Mark Hamill

Mostly Credited As: Mark Hamill
Sometimes Credited As: Mark Hamil

Birth Name: Mark Richard Hamill
Date Of Birth: September 25, 1951 (Age 64)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: Concord, California
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill is an American actor, and was born on September 25, 1951 in Concord, California. Hamill is best known for the immortal role of Luke Skywalker in George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy. While he has since appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, including Sleepwalkers, Village Of The Damned, The Outer Limits and Chuck, his real niche has become voice work. Hamill has done voice acting for over a hundred different cartoons and videogames, including shows based on nearly every superhero in existence. Mark's most famous animated role is as The Joker on the popular Batman: The Animated Series.

TV Appearances

Main cast 
Justice League Action (2016)As: Joker -- [Voice]
Motorcity (2012)As: Abraham Kane -- [Voice]
Hero Factory (2010)As: Black Phantom / Von Nebula / Von Ness -- [Voice]
Regular Show (2010)As: Skips -- [Voice]
Spawn: The Animation (2007)As: Twitch -- [Voice]
Metalocalypse (2006)As: Senator Stampingston, Jean-Pierre, various -- [Voice]
IGPX (2005)As: Yamma -- [Voice]
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (2004)As: Skeleton King -- [Voice]
Teamo Supremo (2002)As: Birthday Bandit -- [Voice]
Time Squad (2001)As: The Lawrence "Larry" 3000 -- [Voice]
The Savage Dragon (1995)As: Various -- [Voice]
Phantom 2040 (1994)As: Dr. Jak -- [Voice]
Eight is Enough (1977)As: David Bradford (pilot only)
The Texas Wheelers (1974)As: Doobie Wheeler
Jeannie (1973)As: Corry Anders -- [Voice]
General Hospital (US) (1963)As: Kent Murray (1972-1973)
Episode Cast Credits 

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (2002) 
  Series 13, Episode 6 13x06: (Mar/26/2016) As Himself 

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister 6 (2012) 
  Hydra Attacks. Part 1 04x01: (Feb/21/2016) Voiced  Arnim Zola 
  Strange Days 01x13: (Jul/08/2012) Voiced  Nightmare | Shao Lao 

The Flash (2014) 
  Running to Stand Still 02x09: (Dec/08/2015) As James Jesse / The Trickster, [Special Guest Stars]
  Tricksters 01x17: (Mar/31/2015) As James Jesse / The Trickster, [Special Guest Stars]

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! (2015) 
  Area 51 Adjacent 01x12: (Oct/23/2015) Voiced  General Stall, [Featuring]

Turbo F.A.S.T. (2013) 
  Ready, Set, Glow / Breakneck's Back 01x10: (Apr/04/2014) Voiced  Breakneck 
  Surf'N Turf / Hardcase Returns 01x08: (Apr/04/2014) As Warlava 
  Bumperdome / Broaches 01x03: (Dec/24/2013) As Warlarva 
  Dungball Derby / Ace of Race 01x02: (Dec/24/2013) As Breakneck 

Brickleberry (2012) 
  Crippleberry 02x05: (Oct/01/2013) Voiced  Bosco 

Dreamwork's Dragons (2012) 
  Live and Let Fly 02x01: (Sep/19/2013) Voiced  Alvin the Treacherous 
  We Are A Family: Part 2 01x20: (Mar/20/2013) Voiced  Alvin the Treacherous 
  We Are A Family: Part 1 01x19: (Mar/13/2013) Voiced  Alvin the Treacherous 
  Defiant One 01x16: (Feb/20/2013) Voiced  Alvin the Treacherous 

Criminal Minds (2005) 
  The Replicator 08x24: (May/22/2013) As John Curtis a.k.a. The Replicator 
  Brothers Hotchner 08x23: (May/22/2013) As John Curtis 

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) 
  Adam Sandler, Phil Jackson, Family of the Year 21x97: (May/16/2013) As Himself (Jaywalking) 

The Neighbors (2012) (2012) 
  It Has Begun… 01x22: (Mar/27/2013) As Commander Bill 

Scooby-Doo - Mystery, Inc. (2010) 
  The Night the Clown Cried II - Tears of Doom! 02x03: (Aug/01/2012) Voiced  Crybaby Clown, [Featuring]
  The Night the Clown Cried 02x01: (Jul/30/2012) Voiced  Crybaby Clown / Drill sergeant, [Featuring]

Generator Rex (2010) 
  Remote Control 03x11: (Feb/03/2012) Voiced  Quarry 
  Alliance 02x04: (Mar/04/2011) Voiced  Quarry 

