Ross Elliott

Mostly Credited As: Ross Elliott
Sometimes Credited As: Ross Elliot
Ross Elloitt
Sgt. Ross Elliot
Ross Elliot

Date Of Birth: June 18, 1917 (Age 82)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: The Bronx, New York
Date Of Death: August 12, 1999
Cause Of Death: Lung Cancer

Ross Elliott

TV Appearances

Episode Cast Credits 

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (1985) 
  An Unlocked Window (May/05/1985) As Glendon Baker 

The A-Team (1983) 
  Recipe for Heavy Bread 02x02: (Sep/27/1983) As Unknown 

Little House on the Prairie (1974) (1974) 
  The Empire Builders 09x09: (Nov/22/1982) As Lawyer 

Dallas (1978) (1978) 
  Full Circle 04x22: (Apr/17/1981) As Unknown 

The Waltons (1972) 
  The Remembrance 08x18: (Jan/24/1980) As Colonel Usselbury 

Wonder Woman (1976) 
  The Deadly Toys 02x12: (Dec/30/1977) As Dr. Lazaar 

The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) 
  Death Probe (1) 04x14: (Jan/09/1977) As The Sheriff 

The Bionic Woman (1976) 
  The Jailing of Jaime 01x12: (May/12/1976) As General Partridge, [Co-Guest Stars]

The Blue Knight (1975) 
  Everybody Needs a Little Attention 01x14: (Mar/31/1976) As Sgt. Rice 
  Two to Make Deadly 01x01: (Dec/17/1975) As Rice 

Switch (1975) 
  Before the Holocaust 01x19: (Feb/17/1976) As Chief Mulray, [Co-Guest Stars]

Barnaby Jones (1973) 
  Blood Relations 04x11: (Nov/28/1975) As Marvin Kates 
  Dead Man's Run 03x02: (Sep/17/1974) As Sheriff McKean 
  Echo of a Murder 02x03: (Sep/30/1973) As Sheriff 
  Perchance to Kill 01x05: (Mar/11/1973) As Dr. Dean Sanders 

Mobile One (1975) 
  The Middle Man 01x09: (Nov/17/1975) As Ed Fielding 

Emergency! (1972) 
  One of Those Days 05x08: (Nov/01/1975) As Harry Grinnell 
  Gossip 04x03: (Sep/28/1974) As Supervisor 
  The Old Engine 03x02: (Sep/29/1973) As Harvey 
  Audit 02x21: (Apr/07/1973) As Foreman 

Ellery Queen (1975) 
  Too Many Suspects (Mar/23/1975) As Judge, [Co-Guest Stars]

S.W.A.T. (1975) 
  A Coven of Killers 01x02: (Mar/03/1975) As Roger Forbes 

Gunsmoke (1955) 
  The Tarnished Badge 20x09: (Nov/11/1974) As Conway 
  The Lady Killer 05x32: (Apr/23/1960) As Grant Lucas 
  Groat's Grudge 05x17: (Jan/02/1960) As Lee Grayson 

Chopper One (1974) 
  The Drop 01x06: (Feb/21/1974) As Dr. Doyle 

Here's Lucy (1968) 
  Lucy, the Sheriff 06x18: (Jan/28/1974) As Chuck Stewart 

The New Perry Mason (1973) 
  The Case of the Cagey Cager 01x09: (Nov/25/1973) As Aaron Hayden 

The Mod Squad (1968) 
  Scion of Death 05x20: (Feb/08/1973) As Unknown 
  Exit the Closer 04x09: (Nov/09/1971) As Arnold Sanders, [Co-Guest Stars]
  See the Eagles Dying 03x02: (Sep/29/1970) As John Jeffers, [Co-Guest Stars]
  The Debt 02x14: (Dec/30/1969) As Howard Sanders, [Co-Guest Stars]

Kung Fu (1972) 
  An Eye for an Eye 01x04: (Jan/25/1973) As Capt. Burns 

Bonanza (1959) 
  The Witness 14x14: (Jan/02/1973) As Harvey Walters 
  The Trouble with Jamie 07x25: (Mar/20/1966) As Matthew 
  The Thunderhead Swindle 02x30: (Apr/29/1961) As Watkins 

Mission: Impossible (1966) (1966) 
  TOD-5 (aka The Carrier) 07x05: (Oct/14/1972) As Paul Morse, [Co-Guest Stars]

Cannon (1971) 
  Blood on the Vine 01x17: (Jan/18/1972) As Police Chief Jacoby, [Co-Guest Stars]

