Will Friedle

voiced Terry McGinnis / Batman in Batman Beyond

First Appearance - "Rebirth pt 1"
A. K. A - Batz
Eye Color - Blue
First Comic book Appearance -"Batman Beyond #1" or Superman/Batman #22 (Mainstream DCU)
Team(s) - The Justice League Unlimited
Position - Hero

Terry McGinnis is just your average, troubled teen. Terry had once been involved with the wrong crowd and he spent 3 months in juvenile hall. Terry had also had a rivalry with Nelson Nash which he still holds today. Terry also got himself in a lot of trouble while in a fight at school with Nash. It also sparked a fight with Terry's father causing a conflict that Terry would never get a chance to solve.

Terry had stormed out of his father's apartment in a fit of rage when he was told he would not be allowed to go out with Dana that night. Then, while out Terry got on the wrong side of a Jokerz gang and he began getting chased by them on motorcycle. Then, Terry took the motorcycle down to Wayne Manor where he and Bruce Wayne had fought off all of the gang members by fist and cane. Then, Bruce asked Terry to take him up to his house to get his medicine for him. Terry helped him up to his home and while there Terry discovered that Bruce Wayne was the former Batman. Bruce tossed Terry out of his home.

Then Terry arrived home to discover that Jokerz had murdered his father. Guilt had consumed him, since he thought that the Jokerz he and Bruce Wayne had fought off were the same ones as the ones who murdered his father. Then, Terry discovered a disc that proved Jokerz hadn't murdered his father but his employer, Derek Powers, had. Then when Derek stole the evidence and Bruce Wayne wouldn't put the cowl on one more time, Terry broke into the bat-cave and stole the suit to take down Powers. Terry succeeded, but Powers wasn't brought to Justice. Later, Terry then managed to avenge Powers and he continued to be Batman after making a deal with Bruce Wayne.

A while later Superman asked Terry to be a member in the JLU, but Terry declined full time membership, just like Bruce did.

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The Zeta Project

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