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Antonie Kamerling

played Hero van Dijk [S01 + 2] in All Stars

Hero is the artist in the team, he is singer/songwriter.
He' spiritual and thinks through everything, this makes him kind of a floater, he often absent in which case his brother Nemo (Cas Jansen) takes his place in the team.
played Peter Kelder [1990–1993, 1995] in Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden

Peter doesn't like school and often gets in trouble. He's best friends with Arnie Alberts (Reinout Oerlemans). He finds out he's been adopted and leaves his home to live on his own. Not much later he falls in love with Suzanne Balk (Ingeborg Wieten).
played Ron Raven [2005] in Onderweg naar morgen

Ron is a sect leader.
He owns a big estate and with his smooth talk he managed to seduce many women and got them to live with him in his estate, so they could bear his children.