O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (1971) 
  Operation: Moonshine 01x13: (Dec/17/1971) As Dr. John Snyder 

Sarge (1971) 
  A Company of Victims 01x11: (Dec/07/1971) As Commissioner Robert O'Neil 

Ironside (1967) 
  In the Line of Duty 05x07: (Oct/19/1971) As Samuel Cohen, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Tom Dayton is Loose Among Us 03x25: (Apr/09/1970) As Dr. Morton, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Not With a Whimper, But a Bang 02x25: (Apr/10/1969) As Ohrlich, [Co-Guest Stars]

Lassie (US) (1954) 
  No Margin for Error 16x04: (Oct/19/1969) As Chuck 
  The Maverick 06x19: (Jan/17/1960) As Joe Smith 
  The Crop Duster 02x35: (May/06/1956) As Steve Talbot 

The F.B.I. (1965) 
  The Patriot 04x19: (Feb/02/1969) As Ben McIntyre 
  A Sleeper Wakes 03x07: (Nov/05/1967) As Neal Greenwood 
  The Escape 02x02: (Oct/02/1966) As S.R.A. Ray Schuyler 
  The Divided Man 01x25: (Mar/20/1966) As Carter Graham 

The Wild Wild West (1965) 
  The Night of the Avaricious Actuary 04x11: (Dec/06/1968) As General Caswell 

The Outsider (US) (1968) 
  A Time to Run 01x06: (Oct/30/1968) As Starnes 

The Felony Squad (1966) 
  Kiss Me, Kill You 03x05: (Oct/17/1968) As Avery 
  The Flip Side of Fear (2) 02x19: (Jan/11/1968) As William Torrence 
  The Flip Side of Fear (1) 02x18: (Jan/04/1968) As William Torrence 
  The 30-Gram Kill 02x04: (Sep/20/1967) As Norman Braddock 

The Virginian (1962) 
  The Girl on the Pinto 05x27: (Mar/29/1967) As Sheriff Abbott 
  Trail to Ashley Mountain 05x08: (Nov/02/1966) As Sheriff Abbott 
  The Captive 05x03: (Sep/28/1966) As Sheriff Abbott 
  Legacy of Hate 05x01: (Sep/14/1966) As Mark Abbott 

Pistols 'n' Petticoats (1966) 
  The Taming of Sorry Water 01x24: (Feb/25/1967) As Link Lawson 

The Time Tunnel (1966) 
  Visitors From Beyond the Stars 01x18: (Jan/13/1967) As Sheriff 
  One Way to the Moon 01x02: (Sep/16/1966) As Dr. Brandon, [Co-Guest Stars]

A Man Called Shenandoah (1965) 
  Requiem for the Second 01x32: (May/02/1966) As Sheriff 

Combat! (1962) 
  The Flying Machine 04x24: (Feb/22/1966) As Lt. Colonel 

The Lucy Show (1962) 
  Lucy and the Return of the Iron Man 04x11: (Nov/29/1965) As Unknown 

The Andy Griffith Show (1960) 
  Taylors in Hollywood 06x08: (Nov/01/1965) As Al Saunders 
  The Clubmen 02x10: (Dec/11/1961) As Tom Wilson 

Mister Ed (1961) 
  Love and the Single Horse 06x05: (Oct/10/1965) As Dexter Crowley 

The Fugitive (1963) (1963) 
  Masquerade 02x26: (Mar/23/1965) As Desk Deputy 

Petticoat Junction (1963) 
  My Dog the Actor 02x06: (Nov/10/1964) As Mr. Talbot 

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (1964) 
  Pay Day 01x06: (Oct/30/1964) As Gen. Wells 

Mr. Novak (1963) 
  One Monday Afternoon 02x05: (Oct/27/1964) As Millard Wright 
  X is the Unknown Factor 01x04: (Oct/15/1963) As Roy Daniels 

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962) 
  Blood Bargain 02x05: (Oct/25/1963) As Lt. Geer 

The Twilight Zone (1959) 
  In Praise of Pip 05x01: (Sep/27/1963) As Doctor, [Uncredited]
  Death Ship 04x06: (Feb/07/1963) As Kramer 

Sam Benedict (1962) 
  Season for Vengeance 01x28: (Mar/30/1963) As Marty Rhodes 
  Seventeen Gypsies and a Sinner Named Charlie 01x24: (Mar/02/1963) As Marty Rhodes 
  Hear the Mellow Wedding Bells 01x08: (Nov/03/1962) As Marty Rhodes 

