Sheryl Lee Ralph

voiced Cheetah in Justice League Unlimited

History: Dr. Minerva used to be a scientist who performed experiments on herself due to lack of funding, resulting in her mutating into a half-human/half-cheetah hybrid. She was spurned by her colleagues and was forced to resort to crime, in hopes of funding another experiment that would turn her back to normal. Her despair led her to band with Lex Luthor's Injustice Gang. After their first battle with the League, Cheetah matched strengths with Batman but was foiled by Wonder Woman. Afterwards, while Batman was being held, he reached out for Cheetah, who confided her past in him. Batman showed sympathy towards her and both shared a kiss. Consequently, such occurrence was enough reason for Luthor to believe that Cheetah was a traitor, so she was taken away by Grundy, who was supposed to execute her (see Note #? about Cheetah). However, she was later seen shackled inside a paddy wagon and was taken away with the rest of the Gang.

Cheetah later appeared robbing a gold vault together with Blockbuster, Copperhead and KGBeast, but was effectively thwarted by Wonder Woman.

Afterwards, she was seen as a member of Grodd’s Legion of Doom and fought alongside the fraction loyal to Luthor. She was also one of the few villains who survived the destruction of the Legion’s headquarters at the hands of Darkseid.