Roger C. Carmel

voiced Cyclonus in Transformers

Allegiance: Desepticon
Alternate transformation mode: Futuristic jet
Motto: ''Compassion is the Autobots' downfall."

Cyclonus is a Decepticon created by Unicron as a member of the new Decepticon army to serve under Galvatron. He is Galvatron's second in command and his most (if not the only) trusted person. Cyclonus is very loyal and intelligent and knows how to talk with mentally unstable Galvatron. He is usually the one who comes up with strategies and who interacts with the other Decepticons, so it can be assumed, that in some way, Cyclonus is the real leader of the Decepticons. In fact, the others would gladly overthrow Galvatron if it isn't for Cyclonus.
voiced Unicron in Transformers

Allegiance: None
Alternate transformation mode: A planet
Motto: "That which does not become a part of me, shall become one with the great void."

Unicron is the fearsome planet devourer, feeding with other planets he stumble upon. He helped Desepticons by reforming some of them into new more powerful forms of themselves (most notably Megatron to Galvatron). He was destroyed by Rodimus Prime after he activated the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the one thing that can destroy Unicron. From then, Unicron's head (the only thing that has left of him) wanders aimlessly around the universe, searching for any way to revive himself.