Neil Patrick Harris

played Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson is a ladies man. He has life philosophies about how to pick-up and dump women, these include the Lemon Law, The Platinum Rule and The Bro Code. He always thinks of himself as Ted's Best Friend even though Ted's Best Friend is in fact Marshall, and they fight on a regular basis as to who is Ted's Best Friend. Barney always where's a suit and has famous catchphrases such as "Suit Up" and he changes this catchphrase to suit the occasion such as "Flight Suit Up" or "Snowsuit Up".
played Henry McNeely in Stark Raving Mad

Uptight and repressed as a result of a sheltered childhood, Henry has a list of phobias longer than he is tall. After graduating from Yale, he's spent several years as a book editor -- where he reluctantly agreed to edit for horror author Ian Stark. After a string of bad relationships, Henry found love with social-conscious Tess Farraday.