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Bruce Timm

Is Credtited for: Writting, Drawing, and Acting.
Bruce Timm created the entire DC Animated Universe, along with Paul Dini.
Bruce Timm is credited for creating Justice League, which is a step up from co-creator of all of the other DCAU shows.
Although Bruce Timm works for WB and DC Comics, on his website, there is a picture of Spider-Man and Wolverine.
Timm came up with the story for the Batman Gotham Knights episode, "Legends of the Dark Knight," all on his own. Although, when he presented it to the staff members of thes show, they told him it had already been done.
The DC Animated Universe is also called the "Timm-verse."
On Batman: The Animated Series, Bruce Timm is credited as Bruce W. Timm.
Batman's first name is "Bruce" and Robin's first name is "Tim," so Bruce Timm's name is sort of a mix of names from Batman.