Jeff Kober

played Dodger [Episodes 9-64, recurring previously] in China Beach

Evan "Dodger" Winslow (as played by Jeff Kober) was the soul of the Vietnamese war drama China Beach. Dodger represented the generation of young men sent to fight in a conflict they did not understand. Enigmatic, restless, and very much the loner, Dodger diligently played the role of soldier but refrained from making human contact with those around him. It was through the character of Dodger that John Sacret Young (the master storyteller behind China Beach) visioned for the audience the true horrors of war and their affect on the human psyche.
played Daedalus in Kindred: The Embraced

Daedalus (Jeff Kober) was the leader or Primogen of the Nosferatu, most ancient of all the Kindred clans. Highly intelligent, educated in the arts of alchemy, cultured, Daedalus often spent time painting and reading in his home in the caverns below Kindred Price Julian Luna's mansion. Intense in his loyalty to Luna, Daedalus often acted as the Luna's enforcer and protector. Daedalus was a lonely creature,longing for love that he felt would always be denied him because of his physical appearance. He was sympathetic toward many humans, but could be as ruthless as any Kindred when the situation called for it. Daedalus was perhaps the most enigmatic of all the Kindred characters, complex in emotional make-up, but always true in the end to the Kindred standard.