Ben Wright

Mostly Credited As: Ben Wright
Sometimes Credited As: Ben H. Wright

Birth Name: Benjamin Huntington Wright
Date Of Birth: May 05, 1915 (Age 74)
Country Of Birth: United Kingdom
Birth Place: London, England
Date Of Death: July 02, 1989
Cause Of Death: heart failure

Ben Wright

TV Appearances

Episode Cast Credits 

Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982) 
  Last Chance Louie 01x17: (Mar/11/1983) As Singer 

Switch (1975) 
  Downshift 03x02: (Sep/30/1977) As Eric Von Strauss, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Hemline Heist 02x21: (Feb/27/1977) As Pindar, [Co-Guest Stars]

Emergency! (1972) 
  All Night Long 06x24: (May/28/1977) As Oscar Hubbs 

The Bionic Woman (1976) 
  The Dijon Caper 02x19: (Mar/16/1977) As Fournier, [Co-Guest Stars]

Rich Man, Poor Man - Book II (1976) 
  Chapter 3 01x03: (Oct/05/1976) As Dr. Baluda, [Co-Guest Stars]

Ellery Queen (1975) 
  The Adventure of the Two-Faced Woman 01x18: (Feb/29/1976) As Anton Lucek 

S.W.A.T. (1975) 
  Sole Survivor 01x13: (May/26/1975) As Mr. Jarvis 

Barnaby Jones (1973) 
  Jeopardy for Two 03x23: (Apr/01/1975) As Gordon McLean 
  Twenty Million Alibis 01x13: (May/06/1973) As Mr. Jason 

The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) 
  The Cross-Country Kidnap 02x12: (Jan/10/1975) As Benno Reichert 
  The Last of the Fourth of Julys 01x10: (Apr/05/1974) As Ives, [Co-Guest Stars]

Ironside (1967) 
  Raise the Devil (1) 08x01: (Sep/12/1974) As Mr. Hawkins, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Good Will Tour 03x23: (Mar/26/1970) As Peter Mysodon, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Dead Man's Tale 01x03: (Sep/28/1967) As Dr. Leon Chaffee, [Co-Guest Stars]

Cannon (1971) 
  Murder by the Numbers 03x12: (Nov/28/1973) As Unknown 
  The Limping Man 03x10: (Nov/14/1973) As Unknown 
  Hear No Evil 02x11: (Nov/29/1972) As Club Maitre'd, [Co-Guest Stars]

O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (1971) 
  Operation: Deathwatch 01x16: (Jan/21/1972) As Uncle Hans 

Hogan's Heroes (1965) 
  The Dropouts 06x14: (Dec/27/1970) As Dr. Reimann 
  The Big Gamble 05x09: (Nov/21/1969) As Major Feldkamp 
  The Kommandant Dies at Dawn 05x06: (Oct/31/1969) As Major Feldkamp 
  Klink's Old Flame 04x20: (Feb/08/1969) As Count Rudolf von Heffernick 
  An Evening of Generals (a.k.a. Evening of the Generals) 03x13: (Dec/02/1967) As General Felix Mercer 

Dragnet (1967) (1967) 
  Missing Persons - The Body 04x20: (Mar/05/1970) As Paul Overbeck 

Mission: Impossible (1966) (1966) 
  Mastermind 04x07: (Nov/23/1969) As Dr. Berman, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Legend 01x20: (Feb/11/1967) As Kleister, [Co-Guest Stars]

Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969) 
  A Matter of Humanities (Mar/26/1969) As Professor Randolph 

The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967) 
  One Angry Juror 02x21: (Mar/07/1969) As Doctor 

The Wild Wild West (1965) 
  The Night of the Sabatini Death 04x17: (Feb/07/1969) As Clarence, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Night the Dragon Screamed 01x17: (Jan/14/1966) As Col. Allenby-Smythe (Clive Allenby-Smythe) 

The Mod Squad (1968) 
  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlet 01x11: (Dec/17/1968) As The Instructor, [Featuring]

The Outsider (US) (1968) 
  One Long Stemmed American Beauty 01x09: (Nov/20/1968) As Agent 

Tarzan (1966) (1966) 
  Four O'Clock Army (1) 02x22: (Mar/01/1968) As Commissioner 
  Last of the Supermen 02x08: (Nov/03/1967) As Arthur Stever 
  Man Killer 01x31: (Apr/14/1967) As Constable McFee 
  Cap'n Jai 01x19: (Jan/20/1967) As Hatcher 

The Rat Patrol (1966) 
  The Fifth Wheel Raid 02x13: (Dec/11/1967) As Colonel Jameson 
  The Double or Nothing Raid 01x28: (Mar/27/1967) As Colonel Voss 

