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Tom Kenny

Mostly Credited As: Tom Kenny
Sometimes Credited As: Thomas J. Kenny
Tom J. Kenny

Birth Name: Thomas James Kenny
Date Of Birth: July 13, 1962 (Age 52)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: East Syracuse, New York

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny is a talented voice actor who plays characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants,
Raimundo Heffer Wolfe and Eduardo. He did not star in these nicktoons: Hey Arnold! Rugrats and Rocket Power.

TV Appearances

Main cast 
Wander Over Yonder (2013)As: Commander Peepers -- [Voice]
The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange (2012)As: Coconut -- [Voice]
Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors (2012)As: Otto Octavius aka ‘Doctor Octopus’ -- [Voice]
Brickleberry (2012)As: Woody Johnson -- [Voice]
Adventure Time (2010)As: Ice King -- [Voice]
Hero Factory (2010)As: Rocka / Nathan Evo / Jetbug -- [Voice]
Cosmic Quantum Ray (2010)As: Quantum Ray -- [Voice]
Marvel Super Hero Squad (2009)As: Iron Man / Captain America / M.O.D.O.K -- [Voice]
Sit Down, Shut Up (2009)As: Happy -- [Voice]
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) (2008)As: Nute Gunray -- [Voice]
WordGirl (2007)As: Tom Kenny - Dr. Two-Brains -- [Voice]
Out Of Jimmy's Head (2007)As: Tux -- [Voice]
Skatoony (2006)As: Various Voices
My Gym Partner's a Monkey (2006)As: Jacob "Jake" B. Spidermonkey, Henry Armadillo -- [Voice]
Class of 3000 (2006)As: Edward "Eddie" Phillip James Lawrence III -- [Voice]
Squirrel Boy (2006)As: Leon -- [Voice]
Handy Manny (2006)As: Mr. Lopart -- [Voice]
A.T.O.M. - Alpha Teens on Machines (2005)As: Mr. Lee, Spydah -- [Voice]
Camp Lazlo (2005)As: Algonquin C. Lumpus, Slinkman, Various -- [Voice]
IGPX (2005)As: Benjamin Bright -- [Voice]
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004)As: Eduardo -- [Voice]
Rave Master (US) (2004)As: Griff -- [Voice]
Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2004)As: Ed -- [Voice]
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (2004)As: Gibson/Additional Voices -- [Voice]
Stripperella (2003)As: Kevin Calhoun -- [Voice]
Xiaolin Showdown (2003)As: Raimundo Pedrosa -- [Voice]
Shaman King (US) (2003)As: Konchi -- [Voice]
Whatever Happened to Robot Jones (2002)As: Various -- [Voice]
U Pick Live (2002)As: Patchy the Pirate
The Cramp Twins (2002)As: Wayne Cramp -- [Voice]
Codename: Kids Next Door (2002)As: Various -- [Voice]
The Mummy: The Animated Series (2001)As: Jonathan Carnahan -- [Voice]
Mission Hill (1999)As: Wally -- [Voice]
SpongeBob SquarePants (1999)As: SpongeBob SquarePants, Gary, Narrator, Various -- [Voice]
Dilbert (1999)As: Ashok/Ratbert -- [Voice]
Toonsylvania (1998)As: Additional Voices -- [Voice]
CatDog (1998)As: Dog, Cliff -- [Voice]
The Number Crew (1998)As: Additional Voices(1998-2001) -- [Voice]
Godzilla: The Series (1998)As: N.I.G.E.L. -- [Voice]
The Powerpuff Girls (1998)As: The Narrator, The Mayor -- [Voice]
Johnny Bravo (1997)As: Carlos "Carl" Chryniszzswics (1999-2001) -- [Voice]
Dragon Ball Z (US) (1996)As: Various (1996) -- [Voice]
Dexter's Laboratory (1996)As: ValHallen -- [Voice]
Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995)As: Regular (Seasons 1-3), Featured (S04)
Timon & Pumbaa (1995)As: Crazy Baboon -- [Voice]
Dumb and Dumber (1995)As: Weenie -- [Voice]
Rocko's Modern Life (1993)As: Heffer Wolfe -- [Voice]
The Edge (1992)As: Various
Funnybones (1992)As: Various Voices -- [Voice]
Angelica and Susie's School DazeAs: Angelica C. Pickles (pilot) -- [Voice]
Episode Cast Credits 

