Grey Griffin

voiced Azula [Firebender/Fire Nation Princess] in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Princess Azula is the Fire Lord's daughter and Prince Zuko's bratty little sister. She's a Firebending prodigy, according to Zuko, and is daddy's favorite. She's as much of a princess as Sokka though, the girl knows how to fight, and can do many extrordinary things, such as bend lightning (not much unlike her Uncle). She was sent out by her father to capture her brother Zuko and her Uncle Iroh, and has also taken it upon herself to capture the Avatar.
voiced Sam Manson [Danny's Friend] in Danny Phantom

Sam is the friend of Danny and Tucker. She is a goth girl with overprotective parents. She has feelings for Danny but she can't tell him.
  voiced Duchess in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Duchess is a spoiled imaginary friend. We don't know who created her or why. She is disrespectful towards everybody in Fosters', and considers it a dump.
voiced Frankie in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Frankie is Madame Foster's granddaughter. Her primary role in the house is that of a housekeeper. She is called upon to cook, clean, and perform any other important tasks that are delegated to her in order to help Foster's home operate more smoothly. Frankie successfully balances being authoritative and being playful. She reprimands the imaginary friends when necessary, but she doesn't let that stop her from joining in on the fun from time to time.
voiced Goo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Goo is an African-American girl with an active imagination. She also talks really fast. She has created lots of imaginary friends, most of them because she didn't have a real friend. Mac is now her friend.
  voiced Ingrid Giraffe in My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Ingrid is a shy giraffe who is very tall and sometimes, her face is not seen. She tries to fit in, however her height adds to her feelings of insecurity. When someone needs help, she might be there to help the student in need. Once, Dingbang (Larry Raccoon) used her neck as a bridge and she got very offended by him.
voiced Lupe Toucan, Ingrid Giraffe in My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Lupe is a toucan that doesn't like leche (means milk in Spanish.). Ingrid is an insecure giraffe with a crush on Adam.
voiced Veronica in The Fairly OddParents

Age: 12
Occupation: Student
Lives with: Unknown.
Hobbies: Chatting, instant messaging, hanging out with friends, going to parties, pretending to be Trixie, talking to Trixie.
Best Friends: Trixie, Tad and Chad.

Veronica is one of the popular girls of the school. Despite the fact that she's still at Elementary School, she looks like a High School cheerleader and she has a secret obsession with Trixie and Timmy.

Even if she hasn't been much worked in the series as a character and almost never has an important role in an episode, in "Information Stupor Highway" a lot of things were revealed about her life and obsessions.

Veronica loves Timmy and she knows that he has a crush on Trixie. Because of this, Veronica wants to be exactly like Trixie so Timmy would be interested in her.

The room of Veronica looks like an homage to Trixie. It's filled with pictures and even dolls of her. Veronica wants to be like Trixie, so she has a wig similar to Trixie's hair and the same clothes as her. She likes to be called "Trixie" by her parents.

Veronica hides her feelings for Timmy from her friends. Since Timmy is unpopular, her friends would make fun of her for liking him. Veronica is also, as a lot of people in the world, simply embarrassed of telling the truth to Timmy.

Nothing has been revealed about Veronica's family. The only certain thing is that she lives with a woman (you could hear her voice in "Information Stupor Highway") and his family has a good economical situation.
voiced Vicky in The Fairly OddParents

Age: 16
Occupation: Babysitter. Considering her age, she should be a student, but it hasn't been revealed if she actually attends classes.
Lives with: Tootie, her parents, and her other brothers. It isn't clear if they are brothers or relatives, and it isn't known how many are them.
Hobbies: Making things though for Timmy, watching TV.
Best Friends: No one. No one likes her.

Vicky is, by far, the meanest teen and babysitter in Dimmsdale. She enjoys watching Timmy's suffering, and she loves making things though for him. Furthermore, she makes him do all the chores that she's supposed to do: painting fences, cleaning the bathroom, tidy up the kitchen, and a lot of nasty jobs.

Usually calling him "twerp", Vicky has an obsession with Timmy. It's true that she hates him, but at the same time she almost can't live without him. Making Timmy's life hard is one of the things that Vicky most enjoys.

Timmy's life isn't the only one ruined by Vicky. She has 1 younger sister and other relatives that could be her brothers. The younger sister is called Tootie and she's totally in love with Timmy. Most of Vicky's brothers and sisters share some physical similarities with her. Some of them dress the same way, some of them have the same haircut and some of them have the same hair color. Tootie, however, doesn't share any physical similarities with her. She has a different haircut, black hair and dresses with a black blouse and a gray, ugly skirt.

Vicky loves money more than anything in the world, and the thing she's more scared of is to loose money. That's the reason that led her to her "job" of babysitting since she was just thirteen years old.

Vicky is sixteen years old and she has been babysitting Timmy since she was eleven, when Timmy was just five years old. After loosing money, the thing that Vicky is more scared of is that Timmy's parents discover that she is evil and makes Timmy suffer.
voiced Mandy in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Mandy: The creepy, but smart character of the show is Mandy. This smart girl usually out fools Billy and Irwin. She never smiles. She is usually seen bullying Billy and torturing the Grim Reaper.
voiced Lor MacQuarrie in The Weekenders

Lor is not the Einstein of the group, far from it, actually, but she has her moments. But that's not what she's known for. She's known for her excellent sport skills.
voiced Daphne Blake in What's New Scooby-Doo?

Daphne is the pretty one, the rich one, and the damsel in distress. Daphne comes from a rich family, and is skilled in picking locks and many other things that make her an accett to Mystery Inc. Daphne's love intrest is Freddie Jones and has been for some time.
  voiced Riley in The Replacements

Riley Daring is the older sister of Todd Daring and one of a few very special kids in the world who have the ability to call Fleemco to replace any adult in their lives that cause too much trouble for them. Riley is your extra-special sister who has a way of making her brother Todd jealous or mad by just how perfect she can be sometimes; though she's not immune from making the occasional mistake, usually involving Fleemco.
played Pete in Four Eyes

Pete is a boy who is romantic.
  voiced Kitty Katswell in T.U.F.F. Puppy

If Kung Fu genius Kitty Katswell had her way, Dudley Puppy would never have been asked to join the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force. As his partner, she sees everyday what a reckless danger he can be to their operation. He puts her in harm's way every chance he gets! But Kitty knows that what the Chief says goes. So she does her best to train her Puppy partner in the ways of T.U.F.F.

Dudley couldn't ask for a better teacher. Not only is Kitty a super spy and an expert fighter, she's also majorly passionate about stopping D.O.O.M. This cat would pass on a stack of birthday presents and ice cream if she thought it would put a bad guy behind bars. Petropolis is lucky to have her. So is Dudley!