Hondo (1967) 
  Hondo and the Ghost of Ed Dow 01x12: (Nov/24/1967) As Dr. Paul 
  Hondo and the Mad Dog 01x08: (Oct/27/1967) As Dr. Paul 

That Girl (1966) 
  There's Nothing to Be Afreud of But Freud Himself 02x08: (Oct/26/1967) As Manager 

Occasional Wife (1966) 
  So Little Time 01x30: (May/09/1967) As Dr. Harley 

The Time Tunnel (1966) 
  Night of the Long Knives 01x14: (Dec/16/1966) As Cabinet Minister 

Gunsmoke (1955) 
  The Newcomers 12x11: (Dec/03/1966) As Birger Engdahl 
  Father's Love 09x24: (Mar/14/1964) As Ross 
  Friend 09x17: (Jan/25/1964) As Father Tom 
  Two of a Kind 08x27: (Mar/16/1963) As Elton Harris 
  The Renegades 08x18: (Jan/12/1963) As Colonel Pate 
  Wagon Girls 07x27: (Apr/07/1962) As Sgt. Pickens 
  A Man a Day 07x14: (Dec/30/1961) As Dan Binny 
  Don Matteo 06x07: (Oct/22/1960) As Calmers 
  Groat's Grudge 05x17: (Jan/02/1960) As guest star 
  Kitty's Rebellion 04x22: (Feb/07/1959) As Whiskey Drummer 
  Dooley Surrenders 03x26: (Mar/08/1958) As Ross 

The Fugitive (1963) (1963) 
  Nobody Loses All the Time 04x10: (Nov/22/1966) As Ferguson 

The Monkees (1966) 
  The Success Story 01x06: (Oct/17/1966) As Grandfather 

Jericho (1966) (1966) 
  Upbeat and Underground 01x03: (Sep/29/1966) As Mallory 

The Addams Family (1964) (1964) 
  Ophelia's Career 02x30: (Apr/08/1966) As Mr. Rudolpho 

Bonanza (1959) 
  Ride the Wind (2) 07x18: (Jan/23/1966) As Spires 
  Ride the Wind (1) 07x17: (Jan/16/1966) As Spires 

The F.B.I. (1965) 
  The Insolents 01x05: (Oct/17/1965) As Captain Tillman, [Featuring]

Get Smart (1965) (1965) 
  School Days 01x03: (Oct/02/1965) As Hillary Gainesborough 

Burke's Law (1963) (1963) 
  Balance of Terror 03x01: (Sep/15/1965) As Alan Rycroft 

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964) 
  The Girls of Nazarone Affair 01x28: (Apr/12/1965) As Dr. Nicole Baurel, [Featuring]
  The Deadly Games Affair 01x05: (Oct/20/1964) As Stamp Expert, [Featuring]

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962) 
  Thou Still Unravished Bride 03x22: (Mar/22/1965) As Sutherland 
  Murder Case 02x19: (Mar/06/1964) As Tony Niles 
  A Home Away from Home 02x01: (Sep/27/1963) As Dr. Norton 

Kraft Suspense Theatre (1963) 
  The Last Clear Chance 02x17: (Mar/11/1965) As German Commandant 
  The End of the World, Baby 01x03: (Oct/24/1963) As Casino Manager 

Dr. Kildare (1961) 
  My Name is Lisa, and I am Lost 04x17: (Jan/21/1965) As Baker 
  The Mosaic 02x17: (Jan/31/1963) As Vernon Beasley 

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964) 
  The Last Battle 01x17: (Jan/04/1965) As Brewster, [Co-Guest Stars]

The Outer Limits (1963) 
  Wolf 359 02x08: (Nov/07/1964) As Philip Exeter Dundee 
  Nightmare 01x10: (Dec/02/1963) As General Benton, [Co-Guest Stars]

McHale's Navy (1962) 
  Lester, the Skipper 03x02: (Sep/22/1964) As Commodore Norcross 
  H.M.S. 73 01x26: (Apr/11/1963) As Sir Percy 

Ben Casey (1961) 
  Evidence of Things Not Seen 03x33: (Apr/22/1964) As guest star 

77 Sunset Strip (1958) 
  Alimony League 06x16: (Jan/10/1964) As  
  Our Man in Switzerland 05x33: (May/24/1963) As Henri Delain 

Combat! (1962) 
  Thunder from the Hill 02x14: (Dec/17/1963) As Boulange 
  The Chateau 01x19: (Feb/12/1963) As Count De Gontran 

Stoney Burke (1962) 
  Point of Entry 01x21: (Mar/04/1963) As Manolo, [Co-Guest Stars]

General Electric True (1962) 
  Escape (2) 01x20: (Feb/17/1963) As Clayton Hutton 
  Escape (1) 01x19: (Feb/10/1963) As Clayton Hutton 

