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Bryan Cranston

Bryan's father is called Joe Cranston. He's an actor too.
Bryan grows a beard and a moustache during Malcolm in the Middle hiatus.
Bryan's Malcolm in the Middle favorite episode is the "Rollerskates" (season 1).
Bryan has a dog named Sugar which he saved from a pound.
Bryan loves travelling to Hawaii.
Bryan's wife is called Robin Dearden.
Bryan met his wife on the set of the TV show "Airwolf".
Bryan attended and graduated from Canoga Park High School (Canoga Park, California) in 1974.
Height: 5' 10.5"
Bryan has a daughter called Taylor.
Bryan married Mickey Middleton, but they are divorced now.
Bryan became an ordained minister when he was at college.
Bryan is a huge baseball fan.
Bryan's wife threw him a surprise party for 40th birthday at Dodgers Stadium.
Bryan appeared in the movie "Saving Pirate Ryan".
Bryan appeared in the movie "That Thing You Do!".
Bryan appeared in the movie "Amazon Women On the Moon".
Bryan has a brother called Kim Edward Cranston and a sister called Amy L. Cranston.
Bryan's first appearance in television was in a commercial when he was 8 years old.

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