The Dakotas (1963) 
  Trial At Grand Forks 01x12: (Mar/25/1963) As Roger Carlson 

Dr. Kildare (1961) 
  Jail Ward 02x19: (Feb/14/1963) As Assistant DA 

Going My Way (1962) 
  Mr. Second Chance 01x09: (Nov/28/1962) As Ken Hamlin 

SurfSide 6 (1960) 
  Elegy for a Bookkeeper 02x28: (Apr/02/1962) As Frank Eliot 

Rawhide (1959) 
  The Greedy Town 04x19: (Feb/16/1962) As Bix Thompson 
  Incident of the Dog Days 01x14: (Apr/17/1959) As Carl Myers 

Wagon Train (1957) 
  The Jeff Hartfield Story 05x20: (Feb/14/1962) As Adams 

The Rifleman (1958) 
  Gunfire 04x16: (Jan/15/1962) As Ben Johnson 

Cain's Hundred (1961) 
  Take a Number 01x15: (Jan/09/1962) As Lt. Spencer 

Hawaiian Eye (1959) 
  The Queen from Kern County 03x09: (Nov/22/1961) As Martin Rondell 
  Malihini Holiday 01x01: (Oct/07/1959) As Bill Garrison 

Cheyenne (1955) (1955) 
  Winchester Quarantine 06x01: (Sep/25/1961) As Ernie Ransom 
  Alibi for the Scalped Man 04x12: (Mar/07/1960) As Reed Kingsley 
  Mustang Trail 02x06: (Nov/20/1956) As Sam Wilson 

Sea Hunt (1958) (1958) 
  Starting Signal 04x35: (Sep/02/1961) As USCG Lt. Pete Gregory 
  Rescue 04x07: (Feb/18/1961) As Lt. Dave Tulley 
  Vital Error 04x04: (Jan/28/1961) As USCG Lt. Dave Tulley 
  The Destroyers 04x03: (Jan/21/1961) As USCG Lt. Dave Tulley 

Peter Gunn (1958) 
  Last Resort 03x31: (May/15/1961) As Nat Koenig 

Angel (1960) (1960) 
  The Trailer 01x29: (May/11/1961) As Dave 

Sugarfoot (1957) 
  Trouble at Sand Springs 04x09: (Apr/17/1961) As Jeff Hackett 

The Untouchables (1959) (1959) 
  Testimony of Evil 02x23: (Mar/30/1961) As David Mantley 

Thriller (US) (1960) 
  The Merriweather File 01x21: (Feb/14/1961) As Charles Merriweather 

Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958) 
  The Last Retreat 03x16: (Jan/11/1961) As Jim Lawton 
  Ricochet 01x12: (Nov/22/1958) As Dr. Matt Conners 

The Loretta Young Show (1953) 
  Enter at Your Own Risk 08x14: (Jan/08/1961) As Father Pius 
  The Defense 05x02: (Oct/27/1957) As Bill Harmon 
  So Bright a Light 04x27: (Apr/07/1957) As Bill Stevens 
  The Years Between 04x07: (Oct/07/1956) As Ned Tucker 

Leave It to Beaver (1957) 
  Teacher's Daughter 04x15: (Jan/07/1961) As Mr. Foster 
  Wally's Election 03x19: (Feb/06/1960) As Mr. Hyatt 

The Rebel (1959) 
  Explosion 02x11: (Nov/27/1960) As Sheriff 
  Land 01x20: (Feb/21/1960) As Dr. Mac 

Lock-Up (1959) 
  Flying High 02x04: (Oct/15/1960) As guest star 

Tightrope (US) (1959) 
  A Matter of Money 01x36: (May/24/1960) As Charlie 

Colt .45 (1957) 
  Chain of Command 03x17: (Apr/05/1960) As Major Parker 

Mr. Lucky (1959) 
  I Bet Your Life 01x24: (Apr/02/1960) As Harold Vong 

Zane Grey Theatre (1956) 
  The Sunday Man 04x21: (Feb/25/1960) As Walt Devlin 
  Village of Fear 01x22: (Mar/01/1957) As Donnelly 

One Step Beyond (1959) 
  Who Are You? 02x20: (Feb/02/1960) As George Warren 
  Emergency Only 01x03: (Feb/03/1959) As Charlie Towne 

