Charlie Sheen

His father is the famous actor “Martin Sheen” and his mother is actress “Janet Sheen”.
He has 2 brothers who are all actors as well “Emilio Estevez” and “Ramon Estevez” and his sister is actress “Renee Estevez”.
Charlie's nickname is "The Machine".
He was the highest paid sit-com actor in history at the time reaping earning $1.8 million per episode. But he demanded more by Season Nine--$2 million!
He played baseball as a child and it happens to be his all-time favorite sport. He's said he's always wished he personally could play baseball for a living. He would rather play in the NBL than be a movie star. He himself is a baseball fanatic and is extremely knowledgeable about the sport as well as past and current players. He loved working on films like "Major League" and doing a baseball-themed episode on "Spin City." His most recent series "Anger Management" cast him as a therapist who was originally a professional baseball player early on in life.