpenter, is a quick witted character on Angel. She also comes to Los Angeles from Sunnydale after her disastrous graduation. She comes to be a better individual but soon finds Angel and becomes close to his mission in Los Angeles.

Her character grows from what we previously saw on Buffy the Vampire Slayer into a more mature character we see on Angel. She is similar to how she was on the sister show until her character matures as she learns more about the visions by the Powers-That-Be. Cordelia's body eventually starts to deteriorate in her brain as a human was not meant to bear the power of the visions. She agrees to keep the visions with being part demon in the meantime.She stands by Angel through it all and develops a small relationship with him in season three. The relationship was going to go to the next phase until the Powers intervened to take her to the Higher Plane and Angel was sent to the bottom of the sea by his own son.

Season four takes on a twist of its own when Cordelia returns with no memory of anything from the Higher Plane. She is seemingly herself despite having a illicit relationship with Angel's son and behaving slightly different than usual. It is discovered a higher being had hijacked Cordelia's body to use it as a vessel to "give birth to itself" allowing Jasmine to be born to make a kingdom on Earth. Cordelia goes in to a coma and is not seen again until the 100th episode where she wakes up to help Angel defeat Lindsey and get Angel back on track to who he really is instead of who he has become. Cordelia kisses Angel to pass the visions on to him then he gets a phone call from the hospital informing him that she had passed away.
played Cordelia Chase [Season 1-3] in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cordelia Chase went to high school with Buffy and co., where she was a cheerleader and at the top of the social ladder. At first she was a real bitch to Buffy, Willow and Xander, but after being saved by them on numerous occasions she began to grow closer to them, and eventually started to help them fight the forces of evil . She dated Xander for a while, before breaking up with him when she caught him kissing Willow. At the end of series 3 she moved to LA to pursue an acting career, but ended up helping Angel.
played Kendall Casablancas in Veronica Mars

Marrying into the Casablancas' family was more then Kendal bargened for when she married the wealthy Dick Casablancas. It is widely believed in the town of Neptune that Kendall married for money. What she didn't count on when she married his money was that it was was earned through illegal dealings and the husband that came with the money had to flee the country as the FBI closed in on him.

Left with two children not much younger then her, and her money tied up in court, Kendall takes comfort in her house and the affair she is having with Logan, her step-sons good friend.