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Jon Lormer

Mostly Credited As: Jon Lormer
Sometimes Credited As: John Lorimer
John Lormer

Date Of Birth: May 07, 1906 (Age 79)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: Canton, Ohio
Date Of Death: March 19, 1986
Cause Of Death: natural causes

Jon Lormer

TV Appearances

Episode Cast Credits 

Highway to Heaven (1984) 
  Help Wanted: Angel 01x10: (Nov/21/1984) As Martin Lamm 

Little House on the Prairie (1974) (1974) 
  Marvin's Garden 09x12: (Jan/03/1983) As Mr. Thoms 
  The Preacher Takes a Wife 06x06: (Oct/22/1979) As Jeremy Tyler 

Magnum, P.I. (1980) 
  Ghost Writer 02x12: (Dec/24/1981) As Barker 

Lou Grant (1977) 
  Doublecross 05x06: (Dec/07/1981) As Max Matheson 

Quincy, M.E. (1976) 
  Seldom Silent, Never Heard 06x14: (Mar/04/1981) As William Anders 

The Dukes of Hazzard (1979) 
  People's Choice 02x11: (Nov/30/1979) As Preacher 

The Incredible Hulk (1977) (1978) 
  The Haunted 02x15: (Feb/07/1979) As Dr. Rawlins 

Rhoda (1974) 
  Two's Company 04x19: (Mar/05/1978) As Mr. Steiner 

Barney Miller (1975) 
  Werewolf 03x06: (Oct/28/1976) As Mr. Fuller 

Harry O (1974) 
  Victim 02x19: (Mar/04/1976) As Old Man 
  Gertrude 01x01: (Sep/12/1974) As Mr. Olsher 

The Waltons (1972) 
  The Nurse 04x13: (Dec/11/1975) As Lait Basham 

Planet of the Apes (1974) 
  The Legacy 01x05: (Oct/11/1974) As Scientist 

Paper Moon (1974) 
  Second Prize 01x02: (Sep/19/1974) As Farmer 

Alias Smith and Jones (1971) 
  The Long Chase 03x01: (Sep/16/1972) As Proprietor 
  The Biggest Game in the West 02x19: (Feb/03/1972) As Parsons 
  Jailbreak at Junction City 02x03: (Sep/30/1971) As Telegrapher 
  Return to Devil's Hole 01x07: (Feb/25/1971) As Second Desk Clerk 

Gunsmoke (1955) 
  Alias Festus Haggen 17x23: (Mar/06/1972) As Judge Clayborne 
  Trafton 17x07: (Oct/25/1971) As Storekeeper 
  New Doctor in Town 17x05: (Oct/11/1971) As Cody Sims 
  McCabe 16x12: (Nov/30/1970) As Judge Clairborne 

Columbo (1971) 
  Lady in Waiting 01x07: (Dec/15/1971) As Hearing Officer, [Co-Guest Stars]

Ironside (1967) 
  Gentle Oaks 05x13: (Nov/25/1971) As Walter Cook, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Officer Bobby 01x25: (Mar/14/1968) As Tommy, [Co-Guest Stars]

Mannix (1967) 
  A Step in Time 05x03: (Sep/29/1971) As Dr. Kenbrook 
  War of Nerves 03x24: (Mar/14/1970) As Hotel Clerk 
  Death in a Minor Key 02x18: (Feb/08/1969) As Boylan 

Family Affair (1966) (1966) 
  Wish You Were Here 05x13: (Dec/10/1970) As Mr. Bradley 

Medical Center (US) (1969) 
  The V.D. Story 01x23: (Mar/25/1970) As Dr. Riedmont 

Bonanza (1959) 
  Is There Any Man Here...? 11x19: (Feb/08/1970) As Preacher 
  The Real People of Muddy Creek 10x04: (Oct/06/1968) As Jody 
  The Bottle Fighter 09x29: (May/12/1968) As Winter 
  The Thirteenth Man 09x17: (Jan/21/1968) As Lamar 

Mission: Impossible (1966) (1966) 
  Nicole 03x22: (Mar/30/1969) As Minister, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Counterfeiter 02x20: (Feb/04/1968) As Gant, [Co-Guest Stars]

The Wild Wild West (1965) 
  The Night of the Bleak Island 04x21: (Mar/14/1969) As Boatman, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Night of the Spanish Curse 04x14: (Jan/03/1969) As 2nd Elder, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Night of the Infernal Machine 02x14: (Dec/23/1966) As Vickerman, [Co-Guest Stars]

The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967) 
  The Trial 02x20: (Feb/28/1969) As Judge 