The Boondocks (2005) 
  Grandad Dates a Kardashian 04x06: (May/26/2014) Voiced  Bench Kardashian / Doctor 
  A Huey Freeman Christmas 01x07: (Dec/18/2005) Voiced  Various 

Rick and Morty (2013) 
  Ricksy Business 01x11: (Apr/14/2014) Voiced  TBD 
  Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind 01x10: (Apr/07/2014) Voiced  TBD 
  Rixty Minutes 01x08: (Mar/17/2014) Voiced  TBD 
  Raising Gazorpazorp 01x07: (Mar/10/2014) Voiced  TBD 

The Millers (2013) 
  Giving The Bird 01x05: (Oct/31/2013) As Cappy 

Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors (2012) 
  Second Chance Hero 02x22: (Oct/20/2013) Voiced  Bentley Whittman aka ‘Wizard’, [Featuring]
  The Rise of the Goblin 01x26: (Oct/28/2012) Voiced  Bob 
  Revealed 01x25: (Oct/28/2012) Voiced  Bentley Whittman aka ‘Wizard’, [Featuring]
  The Iron Octopus 01x22: (Sep/30/2012) Voiced  Computer, [Featuring]

Adventure Time (2010) 
  Wizards Only, Fools 05x26: (Jul/01/2013) Voiced  Starchy 

Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011) 
  Dark Matter 01x26: (Mar/16/2013) Voiced  Salaak 
  Ranx 01x25: (Mar/09/2013) Voiced  The Anti-Monitor (uncredited as Chaselon) 
  Babel 01x21: (Feb/09/2013) Voiced  Goblin 
  Cold Fury 01x20: (Feb/02/2013) Voiced  Zilius Zox (uncredited as The Anti-Monitor) 

Jimmy Kimmel Live (2003) 
  "Jimmy Kimmel Live: This Week" - clips from the past four shows 11x10: (Jan/18/2013) Voiced  SpongeBob SquarePants (Footage from “SpongeBob”) 
  Pamela Anderson 03x61: (May/09/2005) As Himself 

Dan vs. (2011) 
  Dan Vs. Reality TV 02x14: (May/26/2012) Voiced  Crunchy 
  Dan Vs. Traffic 01x07: (Feb/26/2011) Voiced  Crunchy 
  Dan Vs. The Animal Shelter 01x05: (Jan/22/2011) Voiced  Crunchy 
  Dan Vs. The Dentist 01x03: (Jan/08/2011) Voiced  Various 

The Legend of Korra (2012) 
  And the Winner is... 01x06: (May/12/2012) Voiced  referee 
  The Spirit of Competition 01x05: (May/05/2012) Voiced  referee 
  A Leaf in the Wind 01x02: (Apr/14/2012) Voiced  referee 
  Welcome to Republic City 01x01: (Apr/14/2012) Voiced  referee 

The Cleveland Show (2009) 
  Til Deaf 03x12: (Mar/04/2012) Voiced  Dr. Fist 
  Skip Day 03x04: (Nov/20/2011) Voiced  Dr. Fist 

Batman: The Brave and The Bold (2008) 
  Four Star Spectacular! 03x14: (Nov/04/2011) Voiced  'Mazing Man / Mirror Master 
  Bold Beginnings! 03x11: (Oct/14/2011) Voiced  Babyface / Plastic Man 
  Night of the Batmen! 03x06: (Apr/29/2011) Voiced  Babyface / Plastic Man 
  Cry Freedom Fighters! 02x21: (Nov/12/2010) Voiced  Plastic Man (uncredited as The Ray) 

Marvel Super Hero Squad (2009) 
  Revenge of the Baby Sat! 02x23: (Oct/11/2011) Voiced  Space Phantom, [Featuring]
  Days, Nights, and Weekends of Future Past!: Six Against Infinity: Part 2 02x16: (Apr/16/2011) Voiced  Sentinel, [Featuring]
  Lo, How the Mighty Hath Abdicated! 02x10: (Jan/22/2011) Voiced  Fandral, [Featuring]
  Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant High! 01x18: (Dec/19/2009) Voiced  Colossus, [Featuring]

