Aaron Jeffery

played Alex Ryan [S01-S07 (Guest star: S08)] in McLeod's Daughters

Alex is the oldest son of Liz and Harry Ryan, he has a younger brother called Nick and they lived at Killarney. Alex got together with Tess when she first moved to Drovers Run but later got together with her sister Claire who he was going to propose to but she dide before he could do so. Alex was shocked to discover thar Harry was not his real father, and later met yp with his real father Bryce Turner, and it was soon revealed that he had a brother and sister, Marcus and Ashleigh. Alex had no idea that Stevie was in love with him when her returned to Killarney with his new fiance Fiona, but later found out and left Fiona for stevie and proposed to her, they eventually got married. Alex went away to visit Nick and Tess and was told that he was going to be a dad as Stevie was pregnant. Alex returned but before the birth of his and Stevie's child Alex was killed when a tree fell on him.