Harry Reid

Is of the Mormon religious faith.
Participated in several controversial land deals in his home state of Nevada.
Nicknamed "the Screw-up from Searchlight" by his home state Las Vegas newspaper.
Once referred to Barack Obama as a light-skinned Afro-American who lacks a Negro dialect in his speech patterns unless he decides to use one. Reid apologized to Obama for his remarks.
Character based on Reid was portrayed by Dick Smothers in the 1995 film Casino.
Named to the Nevada Gaming Hall of Fame in 2001.
Son Rory recently announced his candidacy for governorship of Nevada in 2010.
Still maintains his primary residence in his hometown of Searchlight, NV.
Once said that more men beat their wives during times of economic downturn.
Son Rory was overwhelmingly defeated in his bid for Nevada governor in 2010.