Vince Neil

  played Contestant in Skating With the Stars

Worldwide celebrity, achieved business person as well as sincere philanthropist, Vince Neil came to display everything rock 'n roll: the sound, the achievement, the appearance and also the crazy life-style. Vince’s distinguished voice brings a few of the finest rock tracks for this era such as: Shout At The Devil, Home Sweet Home, Girls, Girls, Girls, Dr. Feelgood, Kickstart My Heart, Identical Ol Situation, and also the recent Saints of Los Angeles, that was selected to get a Grammy Award last year.

Along with 15 years in between solo albums, Vince Neil launched Tattoos & Tequila, accompanied by his New York Times best-selling tell-all novel of the exact same name. Vince remains to increase his business initiatives including Feelgoods Rock Bar and Grill in West Palm Beach and Las Vegas; Vince Neil Ink, a Vegas-based tattoo parlor/apparel store; Tres Rios tequila, a geniune Mexican tequila made from the best Agave in Guadalajara Mexico; The Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation, a homage to Vince’s daughter who he lost to cancer in 1995 that has raised more than $2 million to assist the fight childhood cancer and the most recent endeavor, Vince Neil Aviation, an extravagance air charter program supplying the rock n’ roll travelling on either his Lear 35 or Hawker 700 jets.

Brought up on the challenging streets of Compton, California, Vince fell deeply in love with music growing up, possessing a wide vocabulary which ranged from traditional Motown to hard rock and roll. He fronted the most popular band Rock Candy before getting back with high school friend Tommy Lee in 1981, closing rock 'n roll history with the creation of Mötley Crüe. Along with selling 80 million records all over the world as frontman for Mötley Crüe, Vince started his career being a solo artist in 1993. Vince’s Top 200 Billboard albums, Exposed and Carved In Stone have sparked the visits You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come), Can’t Have Your Cake and Sister Of Pain.

This rock legend's brand new album Tattoos & Tequila is a collection of genre-defining hits which have been provided the Vince Neil rock restoration therapy and will be an up-to-date rock life-style staple. Along with 1 loafer on the planet of enterprise and a steel toe boot intensely rooted in rock and roll , Vince Neil will be the best example of the contemporary rock and roll celebrity residing the posh way of life, continuous to produce recent music, composing, discovering new business organizations that interest him, giving back by means of his basic foundation and growing his brand name in line with the comprehensive and desirable standard he's achieved. And today he skates, as well!