Maverick (1957) 
  The White Widow 03x19: (Jan/24/1960) As Mayor Cosgrove 

Death Valley Days (1952) 
  The Reluctant Gun 08x16: (Dec/26/1959) As Temple 

Men into Space (1959) 
  Moonquake 01x06: (Nov/11/1959) As Dr. George Batton 

Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957) 
  The Runaway 04x05: (Nov/02/1959) As Walter Cummings 
  Short Haul 02x13: (Apr/10/1958) As Bill Reade 
  The Chess Player 01x08: (Aug/19/1957) As Norman Devitt 

M Squad (1957) 
  Ten Minutes to Doomsday 03x01: (Sep/18/1959) As Sergeant Smith 
  Guilty Alibi 01x31: (Apr/25/1958) As Vincent Hurd 

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955) 
  The Trail to Tombstone 05x02: (Sep/08/1959) As Virgil Earp 
  Dodge City - Hail and Farewell 05x01: (Sep/01/1959) As Virgil Earp 
  Arizona Comes to Dodge 04x37: (May/26/1959) As Virgil Earp 
  Big Brother Virgil 03x28: (Mar/25/1958) As Virgil Earp 

Mike Hammer (1958) (1958) 
  Swing Low, Sweet Harriet 02x15: (Apr/23/1959) As Orson Keller 

The Texan (1958) 
  The Lord Will Provide 01x14: (Dec/29/1958) As Reverend Kilgore 

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (1958) 
  The Night the Phone Rang 01x10: (Dec/15/1958) As Lt. White 

The Donna Reed Show (1958) 
  Three Part Mother 01x07: (Nov/05/1958) As Woody Graham 

Trackdown (1957) 
  Trapped 02x06: (Oct/10/1958) As Brett Hudson 
  Look for the Woman 01x10: (Dec/06/1957) As Bill Judson 

Perry Mason (1957) 
  The Case of the Corresponding Corpse 02x01: (Sep/20/1958) As George Beaumont 

Studio One (1948) 
  The Desperate Age 10x28: (Apr/21/1958) As guest star 

The Thin Man (1957) 
  Unwelcome Alibi 01x14: (Dec/27/1957) As Kessler 

Navy Log (1955) 
  Goal...Mach Two 02x30: (May/08/1957) As Bill Bridgeman 
  The Frogmen 01x01: (Sep/20/1955) As March 

Cavalcade of America (1952) 
  The Shark on the Mountain 05x26: (Apr/23/1957) As Zack Garson 
  The Jackie Jensen Story 04x20: (Apr/17/1956) As Ralph Kerchum 
  A Man's Home 03x10: (Dec/28/1954) As James Otis 
  Crazy Judah 02x25: (Apr/12/1954) As Theodore Judah 

Panic! (1957) 
  The Boy 01x03: (Mar/19/1957) As Mr. Williams 

Wire Service (1956) 
  The Johnny Rath Story 01x04: (Oct/25/1956) As Roger Rath 

The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956) 
  Natchez Trace 01x07: (Oct/19/1956) As Hawk 
  Trapline 01x05: (Oct/05/1956) As Jacques 

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1951) 
  Repercussion 05x45: (Aug/10/1956) As Ronnie Simpson 
  Wild Call 04x54: (Sep/16/1955) As Melvin 
  Little War at San Dede 03x39: (May/28/1954) As guest star 

The Millionaire (1955) 
  Millionaire Jerome Wilson 02x07: (Nov/16/1955) As Sheriff Driscoll 

Four Star Playhouse (1952) 
  The Executioner 03x36: (Jun/09/1955) As Dr. Rogers 

City Detective (1953) 
  Desert Ice 02x17: (Feb/08/1955) As Mitch 
  Midnight Supper 02x04: (Nov/09/1954) As Horster 
  Handcuffs 01x14: (1954) As Chuck Logan 

Public Defender (1954) 
  The Clown 01x06: (Apr/15/1954) As Ken Brady 

Mr. & Mrs. North (1952) 
  Loon Lake 02x03: (Feb/16/1954) As Doc Randall 

Adventures of Superman (1952) 
  Superman on Earth 01x01: (Sep/19/1952) As Jor-El (scenes deleted) 

I Love Lucy (1951) 
  Lucy Does a TV Commercial 01x30: (May/05/1952) As Director 

Racket Squad (1951) 
  The Knockout 02x17: (Dec/27/1951) As guest star 

State Trooper (1956) 
  The Bride Wore Bullets 02x14: (Unknown) As Victor Beck 
  Cable Car to Tombstone 02x07: (Unknown) As Wes James/Johnny Henderson 
  The One That Didn't Get Away 01x27: (Unknown) As Bob Milner 

Official Detective (1957) 
  The Wristwatch 01x12: (Unknown) As guest star 
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