Chuck (2007) 
  Chuck Versus the Zoom 05x01: (Oct/28/2011) As Jean Claude, [Special Guest Stars]

NTSF:SD:SUV (2011) 
  Dolphinnegan's Wake 01x05: (Aug/19/2011) Voiced  Lundgren 

The Cleveland Show (2009) 
  Hot Cocoa Bang Bang 02x22: (May/15/2011) Voiced  Security Guard 

Zevo-3 (2010) 
  Mutation Termination 01x26: (May/07/2011) Voiced  Dr. Stankfoot 
  Future Tense 01x23: (Apr/16/2011) Voiced  Dr. Stankfoot / Window Washer / Used Car Salesman 
  Living the Dream 01x21: (Jan/19/2011) Voiced  Dr. Stankfoot 
  Operation Z 01x16: (Jan/17/2011) Voiced  Dr. Stankfoot 

Robot Chicken (2005) 
  Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack 05x09: (Mar/06/2011) Voiced  The Joker 
  But Not In That Way 04x09: (Feb/01/2009) Voiced  The Joker 
  Celebutard Mountain 03x09: (Oct/07/2007) Voiced  Various Characters 
  Star Wars Episode I (Jun/17/2007) Voiced  Luke Skywalker 

Marvel Super Hero Squad (2009) 
  Pedicure and Facial of Doom 02x13: (Feb/12/2011) Voiced  Chthon 
  World War Witch! 02x04: (Oct/30/2010) Voiced  Red Skull 
  Mother of Doom 01x24: (Feb/06/2010) Voiced  Chthon 
  Wrath of the Red Skull! 01x23: (Jan/30/2010) Voiced  Red Skull 

Dan vs. (2011) 
  Dan Vs. The Dentist 01x03: (Jan/08/2011) Voiced  Dr. Pullum 

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010) 
  Panther's Quest 01x11: (Nov/17/2010) Voiced  Ulysses Klaw 
  The Man in the Ant Hill 01x03: (Oct/11/2010) Voiced  Ulysses Klaw 

The Boondocks (2005) 
  Mr. Medicinal 03x12: (Jul/18/2010) Voiced  Grant, [Special Guest Stars]

Batman: The Brave and The Bold (2008) 
  Gorillas in Our Midst! 02x12: (Apr/16/2010) Voiced  Spectre 
  Chill of the Night! 02x11: (Apr/09/2010) Voiced  Spectre 

Random Cartoons (2008) 
  Krunch and the Kid 01x16: (Jan/03/2009) Voiced  Frank the Director, [Starring Roles]

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) 
  Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang 03x21: (Jul/19/2008) Voiced  Firelord Ozai 
  Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno 03x20: (Jul/19/2008) Voiced  Firelord Ozai 
  Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King 03x18: (Jul/19/2008) Voiced  Firelord Ozai 
  The Day of Black Sun, Part 2: The Eclipse 03x11: (Nov/30/2007) Voiced  Firelord Ozai 

Futurama (1999) 
  Bender's Big Score (Nov/27/2007) Voiced  Chanukah Zombie 

SpongeBob SquarePants (1999) 
  The Original Fry Cook 05x02: (Jul/31/2007) Voiced  Moth 

Danny Phantom (2004) 
  Urban Jungle 03x01: (Oct/09/2006) Voiced  Undergrowth 

The Batman (2004) 
  A Matter of Family 04x01: (Sep/23/2006) Voiced  Tony Zucco 

Justice League Unlimited (2001) 
  Flash and Substance 05x05: (Feb/11/2006) Voiced  The Trickster 
  Wild Cards (2) 02x22: (Dec/06/2003) Voiced  Joker 
  Wild Cards (1) 02x21: (Dec/06/2003) Voiced  The Joker 
  The Terror Beyond (2) 02x16: (Nov/15/2003) Voiced  Solomon Grundy 

Attack Of The Show! (2005) 
  Attack of the Sith! (Dec/21/2005) As Himself 
  Greg Costikyan, Mark Hamill, GreaseMonkey 01x39: (Jun/01/2005) As Himself 

EP Daily (1997) 
  What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? 15x06: (Oct/21/2005) As Himself 

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000) 
  X Gets The Crest 03x03: (Aug/07/2005) Voiced  Ricochet Rabbit 

