Nina Dobrev

played Mia Jones [S07-S08 (recurring otherwise)] in Degrassi

Mia Jones iѕ а fictional character portrayed bу Nina Dobrev оn thе teen drama series Degrassi: thе nеxt Generation. ѕhе joined thе cast aѕ а recurring character ԁuring season 6, аnԁ waѕ lаtеr made а regular ԁuring seasons 7-8. ѕhе portrayed аn 11th grader іn thе 8th season, placing hеr іn thе ѕame class aѕ Holly J. Sinclair аnԁ Anya MacPherson. Mia waѕ good friends wіth Manny Santos, Chantay Black, Anya MacPherson, аnԁ Jane Vaughn. whеn Mia waѕ 13, ѕhе gave birth tо hеr daughter, Isabella, whоѕе father iѕ Lucas, аn older student whо attended Lakehurst. ѕhе left Degrassi іn season 9 tо bесome а full-time model іn Paris.
  played Amara in The Vampire Diaries

Amara is a third character played by Nina Dobrev, first appeared in season 5x3. She has shown as Silas's one true love, Both Amara and Silas became immortal through the immortality spell (created by Qetsiyah and Silas) giving birth to the concept of doppelgangers in the process.(as all spells are bound with nature and nature needs balance, so if one becomes an immortal with the help of any spell; nature creates its shadow self a doppelganger that can die). Elena, Katherine before them Tatia are all shadows (doppelganger)of "Amara". She was meant to spend eternity with Silas until Qetsiyah showed up made her mortal again by using cure on her and then killed her.
played Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert is the main heroine of The Vampire Diaries book series who also appears in the television adaptation of the same name.

Elena was introduced as a seventeen year-old young woman who lives in Mystic Falls, Virginia. At first, she appears to be melancholy and slightly withdrawn in life. She is the daughter of Grayson Gilbert and Miranda Sommers-Gilbert, and the older sister of Jeremy Gilbert. Her parents were killed in a car crash before the series started. Elena was also in the car with her parents but survived. Since then, she has been coping with their death, with her brother's addiction to drugs and her aunt Jenna's attempts to take care of her and Jeremy. She has the habit to write everything that happens to her in her diary.

When she meets the mysterious Stefan Salvatore, she starts to fall in love with him. However, she soon starts to mistrust him due to his lies and to his past history with his brother Damon. When she learns that Stefan was in Mystic Falls in 1953, she confronts him and learns that he is a century-old vampire and that this is the reason why he is so estranged with Damon, who is also a vampire. After a period of tension between them, Stefan and Elena get back together. Also, despite the fact that she abhors his human-hunter instincts, she develops a tense friendship with Damon himself. And later on in the series, she finds out that Damon is actually in love with her and Stefan tells him that history will not be repeating itself where Elena is concerned.

After some time, Elena discovers several secrets about herself: first, she is the spitting image of Katherine Pierce, the vampire both Salvatore brothers loved and who turned them into vampires; second, Stefan saved her from the car accident that killed her parents; and third, she was adopted by the Gilbert's. Her birth mother is Isobel Flemming-Saltzman and she doesn't know who her father is. She later learns that Damon turned her mother into a vampire at her own request. Also, in a scene of the series where Isobel and Johnathan were talking over the phone, it was known that John Gilbert, who she thought was just her uncle who causes a lot of trouble to their family, is actually her real father. Her brother, Jeremy has decided to turn into a vampire after Anna dies and he doesn't want to feel pain anymore. So he drinks a vile of blood Anna gave him and then takes sleeping pills. It seemed as though Elena and Damon kissed however it was Katherine. This was later revealed when "Elena" cut off John's fingers (with the ring on it) and stabbed him. Right before she killed him, he realized "Elena" was Katherine.
  played Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries

Katherine is a young woman with whom both Damon and Stefan Salvatore fell in love. However, she was revealed to be a vampire with a cold and calculating personality. She had plans to turn both Stefan and Damon into vampires and for the three to spend all eternity together. Her manipulation was one of the reasons that drove the two brothers apart.

Along with her vampire friend Pearl and her witch servant Emily Bennett, Katherine realized that the Founding Families of Mystic Falls knew that vampires were running around the town. However, despite Pearl's constant warnings, Katherine refused to abandon her plans with the Salvatore brothers. When she ingested the vervain in Stefan's blood (that his father had made him drink), she was captured by the townspeople and burned in Fell's Church with Pearl and 25 other vampires.

In 2009, Damon told Stefan that he had made a deal with Emily to cast a spell that would protect Katherine and keep her in a mummified state until he could wake her again. When Bonnie Bennett and her grandmother opened the tomb, Katherine wasn't in it. Pearl revealed to him that Katherine had escaped by compelling the guard that had been keeping them. Anna, Pearl's daughter, told him that she had never loved him and that she was no longer interested in him. Isobel had been said to have met Katherine shortly after she was turned. Katherine returns at the end of the season finale and is discovered making out with Damon, who is thinking he is kissing Elena. Jenna catches Damon and "Elena" (Katherine) kissing on the front porch and makes her come inside. Katherine goes into the kitchen and starts speaking with John, who thinks he's talking to Elena. She takes a knife and cuts off the fingers on the hand that has the ring on it (the ring that keeps him from being killed) and then kills him. Before he dies he says "Katherine" in a dieing voice. Elena comes home and starts to walk in the kitchen (because she hears a cling almost like a something fell) and then the episode is over.