Back at the Barnyard (2007) 
  Clown and Out | Clan of the Cave Cow 02x27: (Sep/19/2011) Voiced  Dr. Matt | Cave Cow (Clan of the Cave Bear) 
  Cowdyshack 01x32: (Feb/23/2009) Voiced  Crazy Louie | Hawk 
  Cowman: The Uddered Avenger (Nov/28/2008) Voiced  Fargleman | Burly Guy | Upstanding Man | Man #2B 
  Pecky Suave 01x20: (Jul/25/2008) Voiced  Chicken Rights Guy 

Futurama (1999) 
  Cold Warriors 06x24: (Aug/25/2011) Voiced  Yancy Fry 
  Yo Leela Leela 06x19: (Jul/21/2011) Voiced  Joey Mousepad 
  Bender's Big Score (Nov/27/2007) Voiced  Yancy Fry 
  Jurassic Bark 05x02: (Nov/17/2002) Voiced  Yancy Fry 

Scooby-Doo - Mystery, Inc. (2010) 
  Mystery Solvers Club State Finals 01x14: (May/03/2011) Voiced  Jonathan Wellington Muddlemore / Chairman (dream), [Featuring]
  The Secret Serum 01x11: (Oct/11/2010) Voiced  Auctioneer, [Featuring]
  Battle of the Humungonauts 01x09: (Sep/06/2010) Voiced  Max Minner / Jax Minner / Announcer, [Featuring]
  The Song of Mystery 01x05: (Aug/09/2010) Voiced  Broccoli Head / Mr. Baywosenthal / Stripe kid / Child #8, [Featuring]

Cosmic Quantum Ray (2010) 
  Hall of Fame 01x17: (Nov/24/2010) Voiced  Professor Evil Brainhead, [Featuring]
  Return of the Alien Squirrel Master 01x16: (Nov/23/2010) Voiced  Professor Evil Brainhead, [Featuring]
  Rings of Fire 01x15: (Nov/22/2010) Voiced  Guy Gamma, [Featuring]
  Eat @ Olga's 01x13: (Nov/18/2010) Voiced  Professor Evil Brainhead, [Featuring]

Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) 
  Escape to Sherman High 01x01: (Sep/17/2010) Voiced  Brick Jackson / Jerk Kid 

American Dad! (2005) 
  Rapture's Delight 05x09: (Dec/13/2009) Voiced  Jo-Jo | Slow Janitor 

Random Cartoons (2008) 
  Bradwurst 01x17: (Jan/03/2009) Voiced  Bradwurst / Jerry, [Starring Roles]

SpongeBob SquarePants (1999) 
  Pest of the West 05x33: (Apr/11/2008) Voiced  SpongeBuck, Skull, Jellyfish 
  Not Normal 06x02: (Mar/04/2008) Voiced  Fishes 
  Krabby Road 06x01: (Mar/03/2008) Voiced  Guard 
  Atlantis SquarePantis (Nov/12/2007) Voiced  Security Guard, Computer, Model, Guard 

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004) 
  Let Your Hare Down 05x13: (Mar/06/2008) Voiced  One Eyed Cy, Yogi Boo Boo 
  Better Off Ed 05x11: (Oct/19/2007) Voiced  Scrappy 
  Nightmare on Wilson Way 05x10: (Oct/12/2007) Voiced  One Eyed Cy, Rodney Squiddlebeak 
  Ticket to Rod 05x09: (Oct/05/2007) Voiced  Radio DJ 

The Batman (2004) 
  The End of the Batman 05x10: (Feb/09/2008) Voiced  The Penguin 
  Ring Toss 05x07: (Dec/08/2007) Voiced  The Penguin 
  Rumors 04x11: (Mar/03/2007) Voiced  The Penguin 
  Team Penguin 04x02: (Sep/30/2006) Voiced  The Penguin 

Camp Lazlo (2005) 
  Edward's Big Bag / The List 04x12: (Sep/03/2007) Voiced  "Beavy" 
  Friendward / Camp Dinkey 04x10: (Aug/22/2007) Voiced  Edwards Mom 
  Snow Beans / Irreconcilable Dungferences 02x09: (Mar/17/2006) Voiced  Fat Rabbit Man 
  I've Never Bean in a Sub / The Great Snipe Hunt 02x07: (Mar/03/2006) Voiced  Baby Snipes 

