Tania Zaetta

She has been often said to give J’Lo a run for her money about who has the ‘best figure’ in the business.
FHM voted her one the ‘Best 5 Butts in the World’, alongside Elle Macpherson, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue and Liz Hurley.
In 1998 Tania sung "Barbie Girl" with Mike Whitney on national television
Tania's other interests include painting with both oils and watercolours, experimenting in the kitchen and a very broad musical taste - "everything from motown to soul and funk and easy listening."
Tania says of her dares, "It never occurred to me that I would attempt as many dares as I have. I'm conquering my own personal fears every time we film. I think it helps the contestants feel at ease when they see I'm scared too. I'm not a superwoman.
A memorable dare that Tania completed on Who Dares Wins was with the bike plank where she had to ride a push bike across a plank between two buildings 12 storeys high.
She holds a CAMs International Racing Licence, and has raced in the Celebrity Grand Prix and V8 Supercar Challenge
She's a kickboxing champ with 13 years of training.
She has featured in over 25 TV commercials for personal endorsements
Tania - "I think that not letting things get the better of me was often my inspiration and what really made me give everything my best shot."
Tania Zaetta was a celebrity guest on the highest rated UK daytime show ‘Trisha’