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Ben Wright

Mostly Credited As: Ben Wright
Sometimes Credited As: Ben H. Wright

Birth Name: Benjamin Huntington Wright
Date Of Birth: May 05, 1915 (Age 74)
Country Of Birth: United Kingdom
Birth Place: London, England
Date Of Death: July 02, 1989
Cause Of Death: heart failure

Ben Wright

Ben Wright Ben Wright Ben Wright Ben Wright Ben Wright Ben Wright Ben Wright Ben Wright
TV Appearances

Episode Cast Credits 

Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982) 
  Last Chance Louie 01x17: (Mar/11/1983) As Singer 

Switch (1975) 
  Downshift 03x02: (Sep/30/1977) As Eric Von Strauss, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Hemline Heist 02x21: (Feb/27/1977) As Pindar, [Co-Guest Stars]

Emergency! (1972) 
  All Night Long 06x24: (May/28/1977) As Oscar Hubbs 

The Bionic Woman (1976) 
  The Dijon Caper 02x19: (Mar/16/1977) As Fournier, [Co-Guest Stars]

Rich Man, Poor Man - Book II (1976) 
  Chapter 3 01x03: (Oct/05/1976) As Dr. Baluda, [Co-Guest Stars]

Ellery Queen (1975) 
  The Adventure of the Two-Faced Woman 01x18: (Feb/29/1976) As Anton Lucek 

S.W.A.T. (1975) 
  Sole Survivor 01x13: (May/26/1975) As Mr. Jarvis 

Barnaby Jones (1973) 
  Jeopardy for Two 03x23: (Apr/01/1975) As Gordon McLean 
  Twenty Million Alibis 01x13: (May/06/1973) As Mr. Jason 

The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) 
  The Cross-Country Kidnap 02x12: (Jan/10/1975) As Benno Reichert 
  The Last of the Fourth of Julys 01x10: (Apr/05/1974) As Ives, [Co-Guest Stars]

Ironside (1967) 
  Raise the Devil (1) 08x01: (Sep/12/1974) As Mr. Hawkins, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Good Will Tour 03x23: (Mar/26/1970) As Peter Mysodon, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Dead Man's Tale 01x03: (Sep/28/1967) As Dr. Leon Chaffee, [Co-Guest Stars]

Cannon (1971) 
  Murder by the Numbers 03x12: (Nov/28/1973) As Unknown 
  The Limping Man 03x10: (Nov/14/1973) As Unknown 
  Hear No Evil 02x11: (Nov/29/1972) As Club Maitre'd, [Co-Guest Stars]

O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (1971) 
  Operation: Deathwatch 01x16: (Jan/21/1972) As Uncle Hans 

Hogan's Heroes (1965) 
  The Dropouts 06x14: (Dec/27/1970) As Dr. Reimann 
  The Big Gamble 05x09: (Nov/21/1969) As Major Feldkamp 
  The Kommandant Dies at Dawn 05x06: (Oct/31/1969) As Major Feldkamp 
  Klink's Old Flame 04x20: (Feb/08/1969) As Count Rudolf von Heffernick 

Dragnet (1967) (1967) 
  Missing Persons - The Body 04x20: (Mar/05/1970) As Paul Overbeck 

Mission: Impossible (1966) (1966) 
  Mastermind 04x07: (Nov/23/1969) As Dr. Berman, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Legend 01x20: (Feb/11/1967) As Kleister, [Co-Guest Stars]

Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969) 
  A Matter of Humanities (Mar/26/1969) As Professor Randolph 

The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967) 
  One Angry Juror 02x21: (Mar/07/1969) As Doctor 

The Wild Wild West (1965) 
  The Night of the Sabatini Death 04x17: (Feb/07/1969) As Clarence, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Night the Dragon Screamed 01x17: (Jan/14/1966) As Col. Allenby-Smythe (Clive Allenby-Smythe) 

The Mod Squad (1968) 
  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlet 01x11: (Dec/17/1968) As The Instructor, [Featuring]

The Outsider (US) (1968) 
  One Long Stemmed American Beauty 01x09: (Nov/20/1968) As Agent 

Tarzan (1966) (1966) 
  Four O'Clock Army (1) 02x22: (Mar/01/1968) As Commissioner 
  Last of the Supermen 02x08: (Nov/03/1967) As Arthur Stever 
  Man Killer 01x31: (Apr/14/1967) As Constable McFee 
  Cap'n Jai 01x19: (Jan/20/1967) As Hatcher 