Kids' Choice Awards (US) (1988) 
  20th Annual Kids' Choice Awards 20x01: (Mar/31/2007) As Himself 
  19th Annual Kids' Choice Awards 19x01: (Apr/01/2006) As Announcer 
  18th Annual Kids' Choice Awards 18x01: (Apr/02/2005) As Announcer 
  17th Annual Kids' Choice Awards 17x01: (Apr/03/2004) As Announcer 

Family Guy (1999) 
  Road to Rupert 05x09: (Jan/28/2007) Voiced  Spongebob Squarepants 

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2005) 
  Michael Rapaport, Tom Kenny 02x204: (Dec/15/2006) As Himself 

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2001) 
  Global Grilling 04x07: (Nov/12/2006) Voiced  Mucus Clones 

Class of 3000 (2006) 
  Peanuts! Get Yer Peanuts! 01x02: (Nov/10/2006) Voiced  Coach Barneem , Driver 

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2001) 
  The Secret Snake Club vs. P.E/King Tooten Pooten 06x06: (Oct/20/2006) Voiced  Wiggly 
  Ecto Cooler/Schlubs 05x13: (Oct/14/2005) Voiced  Shlubs #2 and #3 
  My Fair Mandy 05x09: (Jul/29/2005) Voiced  PPG Narrator 
  Secret Snake Club 04x09: (Feb/21/2005) Voiced  Wiggly, Drama Club Actor 

Skatoony (2006) 
  Episode 2 01x02: (Oct/13/2006) As Joan The Pirate 

Shorty McShorts' Shorts (2006) 
  My Mom Married A Yeti 01x02: (Aug/04/2006) As Voice 

Korgoth of Barbaria (2006) 
  Pilot 01x01: (Jun/03/2006) Voiced  Hargon / Henchman #3 

Xiaolin Showdown (2003) 
  Time After Time [2] 03x13: (May/13/2006) Voiced  Hannibal Roy Bean/Dashi 
  Hannibal's Revenge 03x11: (Feb/25/2006) Voiced  Hannibal Roy Bean 
  Wu Got the Power 03x10: (Feb/18/2006) Voiced  Hannibal Roy Bean 
  The Dream Stalker 03x08: (Nov/26/2005) Voiced  Hannibal Roy Bean/ Raimundo's Innerself 

My Gym Partner's a Monkey (2006) 
  Supplies Party / She's Koala That 01x10: (Apr/21/2006) Voiced  Chad 
  Shark Attack / You Adam, Me Jake 01x04: (Mar/03/2006) Voiced  Boy #1, Flounder 
  Chew on This / The "A" Word 01x03: (Feb/24/2006) Voiced  Henry 
  Lyon of Scrimmage / Bad News Bear 01x02: (Feb/20/2006) Voiced  Squirrel , Angry Guy, Football Player, Girl Fish, Animal Kid 

The X's (2005) 
  Family Issues / Truman's Choice 01x11: (Mar/17/2006) Voiced  Copperhead 
  Mr. Fix It / Doommates 01x04: (Dec/09/2005) Voiced  Wally 

Drawn Together (2004) 
  Foxxy vs. the Board of Education 02x02: (Oct/26/2005) Voiced  Teacher 

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000) 
  Mindless 03x10: (Sep/25/2005) Voiced  Top Cat/Choo Choo 
  Back To The Present 02x06: (May/16/2004) Voiced  Elroy / Boo Boo / Computer Voice 
  Death By Chocolate 01x04: (Jul/14/2002) Voiced  Boo Boo 

Loonatics: Unleashed (2005) 
  Loonatics on Ice 01x01: (Sep/17/2005) Voiced  Gunnar the Conqueror 

The Buzz on Maggie (2005) 
  Bugsitting / Le Termite 01x07: (Jul/22/2005) Voiced  Purpert 

Catscratch (2005) 
  Tale of the Tail / Mr. Pickles 01x04: (Jul/22/2005) Voiced  Bum #1 

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2002) 
  Fundemonium 03x04: (May/24/2005) Voiced  Nanobot 2 
  Return of the Nanobots 02x06: (Nov/14/2003) Voiced  Nanobot 2 
  Maximum Hugh/Sleepless in Retroville 01x16: (May/17/2003) Voiced  Max/Wilderman/Mr. Moodini 
  Safety First/Crime Sheen Investigation 01x11: (Nov/30/2002) Voiced  Nanobot #2 

