Rider Strong

Rider originally disliked his "Boy Meets World" co-star Ben Savage, but he says that he "grew on him" after a few years.
Rider loves reading and working on his computer.
Rider: I don't think Boy Meets World ended it when it ended. -when asked about Boy Meets World expanding popularity now that it's over.
Rider starred in the movie Cabin Fever in 2003
His fears are spiders and anwering the phone.
His favorite candy is Smarties.
His favorite actor is Ethan Hawke.
Rider says that his favorite Boy Meets World episode is "Cory's Alternative Friends".
In 1997, Rider was nominated for Best Supporting Young Actor Age Ten or Under at the Young Artists Awards.
Rider's nickname is Tavock.
Rider graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University in 2004.
In 1998, Rider wrote a short book of poetry entitled "On The Impulse".
Rider has two cats named Memphis and December.