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Corey Burton

Mostly Credited As: Corey Burton
Sometimes Credited As: Corry Burton
Cory Burton

Birth Name: Corey Gregg Weinberg
Date Of Birth: August 03, 1955 (Age 59)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: West Los Angeles, California
Height: 5' 6" (1.67 m)

Corey Burton

TV Appearances

Main cast 
Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy (2015)As: Baron Basil / Ghost of the Baron -- [Voice]
Black Dynamite (2012)As: Dennis Flynn -- [Voice]
Jake and the Never Land Pirates (2011)As: Captain Hook -- [Voice]
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) (2008)As: General Loathsom / Ziro the Hutt / Kronos-327/Count Dooku -- [Voice]
The Secret Saturdays (2008)As: V.V. Argost / Leondias Van Rook -- [Voice]
Transformers: Animated (2007)As: Megatron, Shockwave -- [Voice]
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006)As: Professor Ludwig Von Drake -- [Voice]
Amazing Screw-On Head (2006)As: Abraham Lincoln / Professor Fruen -- [Voice]
Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) (2003)As: Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus -- [Voice]
House of Mouse (2001)As: Ludwig Von Drake, Ranger J, Audubon Woodlore, Mad Hatter, Captain Hook, Grumpy, White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum -- [Voice]
Mike, Lu & Og (1999)As: Old Queeks -- [Voice]
Mickey Mouse Works (1999)As: Ludwig Von Drake / Chief O'Hara / Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore / Narrator / Additional Voices -- [Voice]
Disney's Hercules (1998)As: Zeus -- [Voice]
Quack Pack (1996)As: Ludwing Von Duck -- [Voice]
Timon & Pumbaa (1995)As: Quint, Speedy the Snail -- [Voice]
Goof Troop (1992)As: How To Narrator, Various -- [Voice]
James Bond, Jr. (1991)As: James Bond, Jr. -- [Voice]
Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers (1989)As: Dale, Zipper, Mole, Snout -- [Voice]
The Adventures of Spot (1987)As: Voice (US revoiced version, S01 and 2) -- [Voice]
Gummi Bears (1985)As: Gruffi Gummi -- [Voice]
Transformers (1984)As: Sunstreaker, Brawn, Shockwave, Spike, Wideload -- [Voice]
G.I. Joe (1983)As: Tomax -- [Voice]
Episode Cast Credits 

Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013) 
  Future Shock 02x06: (Nov/09/2014) Voiced  High Evolutionary 

Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) 
  The Final Showdown 01x26: (May/25/2014) Voiced  Dracula 
  Exodus 01x25: (May/18/2014) Voiced  Dracula 
  By the Numbers 01x21: (Mar/30/2014) Voiced  Dracula 
  The Ambassador 01x19: (Mar/16/2014) Voiced  Dracula 

Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors (2012) 
  Blade and The Howling Commandos 02x21: (Oct/05/2013) Voiced  Dracula 

Ben 10: Omniverse (2012) 
  Trouble Helix 01x04: (Oct/06/2012) Voiced  Malware, [Featuring]
  The More Things Change (1) 01x01: (Aug/01/2012) Voiced  Malware / Mr. Baumann, [Featuring]

Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011) 
  Fear Itself 01x08: (Apr/21/2012) Voiced  Leph 
  Reckoning 01x07: (Apr/14/2012) Voiced  Cleric Loran 

Thundercats (2011) (2011) 
  Trials of Lion-O, Part Two 01x16: (Apr/07/2012) Voiced  Jaga 
  Trials of Lion-O, Part One 01x15: (Mar/31/2012) Voiced  Jaga 
  Legacy 01x07: (Sep/02/2011) Voiced  Captain Tygus 
  Journey to the Tower of Omens 01x06: (Aug/26/2011) Voiced  Jaga 

Young Justice (2010) 
  Misplaced 01x19: (Mar/03/2012) Voiced  Brain / Commissioner James Gordon / Wizard 
  Alpha Males 01x13: (Oct/07/2011) Voiced  Brain / Hamilton Hill / Dudley H. Dudley 

Generator Rex (2010) 
  A Brief History of Time 03x12: (Feb/10/2012) Voiced  Septimius Severus 

Batman: The Brave and The Bold (2008) 
  Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth! 03x13: (Oct/28/2011) Voiced  Dr. Mid-Nite / Golden Age Green Lantern 
  Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases! 03x02: (Apr/01/2011) Voiced  Bat-Manga Batman 
  The Last Patrol! 02x16: (Oct/08/2010) Voiced  Killer Moth / General Zahl 
  The Siege of Starro! (2) 02x14: (Sep/24/2010) Voiced  Doc Magnus 

G.I. Joe Renegades (2010) 
  Busted 01x10: (Jan/28/2011) Voiced  Christopher Lavigne a.k.a “Law” / Granger / Crippled Con 

Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) 
  Lessons in Love 01x10: (Nov/19/2010) Voiced  Mr. A / Siefert 
  Shadows of Youth 01x08: (Nov/05/2010) Voiced  Principal / Commander 
  The Phantom Ninja 01x04: (Oct/08/2010) Voiced  Robber #3 / Teacher / Computer 

The Boondocks (2005) 
  It's Goin Down 03x15: (Aug/15/2010) Voiced  Unknown 
  The Story of Jimmy Rebel 03x04: (May/23/2010) Voiced  Unknown 
  Bitches to Rags 03x02: (May/09/2010) Voiced  Unknown 
  ...Or Die Trying 02x01: (Oct/08/2007) Voiced  Various 

Legion of Super Heroes (2006) 
  Dark Victory (2) 02x13: (Apr/05/2008) Voiced  Brainiac 1.0 / Brainiac 6 
  Dark Victory (1) 02x12: (Mar/29/2008) Voiced  Brainiac 1.0 
  Message in a Bottle 02x08: (Dec/01/2007) Voiced  Brainiac 1.0 

Chowder (2007) 
  The Puckerberry Overlords 01x17: (Jan/18/2008) Voiced  Sour Ron 

Where My Dogs At? (2006) 
  Being With The Browns 01x03: (Jun/24/2006) Voiced  Bobby Brown 

Korgoth of Barbaria (2006) 
  Pilot 01x01: (Jun/03/2006) Voiced  Specules / Narrator / Doorman / Henchman #2 

Justice League Unlimited (2001) 
  Alive! (1) 05x12: (May/06/2006) Voiced  Brainiac (uncredited as Weather Wizard) 
  Grudge Match 05x09: (Mar/11/2006) Voiced  Brainiac 
  I Am Legion 05x01: (Sep/17/2005) Voiced  Brainiac / The Key (uncredited) 
  Divided We Fall 04x12: (Jul/16/2005) Voiced  Brainiac 

The Emperor’s New School (2006) 
  Unfit to Print/The Emperor's New Pet 01x09: (Apr/07/2006) Voiced  Unknown 
  Kuzclone 01x08: (Mar/31/2006) Voiced  Unknown 
  Cart Wash/Battle of the Bots 01x05: (Feb/17/2006) Voiced  Unknown 
  Hungry Hungry Llama/Only the Wrong Survive 01x04: (Feb/10/2006) Voiced  Unknown 

Catscratch (2005) 
  Hi Ho Kraken / King of Clubs 01x10: (Feb/03/2006) Voiced  Bill Champley 

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2002) 
  One of Us/Vanishing Act 03x10: (Jan/24/2006) Voiced  The Great Spamdini 
  Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion 02x03: (Oct/13/2003) Voiced  Head Monk/Narrator 
  Maximum Hugh/Sleepless in Retroville 01x16: (May/17/2003) Voiced  Dr. Dark/Pizza Monster 
  Journey to the Center of Carl/Aaughh!! Wilderness!! 01x12: (Jan/31/2003) Voiced  Rayburn 

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (2004) 
  Soap Box Derby / Talent Suckers Return / Prisoners of Yoyovia 02x13: (Nov/25/2005) Voiced  Mitch/King of Yoyovia 
  Rock Lobsters / Phantom of Rock / Fungus 02x12: (Nov/18/2005) Voiced  Steve 
  Run, Cat, Run / Driving School / Record Breakers 02x11: (Nov/11/2005) Voiced  Becker 
  Uninvited / Camping Caper / Cell Block Rock 02x06: (Aug/26/2005) Voiced  Various 

Family Guy (1999) 
  Perfect Castaway 04x12: (Sep/18/2005) Voiced  The Tribe's People 

Duck Dodgers (2003) 
  Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (2) 02x13: (Feb/25/2005) Voiced  Commander Z-9 
  Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (1) 02x12: (Feb/25/2005) Voiced  Commander Z-9 

Kim Possible (2002) 
  Oh Boyz 02x27: (Apr/02/2004) Voiced  Officer Hobble 
  Return to Wannaweep 02x22: (Jan/16/2004) Voiced  Dr. Lurkin 
  A Very Possible Christmas 02x19: (Dec/05/2003) Voiced  Drak-Force One Computer Voice 
  The Golden Years 02x09: (Sep/05/2003) Voiced  Unknown 

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (US) (2002) 
  Fitness Fiend 02x17: (Feb/14/2004) Voiced  Max Flexer, [Uncredited]

ChalkZone (2002) 
  Water, Water Everywhere / RV Having Fun Yet? / The Doofi / Lollypoppian Rhapsody 03x05: (Feb/05/2004) Voiced  kool-Aid Guy 

