Emmanuelle Vaugier

played Nicki [Season 1-2] in One Tree Hill

Age: Approx. 20
Children: Jenny Jagielski
Romantic History: Nicki is the mother of Jake's daughter, Jenny. The two were together until Jenny was born and Nicki left. She returned to Tree Hill to be a part of Jenny's life, much to the dismay of Jake. She attempted to rekindle her past relationship with Jake, but he was not willing to be involved with her again. While in Tree Hill, Nicki also had a one night stand with Lucas, who was unaware of her past with Jake.
Other Info: During seasons 1 and 2, Nicki chased Jake around the country in order to get custody of her daughter, Jenny. In season 3 it is revealed that a judge ruled that Nicki and Jake were to share custody of Jenny. Nicki's final appearance was in "The Leavers Dance".