The Rat Patrol (1966) 
  The Fifth Wheel Raid 02x13: (Dec/11/1967) As Colonel Jameson 
  The Double or Nothing Raid 01x28: (Mar/27/1967) As Colonel Voss 

Hondo (1967) 
  Hondo and the Ghost of Ed Dow 01x12: (Nov/24/1967) As Dr. Paul 
  Hondo and the Mad Dog 01x08: (Oct/27/1967) As Dr. Paul 

That Girl (1966) 
  There's Nothing to Be Afreud of But Freud Himself 02x08: (Oct/26/1967) As Manager 

Occasional Wife (1966) 
  So Little Time 01x30: (May/09/1967) As Dr. Harley 

The Time Tunnel (1966) 
  Night of the Long Knives 01x14: (Dec/16/1966) As Cabinet Minister 

Gunsmoke (1955) 
  The Newcomers 12x11: (Dec/03/1966) As Birger Engdahl 
  Father's Love 09x24: (Mar/14/1964) As Ross 
  Friend 09x17: (Jan/25/1964) As Father Tom 
  Two of a Kind 08x27: (Mar/16/1963) As Elton Harris 

The Fugitive (1963) (1963) 
  Nobody Loses All the Time 04x10: (Nov/22/1966) As Ferguson 

The Monkees (1966) 
  The Success Story 01x06: (Oct/17/1966) As Grandfather 

Jericho (1966) (1966) 
  Upbeat and Underground 01x03: (Sep/29/1966) As Mallory 

The Addams Family (1964) (1964) 
  Ophelia's Career 02x30: (Apr/08/1966) As Mr. Rudolpho 

Bonanza (1959) 
  Ride the Wind (2) 07x18: (Jan/23/1966) As Spires 
  Ride the Wind (1) 07x17: (Jan/16/1966) As Spires 

The F.B.I. (1965) 
  The Insolents 01x05: (Oct/17/1965) As Captain Tillman, [Featuring]

Get Smart (1965) (1965) 
  School Days 01x03: (Oct/02/1965) As Hillary Gainesborough 

Burke's Law (1963) (1963) 
  Balance of Terror 03x01: (Sep/15/1965) As Alan Rycroft 

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964) 
  The Girls of Nazarone Affair 01x28: (Apr/12/1965) As Dr. Nicole Baurel, [Featuring]
  The Deadly Games Affair 01x05: (Oct/20/1964) As Stamp Expert, [Featuring]

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962) 
  Thou Still Unravished Bride 03x22: (Mar/22/1965) As Sutherland 
  Murder Case 02x19: (Mar/06/1964) As Tony Niles 
  A Home Away from Home 02x01: (Sep/27/1963) As Dr. Norton 

Kraft Suspense Theatre (1963) 
  The Last Clear Chance 02x17: (Mar/11/1965) As German Commandant 
  The End of the World, Baby 01x03: (Oct/24/1963) As Casino Manager 

Dr. Kildare (1961) 
  My Name is Lisa, and I am Lost 04x17: (Jan/21/1965) As Baker 
  The Mosaic 02x17: (Jan/31/1963) As Vernon Beasley 

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964) 
  The Last Battle 01x17: (Jan/04/1965) As Brewster, [Co-Guest Stars]

The Outer Limits (1963) 
  Wolf 359 02x08: (Nov/07/1964) As Philip Exeter Dundee 
  Nightmare 01x10: (Dec/02/1963) As General Benton, [Co-Guest Stars]

Ben Casey (1961) 
  Evidence of Things Not Seen 03x33: (Apr/22/1964) As guest star 

77 Sunset Strip (1958) 
  Alimony League 06x16: (Jan/10/1964) As  
  Our Man in Switzerland 05x33: (May/24/1963) As Henri Delain 

Combat! (1962) 
  Thunder from the Hill 02x14: (Dec/17/1963) As Boulange 
  The Chateau 01x19: (Feb/12/1963) As Count De Gontran 

Stoney Burke (1962) 
  Point of Entry 01x21: (Mar/04/1963) As Manolo, [Co-Guest Stars]

General Electric True (1962) 
  Escape (2) 01x20: (Feb/17/1963) As Clayton Hutton 
  Escape (1) 01x19: (Feb/10/1963) As Clayton Hutton 

