Will Friedle

Will said one of the things that got him syked to voice Batman in Batman Beyond was the fact that he could say he's Batman.
Will's Birthstone is Peridot
Will's Zodiac sign is the Leo.
Will's Chinese Zodiac sign is the Dragon, which means he is full of vitality and enthusiasm.
He played Duncan Fletcher in the Disney movie "My Date With The Presidents Daughter".
Will's favorite city is Amsterdam, Holland.
Will's favorite color is green.
He was the best man at Jason Marsden's wedding.
In 2002, he was all set to join the cast of the WB show Off Centre, but the UPN decided to pick up his show The Random Years, and they would not let him join the WB show. Shortly there after, Off Centre was cancelled, and The Random Years ended up la
One of his passions is traveling.
Grew up listening to punk music.