Wil Wheaton

played Wesley Crusher [Seasons 1-4] in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Wesley is the son of Jack and Beverly crusher. When he lost his father when he was 5, and she allready lost her husband, she is very protective of him. There was some friction at first between him and Picard, and at first Captain Picard, along with everybody else, called him "The Boy". But this nickname, as well as people picking on him, went away when they found out how smart and tallented he is, and his enormous knowledge of Star Fleet and Starship operations. He was promoted to Acting Ensign when he helped "The Traveler" get the Enterprise home after a malfunction from a Warp Test Experiment. The Traveler sensed that Wes is a prodigy, but it was currently not the correct time to tell him. He was promoted to Full Ensign when he helped rescue Riker, Deanna, and Deanna's Mother. He helped Beverly escape from an alternate universe that was created from another experiment. Wesley and Picard went on a mission together and became stranded, and each of told each other how much they admired each other. He then left for Star Fleet Academy, but quit because he kept getting in trouble. During the Traveler's third appearance, ( whose real name is unpronounceable ) he said that Wesley must find his own path.