The Virginian (1962) 
  The Exiles 01x16: (Jan/09/1963) As Hotel Clerk Moore 

The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor (1959) 
  The Fourth Commandment 03x27: (Apr/20/1962) As Charles Banks 

The New Breed (1961) 
  Edge of Violence 01x26: (Mar/27/1962) As Frank Andrews 

Adventures in Paradise (1959) 
  The Baby Sitters 03x25: (Mar/25/1962) As Dr. Jameson 
  The Haunted 01x11: (Dec/21/1959) As Lieutenant 

Straightaway (1961) 
  The Ledge 01x21: (Feb/28/1962) As Garth 

The Twilight Zone (1959) 
  Dead Man's Shoes 03x18: (Jan/19/1962) As Chips, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Deaths-Head Revisited 03x09: (Nov/10/1961) As Doctor, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Judgment Night 01x10: (Dec/04/1959) As Captain Wilbur 

Perry Mason (1957) 
  The Case of the Guilty Clients 04x28: (Jun/10/1961) As Clarence Keller 
  The Case of the Bashful Burro 03x19: (Mar/26/1960) As Crawford Wright 
  The Case of the Terrified Typist 01x38: (Jun/21/1958) As Walter Lumis 

Have Gun, Will Travel (1957) 
  The Road 04x36: (May/27/1961) As Beaman 
  Brother's Keeper 04x33: (May/06/1961) As Boggs 
  The Princess and the Gunfighter 04x19: (Jan/21/1961) As Count di Cassals 
  The Fifth Man 02x36: (May/30/1959) As Whiskey Drummer 

The Untouchables (1959) (1959) 
  The King of Champagne 02x30: (May/25/1961) As Wellin 
  The Antidote 02x20: (Mar/09/1961) As Jacques Villon 
  The Big Train (2) 02x13: (Jan/12/1961) As Seth Gordon 

The Rebel (1959) 
  The Threat 02x22: (Feb/12/1961) As Eberhardt 
  Grant of Land 01x33: (May/22/1960) As Wicks 
  The Scavengers 01x06: (Nov/08/1959) As Tom 

Zane Grey Theatre (1956) 
  One Must Die 05x14: (Jan/12/1961) As Paul Overland 
  Debt of Gratitude 02x26: (Apr/18/1958) As Doc Tyler 

Peter Loves Mary (1960) 
  Tin Pan Ali 01x12: (Jan/04/1961) As Parker 

One Step Beyond (1959) 
  The Promise 03x10: (Nov/29/1960) As George Davis 
  The Devil's Laughter 01x11: (Mar/31/1959) As Executioner 

Riverboat (1959) 
  End of a Dream 02x01: (Sep/19/1960) As Robert Shaftoe 

Black Saddle (1959) 
  The Apprentice 02x18: (Mar/11/1960) As Everetts 
  The Freight Line 02x06: (Nov/06/1959) As Dawes Trugnet 
  Client: Dawes 01x04: (Jan/31/1959) As Paul Miller 

Peter Gunn (1958) 
  Edge of the Knife 02x03: (Oct/05/1959) As Dr. Snyder 

Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957) 
  Crown of Silla 03x11: (May/03/1959) As Maxwell 

The Walter Winchell File (1957) 
  Frame-Up 01x24: (Mar/14/1958) As Paul 

Telephone Time (1956) 
  The Vestris 03x25: (Feb/25/1958) As guest star 

The Veil (1958) 
  The Vestris (Pilot) (Feb/24/1958) As TBD 

The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956) 
  Quarantine 02x06: (Oct/11/1957) As Tremayne 

Playhouse 90 (1956) 
  So Soon to Die 01x16: (Jan/17/1957) As Harold Bond 
  Massacre at Sand Creek 01x13: (Dec/27/1956) As Prosecuting Attorney 

The Crusader (1955) 
  A Deal in Diamonds 01x26: (Apr/06/1956) As Sabota 
  The Boxing Match 01x03: (Oct/21/1955) As Bratesque 

Dragnet (1951) (1951) 
  The Big Gangster (2) 04x11: (Nov/04/1954) As guest star 

Cavalcade of America (1952) 
  The Stolen General 02x02: (Oct/06/1953) As guest star 

China Smith (1952) 
  The Bamboo Coffin 01x01: (1952) As Morley 

Dangerous Assignment (1951) 
  The Salami Story 01x08: (1951) As Duval 

Terry and the Pirates (1952) 
  Macao Gold 01x01: (Unknown) As Quate 
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