Michael Cera

played George Michael Bluth in Arrested Development

George Michael Bluth, son of Michael Bluth is a neurotic teenage guy who runs the family's banana stand. George Michael wants to do right by his father but his secret and forbidden crush on Maeby, his cousin, leads him to do things out of his comfort zone in order to impress her.
  voiced Todd in Wayside

Todd is the New Kid. He transferred from a more traditional school. He always rides home on the kindergarten bus, because of his inquisitiveness.
  voiced Brother Bear in Berenstain Bears

Though he is in no sense a “goody-two-shoes”, bright, stalwart Brother Bear is something of a straight-arrow who is looked up to by his classmates. Brother is a reasonably good student, but he does occasionally fall behind in his studies because of his love of sports (see Trouble at School (1986). Whether the ball is small, hard and horsehide, ovoid and subject to funny bounces, big and round, or made of white hexagons and black pentagons, Brother is always ready to play. Though he loves all sports, soccer is his favorite way to get his kicks. He’s not much of a TV watcher, but he is an avid video game player. So much so that Mama has found it necessary to limit his time before the console. He pretends to find his sister a bit of a pain (she does tend to tag along). In reality, however, he loves her dearly and will go to any length to protect her (see The Bully 1993). Though he doesn’t really relish his role as protector of smaller cubs, Brother is one who stands up to the Too-Tall Gang, schoolyard bullies par excellence (of whom, more later) (see The Wrong Crowd 2001).