Codename: Kids Next Door (2002) 
  Operation: L.U.N.C.H. / Operation: M.U.N.C.H.I.E.S. 04x08: (May/13/2005) Voiced  Stickybeard 
  Operation: T.R.I.C.K.Y. / Operation: U.N.C.O.O.L. 03x11: (Oct/29/2004) Voiced  Stickybeard 
  Operation: A.F.L.O.A.T. / Operation: L.E.A.D.E.R. 03x02: (Jun/18/2004) Voiced  Stickybeard 
  Operation: M.O.V.I.E. / Operation: F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D. 02x04: (Oct/24/2003) Voiced  Stickybeard 

Family Guy (1999) 
  When You Wish Upon a Weinstein 03x22: (Dec/10/2004) Voiced  Luke Skywalker 

Johnny Bravo (1997) 
  Johnny Goes Hollywood 04x01: (Feb/20/2004) Voiced  Himself/various 
  Beach Blanket Bravo / The Day The Earth Didn't Move Around Much / Aisle Of Mixed-Up Toys 01x08: (Aug/25/1997) Voiced  Judge 

Cold Pizza (2003) 
  11/7/2003 01x15: (Nov/07/2003) As Himself 

Nature (1982) 
  Hippo Beach 22x01: (Oct/19/2003) Voiced  Narrator 

VH1 Goes Inside (2003) 
  Primetime Cartoons 01x02: (Oct/02/2003) As Himself 

What's New Scooby-Doo? (2002) 
  Pompeii and Circumstance 01x13: (Feb/22/2003) Voiced  Barge Captain 
  A Scooby-Doo! Christmas 01x10: (Dec/14/2002) Voiced  Tommy's Father 

Birds of Prey (2002) 
  Pilot 01x01: (Oct/09/2002) Voiced  Joker 

Son of the Beach (2000) 
  Taco Lips Now (1) 03x12: (Sep/17/2002) As The Divine Rod 
  Rod Strikes Back 02x04: (Apr/03/2001) As The Devine Rod 
  Eat My Muffin 01x07: (Aug/01/2000) As The Divine Rod, [Special Guest Stars]

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2001) 
  Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator/To Eris Human 01x10: (Aug/09/2002) Voiced  Judge 

Totally Spies! (2001) 
  Soul Collector 01x22: (May/18/2002) Voiced  Principal John Smith 

Rocket Power (1999) 
  Home Sweet Home / What A Tangled Web We Ski 03x02: (Feb/18/2002) As Ralph Sr. 

Static Shock (2000) 
  The Big Leagues 02x01: (Jan/26/2002) Voiced  Joker 

Samurai Jack (2001) 
  IX: Jack Under the Sea 01x09: (Sep/03/2001) Voiced  Guiness / Other Fisherman 

Time Squad (2001) 
  To Hail with Caesar / Robin' and Stealin' With Mr. Hood 01x04: (Jun/29/2001) Voiced  Rich person #1 
  The Island of Doctor Freud / Daddio Da Vinci 01x03: (Jun/22/2001) Voiced  Frog Man, Guy #1 
  Napoleon the Conquered / Confucius Say... Way Too Much 01x02: (Jun/15/2001) Voiced  Artist 

Batman Beyond (1999) 
  Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker (Dec/12/2000) Voiced  Joker/Jordan Price (uncredited) 
  Out of the Past 03x05: (Oct/21/2000) Voiced  Carter 

Pepper Ann (1997) 
  The Finale 05x13: (Nov/18/2000) Voiced  Himself 
  Complementary Colors 05x04: (Nov/04/2000) Voiced  Himself 

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000) 
  Planet of the Lost 01x41: (Nov/16/2000) Voiced  Flint 

MADtv (1995) 
  Episode #515 05x15: (Feb/05/2000) As Mr. Swan 
  Jerry Springer, Mark Hamill 03x17: (Feb/28/1998) As Himself, [Special Guest Stars]
  Mark Hamill, Corky and the Juice Pigs 03x16: (Feb/07/1998) As Himself, [Special Guest Stars]

The Powerpuff Girls (1998) (1998) 
  Cat Man Do / Impeach Fuzz 01x10: (Jan/27/1999) Voiced  Cat 

The New Batman Adventures (1997) 
  Mad Love 02x11: (Jan/16/1999) Voiced  The Joker 
  Beware the Creeper 02x10: (Nov/07/1998) Voiced  The Joker 
  Old Wounds 02x05: (Oct/03/1998) Voiced  The Joker 
  Joker's Millions 01x07: (Feb/21/1998) Voiced  Joker 

The Simpsons (1989) 
  Mayored to the Mob 10x09: (Dec/20/1998) Voiced  Himself, Leavelle 

