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Shun-ichi Yukimuro

Mostly Credited As: Shun-ichi Yukimuro
Sometimes Credited As: Akane Nishiura

Date Of Birth: January 11, 1941 (Age 74)
Country Of Birth: Japan
Birth Place: Yokohama, Kanagawa

Shun-ichi Yukimuro

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Crew Credits

Show Crew

Ohayo Spank! (1981)• Based On The Works Of

Episode Crew

Whistle! (2002) (Credited in 39 episodes from this show) 
Show all 39 episode crew credits
Whistle For The Victory 01x39 Feb/03/2003 As: Writer
Get A Chance 01x38 Jan/27/2003 As: Writer
Enjoy A Game 01x37 Jan/20/2003 As: Writer
Look At This Uniform 01x36 Jan/13/2003 As: Writer
Brand New Tomorrow 01x35 Jan/06/2003 As: Writer
Hikarian (1997) (Credited in 154 episodes from this show) 
Show all 154 episode crew credits
Hikarians are our heroes! 03x52 Mar/29/2000 As: Writer
Operation Rice Ball 01x01 Apr/02/1997 As: Writer
Terry says, "All is well at the end." 03x51 Unknown/Unaired As: Writer
Farewell, Bratchers 03x50 Unknown/Unaired As: Writer
Terry and Nozomi 03x49 Unknown/Unaired As: Writer
Dr. Slump 2 (1997) (Credited in 74 episodes from this show) 
Show all 74 episode crew credits
Episode 74 01x74 Sep/22/1999 As: Writer
Episode 73 01x73 Sep/22/1999 As: Writer
Arale and the Great King of Fear... Karaoke Battle 01x72 Sep/08/1999 As: Writer
Episode 71 01x71 Sep/01/1999 As: Writer
Episode 70 01x70 Aug/25/1999 As: Writer
Gegege no Kitaro (1996) (Credited in 114 episodes from this show) 
Show all 114 episode crew credits
Desperation! The Death-god's Trap 01x114 Mar/29/1998 As: Writer
Kitaro against The Three Assassins 01x113 Mar/22/1998 As: Writer
Snipping of the Demon's Hair and Black Hair 01x112 Mar/15/1998 As: Writer
Rebellion of the 808 Raccons (Part 2) 01x111 Mar/08/1998 As: Writer
Rebellion of the 808 Raccons (Part 1) 01x110 Mar/01/1998 As: Writer
Hime Chan's Ribbon (1992) (Credited in 61 episodes from this show) 
Show all 61 episode crew credits
The magic world in big trouble 03x20 Dec/03/1993 As: Writer
I love Daichi 03x19 Nov/26/1993 As: Writer
Many goodbyes 03x18 Nov/19/1993 As: Writer
Take me to the future 03x17 Nov/12/1993 As: Writer
Just a little premonition of love 03x16 Nov/05/1993 As: Writer
Adventures of Puss-in-Boots (1992) (Credited in 26 episodes from this show) 
Show all 26 episode crew credits
Zakir Discovered! Princess Sara Awakes 01x26 Sep/23/1992 As: Writer
My Idols, the Three Musketeers 01x25 Sep/16/1992 As: Writer
Pierre Turned into a Vampire! 01x24 Sep/09/1992 As: Writer
If You Could Talk with the Animals?! 01x23 Sep/02/1992 As: Writer
Title: "The Little Match-Seller" 01x22 Aug/26/1992 As: Writer
Peter Pan no Boken (1989) (Credited in 41 episodes from this show) 
Show all 41 episode crew credits
Return Home 01x41 Dec/24/1989 As: Writer
Neverland in Danger 01x40 Dec/17/1989 As: Writer
New Sorceress 01x39 Dec/10/1989 As: Writer
Hook Attacks 01x38 Dec/03/1989 As: Writer
The Path to the Castle 01x37 Nov/19/1989 As: Writer
