Rob Lowe

played Sam Seaborn [Episodes 1-84] in The West Wing

Personal Background:
- Grew up in Laguna Beach, California
- Fluently speaks Spanish
- Enjoys sailing
- Spouse: None, but has been romantically linked to several women including Lisa Sherborne, his fiancé who he broke up with after joining the Bartlet campaign; Laurie, a “highly priced call girl”; and Mallory O’Brien, an elementary school teacher and Leo’s daughter.
- Undergraduate: Princeton University, graduated magna cum laude
- Attended Duke Law School
Political Background:
- Staffer for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, 19??-19??
- Lawyer at Dewey Ballantine law firm, 19??-1991
- Lawyer at Gage Whitney Pace law firm, 1991-1998
- Speechwriter for the Bartlet presidential campaign, 1998-1999
- Deputy White House Communications Director, 1999-2002
- Democratic Congressional candidate (lost), California 47th District, 2002
- Practicing lawyer in California at an unnamed law firm, 2002-2006
- Deputy White House Chief of Staff, 2007-present
played Senator Robert McCallister [Season 2-; recurring previously] in Brothers & Sisters

Senator Robert McCallister is a Republican Senator running for president. He is engaged to his director of communications, Kitty. He is divorced from wife Courtney, with whom he had two children, Jack and Sophie; his divorce played out in the public sphere, with a false accusation of an affair with his children's nanny being made public. Kitty's brother Kevin has not been welcoming of his sister's new significant other and her mother Nora has had her reservations as well because of his political beliefs. Robert bonded with Kitty's brother Justin, however, due to their shared military experience.