The Powerpuff Girls (1998) 
  Burglar Alarmed / Shotgun Wedding 05x05: (Sep/19/2003) Voiced  Burglar 

Lilo & Stitch: The Series (2003) 
  Stitch! The Movie (Aug/26/2003) Voiced  Various 

Static Shock (2000) 
  A League of Their Own (2) 03x07: (Mar/08/2003) Voiced  Braniac 
  A League of Their Own (1) 03x06: (Mar/01/2003) Voiced  Braniac 

Samurai Jack (2001) 
  XX: Jack and the Monks 02x07: (Apr/12/2002) Voiced  Monk #1 / Goatman 

Jackie Chan Adventures (2000) 
  Demon World (2) 02x28: (Feb/23/2002) Voiced  Xiao Fung 
  Demon World (1) 02x27: (Feb/16/2002) Voiced  Xiao Fung 
  The Eighth Door 02x26: (Feb/09/2002) Voiced  Xiao Fung 
  Rumble in the Big House 02x09: (Oct/20/2001) Voiced  Xiao Fung 

Batman Beyond (1999) 
  Unmasked 03x13: (Dec/18/2001) Voiced  Kobra Op 1 
  Armory 02x17: (Mar/11/2000) Voiced  Istivan Hegendash 
  Lost Soul 02x04: (Oct/09/1999) Voiced  Captain 
  Heroes 01x06: (Feb/20/1999) Voiced  General Norman 

The Oblongs (2001) 
  The Golden Child 01x08: (May/20/2001) Voiced  CEO Guard 

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000) 
  Conspiracy 01x45: (Nov/21/2000) Voiced  Brent Starkisser, Judge 
  Revenge of the Raenoks 01x42: (Nov/17/2000) Voiced  Brent Starisser 
  Stranger Invasion 01x37: (Nov/12/2000) Voiced  General, Floyd, Soldier 
  Dirty Work 01x26: (Oct/30/2000) Voiced  Brent Starkisser 

Superman (1996) (1996) 
  Little Big Head Man 03x05: (Nov/21/1998) Voiced  Stand Owner 
  New Kids in Town 03x03: (Oct/31/1998) Voiced  Brainiac 
  Knight Time 03x02: (Oct/10/1998) Voiced  Brainiac 
  World's Finest (1) 02x16: (Oct/04/1997) Voiced  Binko 

The New Batman Adventures (1997) 
  Animal Act 02x04: (Sep/26/1998) Voiced  Strongman 
  Holiday Knights 01x01: (Sep/13/1997) Voiced  Uniformed Cop 

Pinky and the Brain (1995) 
  Brainwashed (2): I Am Not a Hat 04x02: (Sep/15/1998) Voiced  Strawboater 
  Pinky At The Bat 03x34: (Nov/22/1997) Voiced  Van Spoony 
  But, That's Not All Folks! 03x29: (Nov/08/1997) Voiced  Technician 

Animaniacs (1993) 
  Sunshine Squirrels 05x20: (Feb/21/1998) Voiced  Director 

Freakazoid! (1995) 
  Freak-a-Panel/Tomb of Invisibo 02x10: (May/31/1997) Voiced  Invisibo 

Bonkers (1993) 
  Stressed To Kill 03x23: (Feb/23/1994) Voiced  Ludwig Von Drake 
  Fall Apart Land 03x20: (Feb/09/1994) Voiced  (unknown) 
  Toon With No Name 03x12: (Nov/18/1993) Voiced  (unknown) 
  Color Me Piquel 03x07: (Nov/11/1993) Voiced  Mad Hatter 

TaleSpin (1990) 
  Baloo Thunder 01x53: (Feb/06/1991) Voiced  Mr. Sulton 

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers (1989) 
  The Last Leprechaun 02x26: (Nov/21/1989) Voiced  Leprechaun 

Transformers (1984) 
  Call of the Primitives 03x26: (Nov/18/1986) Voiced  Tornedron 
  The Five Faces of Darkness (4) 03x04: (Sep/18/1986) Voiced  Ancient Autobot Leader #1 
  War Dawn 02x44: (Dec/25/1985) Voiced  voice of Dion / Young Alpha Trion 
  Trans-Europe Express 02x43: (Dec/23/1985) Voiced  Announcer 

G.I. Joe (1983) 
  The Million Dollar Medic 02x11: (Oct/02/1986) Voiced  Owen Van Mark 
  Arise, Serpentor, Arise! : Day 1 02x01: (Sep/15/1986) Voiced  Tomax 
  Red Rocket's Glare 01x17: (Sep/24/1985) Voiced  Tomax 
  The Pyramid of Darkness: Knotting Cobra's Coils (5) 01x15: (Sep/20/1985) Voiced  Tomax 
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Corey Burton did the voice for Ranger Smith on John Kricfalusi's A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith and Boo Boo Runs Wild.

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