Magical Hat (1989) (Credited in 4 episodes from this show) 
Kowaru's Love Story 01x04 Nov/08/1989 As: Writer
Mysterious Island is Golden Picarin 01x03 Nov/01/1989 As: Writer
Doro Magician, Dadogu~! 01x02 Oct/25/1989 As: Writer
Power of Magical Pi-Pi-Pi 01x01 Oct/18/1989 As: Writer
Oh! Family (1986) (Credited in 26 episodes from this show) 
Show all 26 episode crew credits
Family 01x26 Mar/30/1987 As: Writer
Highheel Sprinter 01x25 Mar/23/1987 As: Writer
I like Papa! 01x24 Mar/16/1987 As: Writer
Another Maria 01x23 Mar/09/1987 As: Writer
The Evening Magic 01x22 Mar/02/1987 As: Writer
Kojika Monogatari (1983) (Credited in 52 episodes from this show) 
Show all 52 episode crew credits
Flag in a rainbow 01x52 Jan/22/1985 As: Writer
Fodawing's gift 01x51 Jan/15/1985 As: Writer
Fodawing flies the sky 01x50 Jan/08/1985 As: Writer
The disappeared corn 01x49 Dec/25/1984 As: Writer
A rare Spaniard 01x48 Dec/18/1984 As: Writer
The Kabocha Wine (1982) (Credited in 95 episodes from this show) 
Show all 95 episode crew credits
Goodbye! Sunshine School 01x95 Sep/03/1984 As: Writer
His undergarment is made in Italy 01x94 Aug/20/1984 As: Writer
The study trip, just the two of us 01x93 Jul/23/1984 As: Writer
I love you! Eru 01x92 Jul/16/1984 As: Writer
Let me be with Eru before I faint! 01x91 Jul/09/1984 As: Writer
Dr. Slump (1981) (Credited in 155 episodes from this show) 
Show all 155 episode crew credits
Episode 165 01x165 Jul/04/1984 As: Writer
I Did It! I Did It! World's Number One!! 01x164 Jun/27/1984 As: Writer
Who is the Strongest in the World!! 01x163 Jun/20/1984 As: Writer
Episode 162 01x162 Jun/13/1984 As: Writer
Ncha! Great King Enma 01x161 Jun/06/1984 As: Writer
Charlotte of the Young Grass (1977) (Credited in 30 episodes from this show) 
Show all 30 episode crew credits
Beautiful May!! 01x30 May/27/1978 As: Writer
Parting in the flowered woods 01x29 May/20/1978 As: Writer
Mama becomes mayor 01x28 May/13/1978 As: Writer
Papa's ghost 01x27 May/06/1978 As: Writer
Marie in the sunset 01x26 Apr/29/1978 As: Writer
Arabian Nights Sinbad no Boken (1975) (Credited in 52 episodes from this show) 
Show all 52 episode crew credits
Undo the magic! 01x52 Sep/29/1976 As: Writer
War of the genies 01x51 Sep/15/1976 As: Writer
Great blue devil 01x50 Sep/08/1976 As: Writer
Princess Shera in peril 01x49 Sep/01/1976 As: Writer
100 magicians 01x48 Aug/25/1976 As: Writer
Andes Shonen Pepero no Boken (1975) (Credited in 26 episodes from this show) 
Show all 26 episode crew credits
Secret treasure of El Dorado 01x26 Mar/29/1976 As: Writer
El Dorado the city of gold 01x25 Mar/22/1976 As: Writer
Demon captain's daughter 01x24 Mar/15/1976 As: Writer
Mysterious kingdom under the earth 01x23 Mar/08/1976 As: Writer
Golden temple under the lake 01x22 Mar/01/1976 As: Writer
Majokko Megu-chan (1974) (Credited in 72 episodes from this show) 
Show all 72 episode crew credits
Farewell, Megu-Chan 01x72 Sep/29/1975 As: Writer
Here Comes the Pretty Witch 01x01 Apr/01/1974 As: Writer
Final Battle: The Greatest Magic! 01x71 Unknown/Unaired As: Writer
