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Jason Bateman

played Michael Bluth in Arrested Development

Michael Bluth is considered to be the most "put together" member of the Bluth family. The other members of the family are considered more whacky than Michael.

This is why Michael has the task of suceeding George Sr, in running the Bluth company. He has a son George Michael Bluth. He was married but his wife passed away.

He is lives with most of his family and constantly being annoyed by them, even though many occasions he has said "Family First" his general opinion is he wants to get out of the family but can't. He has a strong rivaly with one of his brothers (which was incouraged by their dad) G.O.B.
played Jake Galvin in The Jake Effect

Jake wants to make a difference in the world -- for the better -- so he quits his job as a lawyer and takes a job as a teacher. Jake's an all-around good guy, though he enjoys pulling pranks on his best friend/roommate Nick; and he has a raging crush on fellow teacher Liza.