Kassie DePaiva

  played Eve Larson [2014-present] in Days of our Lives

Eve Larson

First Appearance: July 16, 1987

Shane Donovan (father)
Gabrielle Pascal (mother)
Theresa Donovan (half-sister via father)
Paige Larson (daughter w/unnamed man)

Portrayed by:
Charlotte Ross (07/16/1987-07/12/1991)
Kassie DePaiva (06/18/2014-present)
played Blair Cramer [(#2); 1993-] in One Life to Live

~ Starr Manning (daughter; with Todd Manning)
~ Jack Manning (son; with Todd Manning)
~ Addie Cramer (mother)
~ Sonya Cramer (grandmother; deceased)
~ Lou Cramer (grandfather; deceased)
~ Dorian Lord (aunt)
~ Melinda Cramer (aunt)
~ Kelly Cramer (cousin)
~ Paul Cramer (cousin; deceased)
~ Cassie Carpenter (cousin)
~ Adriana Cramer (cousin)

~ Cord Roberts
~ Asa Buchanan (1st husband; divorced)
~ Todd Manning (2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th husband; annulled)
~ Max Holden (4th husband; divorced)
~ Patrick Thornhart
~ Sam Rappaport
~ Spencer Truman