Terry Taylor

He has had the following in-ring names/nicknames of Dr. Feel Good, The Red Rooster, ‘Scary’ Terry Taylor, The Taylor Made Man, Terrance Taylor and ‘Terrible’ Terry Taylor.
Terry was trained for the squared circle by Johnny Powers and he made his in-ring debut in 1979 wrestling on the independent circuit in the Mid-West and in the South.
He won his 1st of many title belts on 22 August 1980 when he captured the NWA National Television title in Atlanta, Georgia. On 7 June 1981 he won the NWA World Junior Heavyweight title in Roanoke, Virginia.
He won the 1st of 2 Southern Heavyweight Championships on 29 November 1982 in Memphis, Tennessee and he won it again in Memphis on 14 February 1983. He captured the Mid South Television title on 16 June 1984 in New Orleans.
On 30 December 1984 in Memphis he won the AWA International Heavyweight title followed by winning the Mid South Television title on 2 January 1985 in Shreveport, Louisiana & Mid South North American Heavyweight title on 13 March.
He won the AWA International Heavyweight title for a 2nd time in Memphis on 15 July 1985. In August he moved to the NWA & won the NWA National Heavyweight title in Atlanta on 9 September.
He lost the NWA National Heavyweight title to ‘Nature Boy’ Buddy Landell at the annual “Starrcade” pay-per view on 28 November. In May 1986 he moved to the UWF and on 25 May he won the UWF Universal Television title in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
On 27 December 1986 he won the UWF Universal Tag Team titles with his partner ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan in Ft. Worth, Texas. He won the tag titles again on 2 February in Ft. Worth with tag-team partner ‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams.
He won his 2nd UWF Universal Television title on 2 September in Lafayette, Louisiana. Chris & Terry broke up their tag-team and began a heated feud that ended when Jim Crockett bought out the UWF & Terry began a feud with Nikita Koloff.
In early 1998 he went to WCCW (World Class Championship Wrestling) and restated his feud with Adams that lasted until June. While in the WCCW he won the Texas Heavyweight title from Matt Borne on 26 February 1998 in Dallas.
He also won the World Class Tag Team titles with his partner ‘Iceman’ King Parsons. He signed contract with the WWF in July 1998, took on Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan as his manager and was repackaged as ‘The Red Rooster’.
In late 1990 he moved over to the NWA and he won the NWA United States Tag Team Title with partner Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine on 17 February 1992 in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
In 1992 after the NWA promotion in Atlanta seceded from the NWA and changed its’ name to WCW Terry also became ‘The Taylor Made Man’. He returned to the WWF in 1993 as ‘Terrific’ Terry Taylor but it was a very short stay.
He returned to WCW again in 1993 but went to the new UWF owned by Herb Abrams in September 1994. In 1995 he officially retired as a wrestler & in 1996 he was hired by WCW as a booker and a writer.
He went to the WWF to work in 1999 where he worked as a commentator and a writer. In 2000 he went back to WCW along with Ed Farrera & Vince Russo where he stayed until Vince McMahon bought out WCW & closed it down.
In 2001 he decided to come out of retirement and went to BCW (Border City Wrestling) where on 10 October where he along with his partner Cyrus (Don Callis) won the BCW Can-Am Tag Team titles.
In November 2002 he signs with the WWF as a road agent but is released again on 14 July 2003. In August he becomes a back stage interviewer for TNA but would leave again in December.
On 30 December 2003 he lost a match to Steve ‘Dr. Death’ Williams for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title in NWA Mid-Atlantic in China. In 2004 after having surgery on his neck he began to appear in Portland Wrestling.
In 2005 he wrestled in the new GCW, Exodus Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Korea, NAWF and in Ring of glory owned & operated by Vince Russo.
In February 2006 he began wrestling in NGW (New Generation Wrestling) but in April he underwent neck fusion surgery and then officially retired from all in-ring active wrestling appearances.