Codename: Kids Next Door (2002) 
  Operation: K.N.O.T. / Operation: C.L.O.S.E.T. 04x09: (May/20/2005) Voiced  Billy Oxslogger 
  Operation: L.U.N.C.H. / Operation: M.U.N.C.H.I.E.S. 04x08: (May/13/2005) Voiced  Knightbrace, Sheldon 
  Operation: N.U.G.G.E.T. / Operation: M.A.C.A.R.R.O.N.I. 04x03: (Dec/03/2004) Voiced  Chicken Man, Ice Cream Man 
  Operation: R.A.B.B.I.T. / Operation: F.L.U.S.H. 04x01: (Nov/19/2004) Voiced  Knightbrace/Mr. Wink 

The Powerpuff Girls (1998) 
  I See A Funny Cartoon In Your Future / Octi Gone 05x13: (Mar/25/2005) Voiced  Fred The Duck, Dude 
  Nuthin' Special / Neighbor Hood 05x12: (Mar/25/2005) Voiced  Man #2, Willy, Duke Monday, Convict #1, Singer 
  Aspirations 06x10: (Jul/09/2004) Voiced  Snake/'Lil Arturo 
  Custody Battle / The City Of Nutsvillle 06x09: (Jul/02/2004) Voiced  The Beaver Mayor 

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (2004) 
  The Sun Riders Return 02x06: (Mar/19/2005) Voiced  Johnny Sunspot 
  The Lords of Soturix 7 02x02: (Feb/19/2005) Voiced  Mongo 
  Skeleton King 01x14: (Feb/06/2005) Voiced  Sakko 
  Hidden Fortress 01x13: (Dec/18/2004) Voiced  Sakko 

The Fairly OddParents (2001) 
  Christmas Everyday 01x07: (Dec/12/2001) Voiced  Cupid, [Featuring]
  The Masked Magician | The Big Bash 05x05: (Feb/18/2005) Voiced  Cupid / Portrait Painter, [Featuring]
  Catman Meets The Crimson Chin | Back to Norm 05x04: (Feb/17/2005) Voiced  Cupid, [Featuring]
  Chip Off the Old Chip | Snow Bound 03x17: (Nov/21/2003) Voiced  Cupid / Additional Voices, [Featuring]

Teen Titans (2003) 
  Episode 257-494 04x02: (Jan/17/2005) Voiced  Zinthos Announcer 
  Bunny Raven or How to Make a Titananimal Disappear 03x11: (Jan/08/2005) Voiced  Mumbo/Any Card/Stagehand Mumbo/Hecklers 
  The Sum of His Parts 01x05: (Aug/23/2003) Voiced  Mumbo/Fixit 

Duck Dodgers (2003) 
  Talent Show A Go-Go/The Love of a Father 02x04: (Aug/14/2004) Voiced  Host / Manager 
  They Stole Dodgers' Brain/The Wrath of Canasta 01x08: (Oct/11/2003) Voiced  Chicken Man, Announcer 

Kim Possible (2002) 
  Rewriting History 02x34: (Aug/05/2004) Voiced  Unknown 
  The Fearless Ferret 02x11: (Oct/03/2003) Voiced  Ferret Fan 
  Job Unfair 02x08: (Aug/29/2003) Voiced  Joe, Salesman, Ludwig, Career Week Guy 
  The Ron Factor 02x04: (Aug/08/2003) Voiced  GJ Scientist, Delta 

Megas XLR (2004) 
  Battle Royale 01x02: (May/08/2004) Voiced  Announcer, Alien #2 
  The Fat & the Furious 01x04: (May/01/2004) Voiced  Dorky Fan, Onlooker #2, Boy 

What's New Scooby-Doo? (2002) 
  Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman 02x08: (Mar/22/2004) Voiced  Jack Hunter 
  Roller Ghoster Ride! 01x07: (Nov/09/2002) Voiced  Sam the Safety Engineer, Harry Harrison 
  There's No Creature Like Snow Creature 01x01: (Sep/14/2002) Voiced  Natlas 

