Phil LaMarr

Provides the voice of Sig in the Jak videogame series.
Provides verious impersonations of different starts, most prominently Micheal Jackson.
Known for his role as Marvin in the movie Pulp Fiction.
Provided the voice of Bugs for the videogame 50 Cent: Bulletproof.
Was the voice of Dr. Carver in the disney channel orginal movie, The Proud Family Movie.
Provided the voice of Christopher Jacobs in the video game Mercenaries.
Played the role of Count Veger in the video game Jak 3.
Static Shock and Justice League have had a few crossovers where the characters Green Lantern and Static appear. As the voice of both superheroes, LaMarr literally talks to himself in some scenes.
He was in Pulp Fiction as well as the parody by MADtv called Gump Fiction.
Phil LaMarr was one of the orginal cast members of the hit tv show, MADtv.
LaMarr was an extra in Spider-Man 2. This is unusual as extras often have little to no acting experience, and this isn't the case for LaMarr. He was not credited for his role.
Played the News Anchor in the disney movie Sky High.
Phil can be credited for being a Actor, Voice actor, Miscellaneous Crew, Writer, Archive Footage, and Notable TV Guest Appearances.
Has a knack for playing a variety of minor characters in cartoons, most notably in Futurama and Family Guy.
Phil is an Aquarius
Phil is a horse on the chinese zodiac
Is a vegetarian.
Phil provides the voice of Oscar in Shark Tale the Game.
Voices Christopher Jacobs in the video game Mercenaries.
Frequently called upon to impersonate many famous celebrities, such as Chris Rock, Michael Jackson, Sidney Poitier, Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Will Smith, Chris Tucker, Morgan Freeman and many more.
Was the voice of Gadon Thek in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
He is the voice of Marty in the Madgascar video game.
Stands at 5'10"
Phil LaMarr is the voice of the villian "Vamp," in the hit video game series Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.