Daisy Betts

  played Janet Cooper in Persons Unknown

Janet Cooper appears to be exactly who she seems: a single mother abducted for unknown reasons and brought to the town by the conspiracy as part of the Program. She does display a strong will, an unbreakable determination to reunite with her daughter Megan, and an ability to draw people to her cause, including Joe, Erika, and Ulrich. Janet is the one who leads the group of prisoners in most of their endeavors, and spearheads their escape.

However, it is revealed in the final episode that Janet is the result of some kind of breeding program. Her mother, Eleanor, has participated in the conspiracy and offered up Janice for the Program. Eleanor has second thoughts but never reveals to Janet the extent of her betrayal. The exact nature of the breeding program is unknown, but it has made Janet one of the most important participants in the Program, one which the Director describes as their most valuable commodity and a highly desired recruit.