Drake and Josh (2004) 
  Two Idiots and a Baby 01x04: (Feb/08/2004) Voiced  Singing Toy Bear, [Uncredited]

Dave the Barbarian (2004) 
  Beef!/Rite of Pillage 01x04: (Jan/23/2004) Voiced  Pillage Master 

Lilo & Stitch: The Series (2003) 
  Finder 01x26: (Dec/22/2003) Voiced  Policeman 

All Grown Up (2001) 
  Chuckie's in Love 01x06: (Dec/06/2003) Voiced  Various Voices 

CatDog (1998) 
  Harraslin' Match/Dog The Not So Mighty 03x08: (Nov/28/2003) Voiced  Mother/Weasel Face 
  Seeing Eye Dog/Beware of Cliff 03x04: (May/15/2001) Voiced  Wolfington/Dog in Line 
  Sweet and Lola/Rich Shriek, Poor Shriek 02x18: (Oct/23/1999) Voiced  Guest #1 
  Send in the CatDog/Fishing For Trouble 02x01: (Feb/15/1999) Voiced  Small Clown, Veronica 

Samurai Jack (2001) 
  XLVII: Jack And The Flying Prince And Princess 04x08: (Nov/19/2003) Voiced  King, Chitron 6, Chamberlain 
  XLIII: The Aku Infection 04x04: (Nov/05/2003) Voiced  Master Ning, Brother Shu, Townsperson 
  XXIV: Jack Is Naked 02x11: (Sep/27/2002) Voiced  Manager / Cop #6 
  XXI: Jack and the Farting Dragon 02x08: (Sep/06/2002) Voiced  Peasant / Man 

Justice League Unlimited (2001) 
  Tabula Rasa (2) 02x04: (Oct/04/2003) Voiced  Search Leader 

VH1 Goes Inside (2003) 
  Primetime Cartoons 01x02: (Oct/02/2003) Voiced  (archive footage) Narrator 

Home Movies (1999) 
  Coffins and Cradles 03x13: (May/25/2003) Voiced  Doctor 

Saturday Night Live (1975) 
  Queen Latifah/Ms. Dynamite 28x17: (Mar/08/2003) Voiced  SpongeBob SquarePants, [Uncredited]

Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999) 
  Remembrance of Courage Past/Perfect 04x13: (Nov/22/2002) As Courage's Dad 
  Muriel Meets Her Match/Courage vs. Mecha Courage 03x01: (Jan/12/2002) Voiced  Police Man Panting 

The Oblongs (2001) 
  My Name is Robbie 01x10: (Sep/08/2002) Voiced  Various 

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1993) 
  Janeane Garafalo, Tom Kenny 10x02: (Sep/04/2002) As Himself 

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones (2002) 
  Cube Wars 01x03: (Jul/26/2002) Voiced  Cubic the Amazing Rube 

Johnny Bravo (1997) 
  The Hansel And Gretel Witch Project / I.Q. Johnny/Get Stinky 03x17: (Jun/14/2002) Voiced  Soccer Fan 2 
  The Island Of Mrs. Morceau / The Colour Of Mustard / Third Dork From the Sun 03x16: (Jun/07/2002) Voiced  Fishman, Mongoose, Ostrich 
  Jurassic Dork / Mascot Academy/Full Metal Johnny 03x08: (Nov/17/2000) Voiced  Penguin Mascot 
  El Bravo Magnifico / Johnny O and Julliet/Clan of the Cave Boob 02x13: (Oct/15/1999) Voiced  Mona Herschbaum 

That '70s Show (1998) 
  Eric's Depression 04x02: (Sep/26/2001) As Woofy The Dog 

Time Squad (2001) 
  To Hail with Caesar / Robin' and Stealin' With Mr. Hood 01x04: (Jun/29/2001) Voiced  Red Toga man, Soldier 
  The Island of Doctor Freud / Daddio Da Vinci 01x03: (Jun/22/2001) Voiced  Guy #2/Guy in Shadows 
  Eli Whitney's Flesh Eating Mistake / Never Look a Trojan in the Gift Horse 01x01: (Jun/08/2001) Voiced  Eli Whitney 

