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Dean Norris

played W.D. Twitchell in Tremors: The Series

Twitchell is a federal agent who works in Perfection monitring the town and 'El Blanco' for the government. He lives out of town in nearby Bixby, has a wife and children and likes to play guitar.
played James "Big Jim" Rennie in Under the Dome

Head councilman of Chester's Mill. Outwardly friendly and helpful with everyone, Big Jim stands at the heart of many of the dark secrets of Chester's Mill. He had a deal with Maxine Seagraves to provide propane to her to manufacture drugs, in return for a share of the profits and a promise that she would keep drugs out of Chester's Mill. Initially sociable, Big Jim proves more than willing to kill when the Dome comes down and he realizes that he is the ultimate authority in town, answerable to no one. He kills Maxine and her henchman, Otto Aquilar, frames Barbie for their deaths, and later turns the town against Barbie while using his "emergency powers" to arrest Norrie and Joe when they refuse to turn the Egg over to him.

Big Jim has learned that the military knows that he killed his partner, Lester Coggins, and that he will go to jail if the Dome comes down. He intends to get the Egg and make sure that no one can bring down the Dome, and then rule his little fiefdom.