Axl Rose

Mostly Credited As: Axl Rose
Birth Name: William Bruce Rose Jr.
Date Of Birth: February 06, 1962 (Age 54)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: Lafayette, Indiana
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)

Axl Rose

Axl Rose is most known for being the vocalist with the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses. He is well known for his incredible vocal range shown in the difference between his menancing growl to surprisingly tender. He is a controversial figure in his personal life, known for being a recluse and inciting many riots for turning up late for concerts. He remains the only original mamber still in Guns N' Roses.

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His birth name was William Bruce Rose, Jr, but at the age of 17 he adopted the name William Rose.

Remain the only member of the original line-up still in Guns N' Roses

Axl was arrested in Stockholm in July 2006 over allegations he bit a security guard. A court ordered Axl to pay the guard $1800.

Axl was molested by his biological father as a child, but had repressed the memories until he was an adult.

Axl was physically abused by his step father, Stephen Bailey, and ran away at age 16 to escape the abuse.

Axl blames being schooled and raised in a strict Pentecostal home and environment for his beliefs that woman and sex were evil.

Axl was interested in playing the piano, music, and singing in his Church's choir as a youth.

Axl was arrested over twenty times as a youth, for crimes that included public drunkness & assault. All of his charges led to the Lafeyette authorities attempting to have him locked up as a habitual criminal.

Axl left Lafeyette on the advice of his attorney, and headed to Los Angeles, California in the early '80's where he re-united with his childhood friend, Izzy Stradlin.

Axl formed Guns N Roses in the mid-eighties. He was on vocals, Izzy Stradlin played rhythm guitar, Slash on lead guitar, Duff McKagan on bass, and Steve Adler played the drums.

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Axl Rose Quotes
Axl: I had a hard time laying off the booze, man. I needed the alcohol and the drugs to escape my reality, and when I figured that it was time to wake up, I went straight to was the only way.

Axl: It was an insane night. Tommy Hilfiger, who is the size of a leprechan in high heels, straight slapped me in the face for moving his girlfriend's alcoholic beverage. I was shocked, and a bit amused, but I didn't retaliate, I just watched as his own security guards dragged him out of the club.

Axl: I regret the way that things went down between me and Stephanie. I really loved her, and her son Dylan. To go back in time, I would treat her like the princess that she is, and never utter a cross word. Tha's what is so screwed, you always look back at the love lost, and think of what could've been, instead of thinking beforehand, how it should be.

Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses was a big thing. How do you walk away from that? It's a very complicated thing, I think, for everybody involved.

Axl Rose: It's always different every night. You never know which song is gonna get you excited.

Axl Rose: I don't think everybody should be worshiping me 'cause I was around before them.

Axl Rose: I pretty much stay to myself, and that's about it.

Axl Rose: I like to be real private; you don't always want everyone around you, even when they like you.

Axl Rose: I'm not a computer-savvy or technical type of person, yet I'm involved with it everyday, so it takes me a while.

Axl Rose: We are made up of two contrasting ideals-Love And Fear. Pick One and Live.

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