The Zeta Project (2001) 
  Crime Waves 01x09: (Apr/14/2001) Voiced  Bogg 

Roswell (1999) 
  Summer of '47 02x04: (Oct/23/2000) As Barkeep 

Dilbert (1999) 
  The Return 02x11: (Feb/22/2000) Voiced  Asok/Ratbert 
  The Assistant 02x10: (Feb/15/2000) Voiced  Asok 
  The Trial 02x04: (Nov/23/1999) Voiced  Asok/Ratbert/ Audio tape instructor 
  Testing 01x05: (Feb/22/1999) Voiced  Bob Bastard 

The Wild Thornberrys (1998) 
  Pal Joey 02x02: (Aug/17/1999) Voiced  Joey 

Cow and Chicken (1997) 
  Snail Boy/Penalty Wheel 04x09: (May/05/1999) Voiced  Snail Boy, Bully #2, Short Man, Doctor, Guy on Boat, Ham #1 
  The Full Monty/Mall Cop 04x08: (May/04/1999) Voiced  Lecturer, Security Guard, Woman Customer, Maintenance Guy 
  Professor Longhorn Steer/A Couple of Skating Fools 04x07: (May/03/1999) Voiced  Professor Longhorn Steer, TV Announcer, Judge 
  Major Wedgie/The Loneliest Cow 04x06: (Apr/30/1999) Voiced  Patient 

Just Shoot Me (1997) 
  Toy Story 03x17: (Mar/02/1999) As Persky 
  Nina Sees Red (1) 03x14: (Feb/09/1999) As Persky 
  How the Finch Stole Christmas 03x10: (Dec/15/1998) As Persky 
  War and Sleaze 02x25: (May/12/1998) As Persky 

Disney's Hercules (1998) 
  Hercules and the Long Nightmare 01x43: (Feb/08/1999) Voiced  Phantasos 

Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995) 
  Patriotism, Pepper, and Professionalism 04x11: (Dec/28/1998) As Voice-over 
  Sad Songs are Natures' Onions 04x10: (Dec/21/1998) As Voiceover 
  Show Me Your Weenis 04x04: (Nov/09/1998) As Various 

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (1995) 
  Community Theater 05x16: (Oct/19/1998) Voiced  Himself 
  Feng Shui 05x11: (Aug/24/1998) Voiced  Himself 

Premium Blend (1997) 
  Episode 2002 02x01: (May/23/1998) As Himself 

Brotherly Love (US) (1995) 
  Mother's Day 02x23: (May/11/1997) As Doug 
  Remember 01x13: (Mar/11/1996) As Doug 

MADtv (1995) 
  Episode #214 02x14: (Feb/15/1997) As Himself, [Special Guest Stars]

Rocko's Modern Life (1993) 
  Put Out to Pasture / Future Schlock 04x12: (Oct/10/1996) Voiced  Norbert / Newscaster 
  Heff in a Handbasket / Wallaby on Wheels 04x09: (Jul/18/1996) Voiced  Peaches 
  The High-Five of Doom / Fly Burgers 04x08: (Jul/17/1996) Voiced  Flecko 
  Mama's Boy / Feisy Geist 04x05: (Jul/12/1996) Voiced  Madame Dorren-O / Mortimor Kahn 

Arli$$ (1996) 
  Colors of the Rainbow 01x07: (Sep/18/1996) As Greg Reem 

Malibu Shores (1996) 
  Cheating Hearts 01x06: (Apr/06/1996) As Debate Moderator 

Dumb and Dumber (1995) 
  Otto’s Best Friend 01x01: (Oct/28/1995) Voiced  Weenie 

Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show (1993) 
  Bugging Out! 02x03: (Jan/16/1995) Voiced  New Jersey Bug 

2 Stupid Dogs (1993) 
  Let's Make a Right Price/One Ton/Far Out Friday 01x12: (Nov/21/1993) Voiced  Kenny/Boy #1 

Late Night With David Letterman (1982) 
  Show #1502 10x74: (Jul/10/1991) As Himself 

Space Goofs (1997) 
  Play Time in Hell 01x37: (Unknown/Unaired) Voiced  Bob Devil 
Crew Credits

Show Crew

Pokémon the Series (1998)• Executive Producer

Episode Crew

Marvel Super Hero Squad (2009) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Missing: Impossible! 02x22 Oct/10/2011 As: Writer
Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995) (Credited in 1 episodes from this show) 
Bush is a Pussy 03x07 Nov/07/1997 As: Writer
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