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Jacoby Shaddix

Mostly Credited As: Jacoby Shaddix
Sometimes Credited As: Mr. Dick
Johhny Vokda
Coby Dick
Dakota Gold
John Doe
Jacoby Dakota
Jacobo Insonico
Papa Roach

Birth Name: Jacoby Dakota Shaddix
Date Of Birth: July 28, 1976 (Age 39)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: Mariposa, California
Height: 5' 10" (1.77 m)

Jacoby Shaddix

Jacoby Dakota Shaddix was born in Mariposa, California on July 28th, 1976, and is currently 32 years old. Shaddix is not only the lead singer of hard rock band Papa Roach, but he is working on a side project with a post-hardcore band called Fight The Skies, and he's the host of the popular show, Scarred.
Papa Roach released their debut album Infest in 1993, and have been a huge success ever since then. Papa Roach includes Jacoby Shaddix as the lead singer, Jerry Horton as the guitarist and back up vocals, Tobin Esperance on bass and back up vocals, and Dave Buckner on drums.
Jacoby IS married to Kelly Shaddix, and they have two beautiful children together, Makaile Ceilo Shaddix (born March 24th, 20002), and Jagger Shaddix (born September 13th, 2004).
Jacoby, like most rock stars, battled with a drug addiction during his career, but has reportedly been off of the drugs for quite sometime now. He has also admittedly been a victim of self-mutilation, and he was taken to a hospital in Las Vegas, and received 11 staples in his head from the worst act of self mutilation he had committed.
Everyone who knows Jacoby Shaddix, knows about all the tattoos. His most famous tattoo that he shows off proudly is the words "LOVE" tattooed across the knuckles of his right hand, and "HATE" tattooed across the knuckles of his left hand. His neck bares the Chinese character for love, which he explains in an episode of MTV's Crib's when they featured his home.

TV Appearances

At Hell's Door: Behind the Scenes at Hellfest (2013)As: Himself (Host)
Scarred (2007)As: Himself
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Jacoby Shaddix is the lead singer of Papa Roach

Jacoby has two sons named Jagger and Makaile Shaddix

Jacoby IS married

Papa Roach chose the name "The Paramour Sessions" for their latest album because they recorded it in the Paramour Mansion.

The name Papa Roach was created because Jacoby's grandfather's last name was Roach, and they called him Papa Roach, and thus, the bands name was born.

Jacoby Shaddix goes by the nicknames Coby Dick, Mr. Dick, Johnny Vodka, Dakota Gold, and John Doe.

Jacoby's wife's name is Kelly

Jacoby has admittedly taken a part in self mutilation

Jacoby wrote the song "Scars" after being sent to the hospital in Las Vegas and got 11 staples in his head because of self mutilation and trying to commit suicide.

Jacoby WAS a drug addict.

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Jacoby Shaddix Quotes
They used to say that this kid had nice teeth... they don't say that anymore

Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Whether poor or rich, all's the same in death.

I want to cause every emotion in people. I want them to fight, to f***; I want to bring out their violence, their sadness, and their happiness.

We were 6 feet under. A lot of people gave up on us, including fans and critics and show promoters and record labels

This is my dream. I ain't giving up. I see a band like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and they've had their ups and downs, but they've continued with heart. We look up to that. I see Papa Roach being around for another 15 years. We've always wanted to be a career band.

We really refocused ourselves. I didn't want to live my life in a dark shadow all of the time

It's kind of cool that we've quietly been selling a million albums. We knew (the album) wasn't going to debut at No. 1. I'm stoked to see us being successful again.

I don't think we realized how far gone we were in people's eyes. We pretty much had to prove ourselves over again, from our fans to people in the music industry. It's been an uphill fight. Nobody handed anything to us on this record. It's been us just slugging it out in the trenches and playing shows and proving to people every day that this band is legit and we're not going away.

With the single crossing over to pop radio, it's bringing out new people to the shows. We've got all our metal kids and punk kids who still love us. And then we've got the average joes coming out. We call our fans the 'mixed nuts' because it's all kinds of people out there.

For us, selling a million records in 2005 is the equivalent of selling 2 to 3 million records (five years ago). Rock records aren't flying off the shelves like they used to. Hip-hop and pop are so huge. (But) everything's on the upswing for us.

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