Declan Donnelly

Since 1994, Dec has never appeared on tv without his showbiz partner Ant.
At the age of only 27 he and his showbiz partner Ant McPartlin won the Lifetime Achievement Award
Dec has had successful shows on all the big TV stations in the UK, the BBC, ITV and CH4. With ITV bringing the most success. He has also worked for Sky TV.
Met Ant on Byker Grove, and the pair have been friends since, doing everything together from acting, to presenting.
In all the years Dec has been friends with Ant, they have only ever had one fight, and Ant throw the only punch
Dec was the best man at Ant's wedding.
In the top ten ITV TV shows ever, Dec was in three of them.
Out of all the songs Dec sung, his favorite one is Shout.
The most well known of his songs is "Let's Get Ready To Rhumble" which has been in a number of movies and TV shows including Friends and is also their most successful PJ and Duncan song, getting in the top ten at number 9, and staying there for one week.

Dec played the character Duncan when he stared in Byker Grove, and later went on to use this name to release pop music
Dec is a huge Newcastle United fan, and tries to never miss a match. Even if he is preparing for a show that night, he will still make sure there's a TV around so he still gets to watch.
Along with his best friend Ant, Dec was a singer. The pair realeased songs under PJ and Duncan, before finally changing to their real names.
When Dec was a little boy, his mum got him a pair of bright yellow trousers. Dec hated them so much, he once wet himself so he would'nt need to wear them.
Dec has a huge fear of pigeons.
Dec was raised as a strint Catholic
Dec's favorite sports are football and golf.
Dec has a huge family, with six siblings; three sisters, and three brothers.
In school Dec got: 3Bs, 2Cs, a D and 2 Fs (for Art and Physics).
Dec's sisters are called Patricia, Moira and Camilia
Dec's brothers are called Eamon, Martin and Dermot
Dec attended St Michael's Junior School and St Cuthbert's High School
Dec's favorite part of the pop career was: 'Touring and going to mad places. Playing the UK and all over Europe, the Royal Albert Hall and selling out in Japan'