Just Shoot Me (1997) 
  The List 03x08: (Nov/24/1998) As Himself 

Cow and Chicken (1997) 
  Goin' My way?/The Babysitter 03x02: (Aug/22/1998) Voiced  Mayor of Hole, California 
  The Karate Chick/Yard Sale 02x09: (Mar/10/1998) Voiced  Vet, Weenie Dog 

Spider-Man (1994) (1994) 
  Spider Wars (1): I Really, Really Hate Clones 05x12: (Jan/31/1998) Voiced  Hobgoblin 
  Sins of the Fathers (13): Goblin War! (1) 03x13: (Nov/16/1996) Voiced  Jason Phillips/Hobgoblin 
  Sins of the Fathers (12): The Spot 03x10: (Oct/19/1996) Voiced  Jason Phillips/Hobgoblin 
  Sins of the Fathers (5): The Rocket Racer 03x05: (Sep/14/1996) Voiced  Jason Phillips 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (1996) 
  Mark Hamill 02x158: (Dec/16/1997) As Himself, [Interviewees]

Superman (1996) (1996) 
  World's Finest (3) 02x18: (Oct/04/1997) Voiced  The Joker 
  World's Finest (2) 02x17: (Oct/04/1997) Voiced  The Joker 
  World's Finest (1) 02x16: (Oct/04/1997) Voiced  The Joker 

3rd Rock from the Sun (1996) 
  Fifteen Minutes of Dick 02x23: (May/11/1997) As Himself, [Special Guest Stars]

Saturday Night Live (1975) 
  Sting/Veruca Salt 22x15: (Mar/15/1997) As Himself, [Uncredited]

Hey Arnold! (1996) 
  Das Subway/Wheezin' Ed 01x12: (Dec/23/1996) Voiced  Grubby Man/Policeman 

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996) 
  Rock Of Rages 02x02: (Dec/12/1996) Voiced  Vostok 
  In The Realm Of The Condor 01x03: (Aug/28/1996) Voiced  Eldoradoan 

The Tick (1994) (1994) 
  Devil in Diapers 03x05: (Oct/06/1996) Voiced  Julius Pendecker 

The Incredible Hulk (1996) (1996) 
  Innocent Blood 01x05: (Oct/06/1996) As Gargoyle 

Space Cases (1996) 
  A Day In The Life 01x04: (Mar/16/1996) As Ferna Herna 

The Fantastic Four (1994) (1994) 
  The Sentry Sinister 02x12: (Feb/17/1996) Voiced  Maximus/Triton/Sentry 
  Inhumans Saga: Beware the Hidden Land (3) 02x04: (Oct/14/1995) Voiced  Maximus the Mad 

The Outer Limits (1995) (1995) 
  Mind Over Matter 02x05: (Feb/02/1996) As Dr. Sam Stein 

Freakazoid! (1995) 
  And Fan Boy Is His Name/Frenching With Freakazoid 01x04: (Sep/30/1995) Voiced  Mark Hamill 

seaQuest DSV (1993) 
  Splashdown 02x22: (May/21/1995) As Tobias 
  Dream Weaver 02x15: (Feb/19/1995) As Tobias 

Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron (1993) 
  Caverns of Horror 02x07: (Nov/19/1994) Voiced  Jonny K. 
  Razor's Edge 02x04: (Oct/29/1994) Voiced  Jonny K. 
  The Ci-Kat-A 01x11: (Nov/20/1993) Voiced  Jonny K. 
  Metal Urgency 01x10: (Nov/13/1993) Voiced  Burke 

Batman: The Animated Series (1992) 
  Make 'Em Laugh 03x07: (Nov/05/1994) Voiced  The Joker, [Starring Roles]
  Harlequinade 02x10: (May/23/1994) Voiced  The Joker 
  Trial 02x09: (May/16/1994) Voiced  The Joker 
  Mask of the Phantasm (Dec/25/1993) Voiced  Jack Napier / The Joker 

Phantom 2040 (1994) 
  Generation Unto Generation (1) 01x01: (Sep/18/1994) Voiced  Dr Jak 

Bonkers (1993) 
  A Fine Kettle Of Toons 03x22: (Feb/17/1994) Voiced  (unknown) 

Legend of Prince Valiant (1991) 
  Peace on Earth 02x08: (Nov/20/1992) Voiced  Additional Voices 

The Flash (1990) (1990) 
  The Trial of the Trickster 01x22: (May/18/1991) As The Trickster (Special Appearance by), [Special Guest Stars]
  The Trickster 01x12: (Feb/07/1991) As The Trickster (Special Appearance by), [Special Guest Stars]

