French Stewart

1994: Appeared in the movie "Stargate" as Lieutenant Ferretti.
1995: Appeared in the movie "Leaving Las Vegas" as Businessman 2.
1996: Appeared in the movies "Broken Arrow" as I.R. Crewman, and in "Glory Daze" as Dennis.
1997: Appeared in the movie "McHale's Navy" as Happy./
1999: Provided the voice of The Termite-ator in the movie "# It's Tough to Be a Bug," and appeared in the movies "Dick" as The Interviewer, in "Love Stinks" as Seth Winnick, and in the tv movie "Cinderelmo" as Prince.
2000: Appeared in the tv movie "Murder at the Cannes Film Festival' as Nathan Booth.
2002: Appeared in the movies "Clockstoppers" as Dr. Earl Dopler, and in "Home Alone 4" as Marv Merchants.
2004: Appeared in the movie "Duck" as Jeffrey, and in the tv movie "Wedding Daze" as Nathan Bennett.
2005: Appeared in the movie "My Name Is..." as Jason Scott.