Great Kite, Fly me with the Sea Wind 01x70 Unknown/Unaired As: Writer
Revenge Dog Sigma 01x69 Unknown/Unaired As: Writer
Miracle Shoujo Limit-chan (1973) (Credited in 25 episodes from this show) 
Show all 25 episode crew credits
Congratulations! Sensei 01x25 Mar/25/1974 As: Writer
Farewell, Captain 01x24 Mar/18/1974 As: Writer
Run, the vandalised railway 01x23 Mar/11/1974 As: Writer
The love song that calls for spring 01x22 Mar/04/1974 As: Writer
The bell that has vanished 01x21 Feb/25/1974 As: Writer
Mahou Tsukai Chappy (1972) (Credited in 39 episodes from this show) 
Show all 39 episode crew credits
Chappy, where are you going 01x39 Dec/25/1972 As: Writer
Thinking of Christmas 01x38 Dec/18/1972 As: Writer
Farewell, Snow 01x37 Dec/11/1972 As: Writer
Episode 36 01x36 Dec/04/1972 As: Writer
Money and Friendship 01x35 Nov/27/1972 As: Writer
Sarutobi Ecchan (1971) (Credited in 16 episodes from this show) 
Show all 16 episode crew credits
My Animal Classroom 01x16 Jan/17/1972 As: Writer
Merry Of My Love 01x15 Jan/10/1972 As: Writer
Look Here, Puppy/The Happy Fellow Ecchan Cards 01x14 Jan/03/1972 As: Writer
Song Of The Snow Mountains 01x13 Dec/27/1971 As: Writer
I Like Christmas 01x12 Dec/20/1971 As: Writer
Sasurai no Taiyou (1971) (Credited in 26 episodes from this show) 
Show all 26 episode crew credits
Frienship Song Of The Heart 01x26 Sep/30/1971 As: Writer
Separation From Father 01x25 Sep/23/1971 As: Writer
The Secret Which Has Been Revealed 01x24 Sep/16/1971 As: Writer
Magical Song 01x23 Sep/09/1971 As: Writer
Long-Awaited Debut 01x22 Sep/02/1971 As: Writer
Mahou no Mako-chan (1970) (Credited in 48 episodes from this show) 
Show all 48 episode crew credits
Till the Day we meet again 01x48 Sep/27/1971 As: Writer
Monster's Tears (Part 2) 01x47 Sep/20/1971 As: Writer
Monster's Tears (Part 1) 01x46 Sep/13/1971 As: Writer
Sunday Fellow 01x45 Sep/06/1971 As: Writer
An Album without Pictures 01x44 Aug/30/1971 As: Writer
Ashita no Joe (1970) (Credited in 5 episodes from this show) 
Show all 5 episode crew credits
あしたのためにその1 01x05 Apr/29/1970 As: Writer
熱きこぶしに涙をながせ 01x04 Apr/22/1970 As: Writer
けものよ牙をむけ 01x03 Apr/15/1970 As: Writer
四角いジャングルに生きろ 01x02 Apr/08/1970 As: Writer
あれが野獣の眼! 01x01 Apr/01/1970 As: Writer
Himitsu no Akko-chan (1969) (Credited in 17 episodes from this show) 
Show all 17 episode crew credits
Goodbye, my compact 01x94 Oct/26/1969 As: Writer
Escaped baby 01x92 Oct/12/1969 As: Writer
I will stop with this finger 01x90 Sep/28/1969 As: Writer
Most popular person in school 01x89 Sep/21/1969 As: Writer
I remember my sister! 01x88 Sep/14/1969 As: Writer
Kimba the White Lion (1966) (Credited in 52 episodes from this show) 
Show all 52 episode crew credits
Catch 'Em If You Can 01x52 Sep/03/1967 As: Writer
The Return of Fancy Prancy 01x51 Aug/27/1967 As: Writer
The Cobweb Caper 01x50 Aug/20/1967 As: Writer
The Sun Tree 01x49 Aug/13/1967 As: Writer
Monster of the Mountain 01x48 Aug/06/1967 As: Writer
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