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (1985) 
  Man on the Edge 02x03: (Feb/07/1987) As Danny Carlyle 

Amazing Stories (1985) 
  Gather Ye Acorns 01x16: (Feb/02/1986) As Jonathon 

Fridays (1980) 
  Mark Hamill / Jimmy Buffett 02x24: (May/08/1981) As Himself, [Guest Hosts]

The Muppet Show (1976) 
  Mark Hamill 04x16: (Feb/21/1980) As Himself 

The Academy Awards (1953) 
  The 50th Annual Academy Awards 26x01: (Apr/03/1978) As Presenter, [Featuring]

The Streets of San Francisco (1972) 
  Innocent No More 05x17: (Feb/24/1977) As Billy Wilson (special guest star) 
  Poisoned Snow 04x01: (Sep/11/1975) As Andy 

One Day at a Time (1975) (1975) 
  Schneider's Pride and Joy 02x09: (Nov/30/1976) As Harvey 

Medical Center (US) (1969) 
  You Can't Annul My Baby 07x17: (Jan/19/1976) As Danny 

Petrocelli (1974) 
  The Gamblers 02x08: (Nov/12/1975) As Dennis Wylie 
  The Outsiders 01x18: (Feb/26/1975) As David Mitchell 

Hallmark Hall Of Fame (1951) 
  Eric 25x02: (Nov/10/1975) As Paul Swensen 

Bronk (1975) 
  Line of Fire 01x08: (Nov/09/1975) As Kevin Bossick 

Lucas Tanner (1974) 
  Requiem for a Son 01x20: (Mar/12/1975) As Craig 

The Manhunter (1974) 
  The Lodester Ambush 01x12: (Dec/04/1974) As Mark 

The Magician (1973) (1973) 
  Lightning on A Dry Day 01x04: (Oct/30/1973) As Ian 

The New Scooby-Doo Movies (1972) 
  Mystery in Persia (A.K.A. Scooby-Doo Meets Jeannie) 02x03: (Sep/22/1973) Voiced  Corry 

Room 222 (1969) 
  I've Got the Hammer, If You've Got the Thumb 05x01: (Sep/14/1973) As Matt Evans 

The F.B.I. (1965) 
  The Corruptor 07x23: (Feb/27/1972) As Royal Shean 

Night Gallery (1970) 
  There Aren't Anymore MacBanes 02x58: (Feb/16/1972) As Messenger Boy (Francis), [Co-Guest Stars]

Cannon (1971) 
  Country Blues 01x04: (Oct/05/1971) As Farm Boy 

The Partridge Family (1970) 
  Old Scrapmouth 01x16: (Jan/15/1971) As Jerry 

The Bill Cosby Show (1969) 
  The Poet 02x13: (Dec/20/1970) As Henry 

The Oblongs (2001) 
  Milo Interrupted 01x09: (Unaired) Voiced  Mr. Phugly 

The Legend of Calamity Jane (1997) 
  Troubled Waters 01x08: (Unaired) Voiced  TBD 

Claims his inspiration for his own interpretation of the Joker's voice came from a mixture of Hannibal Lecter and Jerry Lewis.

He recieved two Saturn Awards for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the "Star Wars" films as well as an Annie Award for his voice-over performance as The Joker in "Batman Beyond: The Return Of The Joker."

Won the Interactive Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance in his final role as the voice of The Joker in the video game "Batman: Arkham Asylum."

He portrayed the infamous Flash villain, The Trickster aka James Jesse (a word play for old west bandit Jesse James, a popular stunt for "Flash" creator Gardner Fox and other series writers), in both the short lived live action CBS series "The Flash" (1990), in 1991 (two episodes), and in the "Justice League" (2001) animated series in 2005, in the episode "Flash and Substance". He later went on to do a similar role as an animation voice-over actor... as The Joker.

Had to learn martial arts for his role as Luke Skywalker.

He received the BAFTA (the British Academy Award), their official Game Award for Performance for "Batman: Arkham City."

Is one quarter Swedish.

Mark Hamill Quotes
(When asked by Kevin Smith on "Dinner for Five" if he's tired of talking about "Star Wars"): "To be honest with you, sure. I'm human. I mean, I like ice cream, but I don't eat it three times a day. And I've forgotten a lot of it. If I was still working on it, it might be different, but I've put it in perspective. I want to be supportive without being critical, but it's not mine anymore."

"I think theater has given me the opportunity to show what a character actor I can be."