The Big Valley (1965) 
  A Stranger Everywhere 04x10: (Dec/09/1968) As Senator Roberts 
  Run of the Cat 04x04: (Oct/21/1968) As Dr. Merar 
  They Called Her Delilah 04x02: (Sep/30/1968) As Dr. Thomas J. Merar 
  Days of Wrath 03x17: (Jan/08/1968) As Doc Saxton 

Star Trek (1966) 
  For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 03x08: (Nov/08/1968) As Old Man, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Return of the Archons 01x21: (Feb/09/1967) As Tamar, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Menagerie Part I 01x11: (Nov/17/1966) As Theodore Haskins, [Uncredited]
  The Cage (Pilot) 01x??: (1965) As Dr. Theodore Haskins, [Uncredited]

Lancer (1968) 
  Blood Rock 01x02: (Oct/01/1968) As Preacher, [Co-Guest Stars]

Daniel Boone (1964) (1964) 
  The Flaming Rocks 04x18: (Feb/01/1968) As Yellow Knife 
  The Renegade 04x03: (Sep/28/1967) As Eli Jimson 

Run for Your Life (1965) 
  One Bad Turn 03x17: (Jan/10/1968) As Judge Wallace Barnes 

Batman (1966) 
  How to Hatch a Dinosaur (2) 03x09: (Nov/09/1967) As Professor Dactyl 

The F.B.I. (1965) 
  The Satellite 02x27: (Apr/02/1967) As Earl Page 

A Man Called Shenandoah (1965) 
  The Imposter 01x29: (Apr/04/1966) As guest star 

Laredo (1965) 
  Meanwhile, Back at the Reservation 01x20: (Feb/10/1966) As Banker 

The Fugitive (1963) (1963) 
  End of the Line 03x14: (Dec/21/1965) As Conductor 
  Tug of War 02x07: (Oct/27/1964) As Pastor 

Hank (1965) (1965) 
  Candidate 01x05: (Oct/15/1965) As Prof. Grimley 

Ben Casey (1961) 
  Journeys End in Lovers Meeting 04x27: (Apr/19/1965) As Dr. Martinson 
  Hang No Hats on Dreams 02x31: (May/13/1963) As Sam Carstairs 

Branded (1965) 
  The Mission (3) 01x10: (Mar/28/1965) As Colonel Snow 
  The Mission (2) 01x09: (Mar/21/1965) As Colonel Snow 
  The Mission (1) 01x08: (Mar/14/1965) As Colonel Snow 

Wendy and Me (1964) 
  Jeff Takes a Turn for the Nurse 01x23: (Feb/22/1965) As Doctor 

The Andy Griffith Show (1960) 
  Opie's Fortune 05x09: (Nov/16/1964) As Parnell Rigsby 
  The Cow Thief 03x05: (Oct/29/1962) As Tate Fletcher 
  Bailey's Bad Boy 02x15: (Jan/15/1962) As Fletch Dilbeck 

Dr. Kildare (1961) 
  A Day to Remember 03x27: (Apr/02/1964) As Teale 

Perry Mason (1957) 
  The Case of the Devious Delinquent 07x10: (Dec/05/1963) As Medical Examiner 
  The Case of the Elusive Element 06x24: (Apr/11/1963) As Coroner 
  The Case of the Hateful Hero 06x05: (Oct/25/1962) As Autopsy Surgeon 
  The Case of the Melancholy Marksman 05x24: (Mar/24/1962) As Medical Examiner 

Temple Houston (1963) 
  Billy Hart 01x10: (Nov/28/1963) As Matt Turner 

Empire (1962) (1962) 
  Nobody Dies on Saturday 01x28: (Apr/16/1963) As Sam Richmond 

Route 66 (1960) (1960) 
  In the Closing of a Trunk 03x21: (Mar/08/1963) As Man #2 
  A Fury Slinging Flame 01x11: (Dec/30/1960) As Mr. White 

The Virginian (1962) 
  Vengeance is the Spur 01x22: (Feb/27/1963) As Tom the Blacksmith 

The Twilight Zone (1959) 
  Jess-Belle 04x07: (Feb/14/1963) As Minister 
  The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank 03x23: (Feb/23/1962) As Mr. Strauss, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Dust 02x12: (Jan/06/1961) As First Townsman, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Execution 01x26: (Apr/01/1960) As Reverend, [Co-Guest Stars]

The Untouchables (1959) (1959) 
  Pressure 03x26: (Jun/14/1962) As School Superintendant 
  Fall Guy 03x12: (Jan/11/1962) As Finley Connors 
  Death for Sale 02x26: (Apr/27/1961) As Clary 

