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Bryan Cranston

Bryan: Acting isn't safe. You do it partly because it's dangerous. If you can be happy doing something else... do that. You should only dedicate a life in the arts if you feel you have to. If your art burns inside you, yielding, unquestionable.
Bryan: I wanted to be a professional baseball player until I realized that I brought a new meaning to the word "mediocre."
Bryan: I don't want to say it's not important to win an Emmy, because it is. Would it be important to me personally to win? It would be wonderful; I would be delighted. Is it important for an actor's career? I would say yes. I've got a whole mantel just waiting for those awards to come, a whole big mantel. There's just so much available space. I've got the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, all ready to shine on them. I dust it off every day.
(2011, on if he's experimented with drugs as his "Breaking Bad" character has)
Bryan: Never meth, but I've had several drug experiences. Pot always just made me sleepy. As a teenager, I had friends who ­wanted to get high and go to concerts. But if I smoked a joint, I would pass out before the first song. As I've gotten older I don't even like drinking, anymore. I had a big birthday not long ago, double nickels, and the metabolism of your body changes when you get to this age. Interestingly, it's the exact opposite problem I had with pot. If I have more than just one glass of wine with dinner, I'll wake up in the middle of the night, not to pee but because of the sugars in the wine. Then I'm not well-rested and the rest of the day is ruined. It's just not worth it.
Bryan: We have a DEA chemist on the seu of 'Breaking Bad.' He taught us how to make methamphetamine, which is a very detailed process. I still have my notes. I didn't want to learn about the back-­alley process. I wanted to know how to make it perfectly, the absolute purest meth, and what equipment and chemicals to use, because that's what my character does. So if I had to, I could make more than just meth; I could make really, really good meth. It has created a very healthy sideline for me if this acting thing ever stops working.
Bryan: I don't need to work, but I love to work and I will make the movie if I would want to go and see it. But if I hear about a story that you could do in a sketch - and a lot of films should be just sketches - then I am not interested in it. I think too many movies attempt to stretch a very small idea. They will make something about a kid trying to lose his virginity while going to college. It's like, 'Really, there is a whole movie about that? You are asking me to spend almost two hours to see some kid trying to get his rocks off?'
Bryan: My face, in repose, is mean. I scare people. You know how some people have a built-in smile? I look like I'm going to eat children.