The Virginian (1962) 
  The Exiles 01x16: (Jan/09/1963) As Hotel Clerk Moore 

The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor (1959) 
  The Fourth Commandment 03x27: (Apr/20/1962) As Charles Banks 

The New Breed (1961) 
  Edge of Violence 01x26: (Mar/27/1962) As Frank Andrews 

Adventures in Paradise (1959) 
  The Baby Sitters 03x25: (Mar/25/1962) As Dr. Jameson 
  The Haunted 01x11: (Dec/21/1959) As Lieutenant 

Straightaway (1961) 
  The Ledge 01x21: (Feb/28/1962) As Garth 

The Twilight Zone (1959) 
  Dead Man's Shoes 03x18: (Jan/19/1962) As Chips, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Deaths-Head Revisited 03x09: (Nov/10/1961) As Doctor, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Judgment Night 01x10: (Dec/04/1959) As Captain Wilbur 

Perry Mason (1957) 
  The Case of the Guilty Clients 04x28: (Jun/10/1961) As Clarence Keller 
  The Case of the Bashful Burro 03x19: (Mar/26/1960) As Crawford Wright 
  The Case of the Terrified Typist 01x38: (Jun/21/1958) As Walter Lumis 

Have Gun, Will Travel (1957) 
  The Road 04x36: (May/27/1961) As Beaman 
  Brother's Keeper 04x33: (May/06/1961) As Boggs 
  The Princess and the Gunfighter 04x19: (Jan/21/1961) As Count di Cassals 
  The Fifth Man 02x36: (May/30/1959) As Whiskey Drummer 
  Incident at Borrasca Bend 02x27: (Mar/21/1959) As Jackson 
  The Prize Fight Story 01x30: (Apr/05/1958) As Will Harvey 

The Untouchables (1959) (1959) 
  The King of Champagne 02x30: (May/25/1961) As Wellin 
  The Antidote 02x20: (Mar/09/1961) As Jacques Villon 
  The Big Train (2) 02x13: (Jan/12/1961) As Seth Gordon 

The Rebel (1959) 
  The Threat 02x22: (Feb/12/1961) As Eberhardt 
  Grant of Land 01x33: (May/22/1960) As Wicks 
  The Scavengers 01x06: (Nov/08/1959) As Tom 

Zane Grey Theatre (1956) 
  One Must Die 05x14: (Jan/12/1961) As Paul Overland 
  Debt of Gratitude 02x26: (Apr/18/1958) As Doc Tyler 

Peter Loves Mary (1960) 
  Tin Pan Ali 01x12: (Jan/04/1961) As Parker 

One Step Beyond (1959) 
  The Promise 03x10: (Nov/29/1960) As George Davis 
  The Devil's Laughter 01x11: (Mar/31/1959) As Executioner 

Riverboat (1959) 
  End of a Dream 02x01: (Sep/19/1960) As Robert Shaftoe 

Black Saddle (1959) 
  The Apprentice 02x18: (Mar/11/1960) As Everetts 
  The Freight Line 02x06: (Nov/06/1959) As Dawes Trugnet 
  Client: Dawes 01x04: (Jan/31/1959) As Paul Miller 

Peter Gunn (1958) 
  Edge of the Knife 02x03: (Oct/05/1959) As Dr. Snyder 

Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957) 
  Crown of Silla 03x11: (May/03/1959) As Maxwell 

The Walter Winchell File (1957) 
  Frame-Up 01x24: (Mar/14/1958) As Paul 

Telephone Time (1956) 
  The Vestris 03x25: (Feb/25/1958) As guest star 

The Veil (1958) 
  The Vestris (Pilot) (Feb/24/1958) As TBD 

The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956) 
  Quarantine 02x06: (Oct/11/1957) As Tremayne 

Playhouse 90 (1956) 
  So Soon to Die 01x16: (Jan/17/1957) As Harold Bond 
  Massacre at Sand Creek 01x13: (Dec/27/1956) As Prosecuting Attorney 

The Crusader (1955) 
  A Deal in Diamonds 01x26: (Apr/06/1956) As Sabota 
  The Boxing Match 01x03: (Oct/21/1955) As Bratesque 

Dragnet (1951) (1951) 
  The Big Gangster (2) 04x11: (Nov/04/1954) As guest star 

Cavalcade of America (1952) 
  The Stolen General 02x02: (Oct/06/1953) As guest star 

China Smith (1952) 
  The Bamboo Coffin 01x01: (1952) As Morley 

Dangerous Assignment (1951) 
  The Salami Story 01x08: (1951) As Duval 

Terry and the Pirates (1952) 
  Macao Gold 01x01: (Unknown) As Quate 
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