The Tall Man (1960) 
  Phoebe 02x38: (May/26/1962) As guest star 

Tales of Wells Fargo (1957) 
  End of a Minor God 06x27: (Apr/07/1962) As Bert Henshey 
  The Dodger 06x02: (Oct/07/1961) As Clerk 

Bronco (1958) 
  Destinies West 04x11: (Feb/26/1962) As Doc Emery 

Lassie (US) (1954) 
  The Odyssey I 08x23: (Feb/18/1962) As Henry Deshew 
  The Grasshopper and the Ant 06x20: (Jan/24/1960) As Silas Huff 
  The Contest 06x03: (Sep/20/1959) As Silas Huff 
  The Teacher 05x03: (Sep/21/1958) As Silas Huff 

Naked City (1958) 
  New York to L.A. 02x23: (Apr/19/1961) As Minister 

Dennis the Menace (1959) (1959) 
  Dennis and the Good Example 02x25: (Mar/26/1961) As Mr. Bergstrom 

One Step Beyond (1959) 
  Legacy of Love 03x13: (Dec/20/1960) As Resident 
  The Captain's Guests 01x19: (May/26/1959) As Caleb Leach 

The Rebel (1959) 
  The Legacy 02x09: (Nov/13/1960) As Judge Ricker 
  Night on a Rainbow 01x34: (May/29/1960) As Doctor 

Thriller (US) (1960) 
  The Mark of the Hand 01x04: (Oct/04/1960) As Dr. Emil Berland 

Maverick (1957) 
  The Town That Wasn't There 04x03: (Oct/02/1960) As Sam Bradford 
  Brasada Spur 02x22: (Feb/22/1959) As Waiter, [Uncredited]
  The Lonesome Reunion 02x02: (Sep/28/1958) As Reporter 
  Day of Reckoning 01x19: (Feb/02/1958) As Somers 

Sugarfoot (1957) 
  The Shadow Catcher 04x01: (Sep/26/1960) As Paul Loring 
  Outlaw Island 03x06: (Nov/24/1959) As Doc Basher 
  The Wizard 02x03: (Oct/14/1958) As Sam McClain 
  Deadlock 01x11: (Feb/04/1958) As Mike Feeny 

Tate (1960) 
  The Return of Jessica Jackson 01x13: (Sep/14/1960) As Unknown 

Bourbon Street Beat (1959) 
  Interrupted Wedding 01x37: (Jun/20/1960) As Organist 

Rawhide (1959) 
  Incident of the Last Chance 02x30: (Jun/10/1960) As Harry Gillespie 

The Loretta Young Show (1953) 
  The Best Season 07x25: (Apr/17/1960) As Doctor 
  The Woman Between 06x08: (Nov/23/1958) As Dr. Gibbs 

Peter Gunn (1958) 
  See No Evil 02x19: (Feb/01/1960) As Judge (as John Lormer) 
  Pecos Pete 01x20: (Feb/09/1959) As Coroner 

Riverboat (1959) 
  About Roger Mowbray 01x03: (Sep/27/1959) As Dr. Landers, [Co-Guest Stars]

The Real McCoys (1957) 
  The Big Skeet Shoot 02x36: (Jun/04/1959) As Sam Watkins 
  Son of the Mystic Nile 02x18: (Jan/29/1959) As Sam Watkins 

Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958) 
  Railroaded 01x28: (Mar/14/1959) As Mark Crow, [Uncredited]
  The Giveaway Gun 01x06: (Oct/11/1958) As Jack the Stableman, [Uncredited]

Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957) 
  Pack Rat 03x02: (Feb/22/1959) As Gerald Wilkerson 

Lawman (1958) 
  The Big Hat 01x21: (Feb/22/1959) As Harry Tate 
  The Outsider 01x14: (Jan/04/1959) As Harry Tate 
  Bloodline 01x09: (Nov/30/1958) As Harry Tate 
  The Jury 01x06: (Nov/09/1958) As Harry Tate 

77 Sunset Strip (1958) 
  The Secret of Adam Cain 01x15: (Jan/16/1959) As 1st Hotel Desk Clerk 

Have Gun, Will Travel (1957) 
  Three Sons 01x34: (May/10/1958) As Judge Cates 

Zane Grey Theatre (1956) 
  A Handful of Ashes 02x27: (May/02/1958) As Doc 

The Millionaire (1955) 
  The Tony Drummond Story 04x28: (Apr/09/1958) As Foreman 

The Walter Winchell File (1957) 
  Death Comes in a Small Package 02x09: (Unknown) As Watchman 
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