Charlotte Rae

voiced Nanny in 101 Dalmatians: The Series

Nanny is Roger and Anita Dearly’s housekeeper and she has proven herself to be very effective at her job. She is responsible for keeping the house clean, as well as cooking dinner, though she also looks after the animals and she’s the one who feeds all ninety-nine Dalmatian puppies. Nanny worked for Roger and Anita Dearly back when they got married, in which she was around when Pongo and Perdita’s puppies were born, as well as when Cruella schemed to steal the Dalmatians and slaughter them, so that she could use their fur in her fashion designs. Due to her loyalty to the Dearlys, she has basically been accepted as a member of their family and she often lives with the Dearlys in order to perform her duties, in which she only leaves the Dearly Farm if she needs to go visit a family member for some sort of emergency. Nanny is a kind, gentle woman who does whatever she can to keep things on the Dearly Farm going as smoothly as possible, though she’ll take drastic measures if need be in order to ensure the Dearlys are permitted to keep their land. In her spare time, Nanny just does whatever she can to keep the Dearly household as efficient as possible, whether it be baking meals for them to eat, or removing Cruella De Vil’s secret electronic surveillance equipment; though unbeknownst to her, Horace Badun has a crush on her, though due to his involvement with Cruella, she isn’t likely to return the favor.
played Edna Garrett [S01-S07] in The Facts of Life

Edna Garrett, was a head mistress to a houseful of seven girls at the Eastland School For Girls, during the first season.
From the second through fourth season's,Edna became the school's dietitian.
By the fifth season, Edna left the school to open "Edna's Edibles".
At season 7, there was a fire, the place was rebuild to become "Over Our Heads".
By the nest season, Edna got married to a Bruce Gaines, and went to join the Peace Corps.