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Kevin McDonald

voiced Almighty Tallest Purple in Invader ZIM

Almighty Tallest Purple is one of the current Tallest in the Irken Empire. Due to his incredible height, he would have been the only Tallest selected, though since Red was equally as tall as he was, the two were forced to share equal power as the Almighty Tallest. Purple tends to be slower witted than his counterpart and he loses his cool quite easily in most circumstances, especially during battle. Even though he isn’t the best leader, he is still well respected through mandate and he does have equal power as Red, though he merely chooses not to use it as often as Red does. However, Purple loves puppets and on probing day, Purple demands that all Invaders who wish to pass the assessment put on a puppet show, in which Red agrees with and the two often enjoy watching them together. In their spare time, Purple and Red like to play jokes on some of their subordinates, though mostly at ZIM, as they believe his condition is fairly entertaining as he isn’t a real Invader. Despite his position in the Irken Empire, Purple isn’t the true leader and he merely does what his is permitted to do, though even in such, he is proud to be an Irken; though he mostly spends his time consuming as many snacks as possible onboard the Massive, the Irken Imperial Flagship.