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Tom Kenny

  voiced Cliff in CatDog

Cliff is the leader of the Greaser Dogs. He is also voiced by Tom Kenny.
  voiced Dog in CatDog

Dog is the dumber half of Catdog. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

voiced Ed in Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Ed the Otter is Mr. Whiskers other best friend. He is perhaps the only creature in the Amazon who can tolerate Mr. Whiskers' antics for more than a minute, let along take part in them. While his tone of voice and personality makes him seem dull, he is often an encyclopedia for the jungle denizens. He has a rather large vocabulary, but this just lets him ramble on whenever he talks, taking a very long time until he gets to the point. He always refers to his friends with titles, such as "Miss Brandy". He is the only always-mutual friend Whiskers has, as Brandy tends to yell at him more than often.
voiced Algonquin C. Lumpus in Camp Lazlo

(pronounced Lümpus, voiced by Tom Kenny) is a frustrated stick-in-the-mud moose who's selfish because everything has to be exactly how he likes it to be or else he'll have a huge tantrum. He really wanted to be Head Master Troop but is "stuck" in his job running Camp Kidney (where he lives year-round) and making sure that no one — especially his least-favorite Bean Scout, Lazlo and the rest of Jelly Bean Cabin — has any fun. He also has a crush on Squirrel Scout leader Ms. Jane Doe. However, nobody knows Lumpus's secret: he loves dolls and he loves playing with them. However, as revealed in The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain, he has an grand-dad named General Sherman B. Lumpus, who was battled by his own men and ended up in a circus. Lumpus's grand-dad was last seen cleaning up after the elephants (EWWWWW!). Also revealed in Dead Bean Drop, Lumpus was the one who made Slinkman mess up at Dead Bean Drop by making him trip. He got away with it, until Slinkman found out about it. In two episodes, he had tried to become Grand Legume of the Legume Council in two episodes. One was Handy Helper, where he had to help someone in order to get that missing Handy Helper badge. That allows him to become Grand Legume. The other episode was Slap Happy.
played Slinkman in Camp Lazlo

Lumpus' assistant, Slinkman (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a banana slug who literally has no backbone. He knows the Bean Scout manual cover-to-cover, is loyal, kind, obedient and generally keeps the camp running despite Scoutmaster Lumpus' frequent hissy fits and constant laziness. Slinkman has to do a lot of things, but he does love kids, particularly those of Jelly Bean Cabin, and sometimes acts like one of them. He's a master at shadow puppets, complete with an imitation of scoutmaster Lumpus, a good prankster, and is also a race car aficionado. It has been discovered in Slugfest that Scoutmaster Lumpus actually enjoys hanging out with Slinkman since he has worked for five years under Scoutmaster Lumpus, and in "Beans and Pranks", we find out that Slinkman has been pranking on Lumpus every June 7th, because he forgets his birthday all the time. As revealed in The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain, Slinkman hits Scoutmaster Lumpus with a full moon frying pan when he has his "episodes." Also revealed in Dead Bean Drop, Slinkman used to be a daredevil named Super Slug. He succeded Dead Bean Drop he failed but ended up in a time capsule with Lumpus and they were free in 2031 (20 years later) in the future with Chip & Skip, because of this, Dead Bean Drop should be non-canonical.
  voiced Father in Codename: Kids Next Door

Father is the KND's greatest enemy, the embodiment of everything they are against, the DCFDTL, and all teenagers and seniors report mostly to him when gathered together to scheme against the KND.

His determination to see that all youth obey their seniors uncondtionally and against their will has driven him to become tremendously feared.

Often always in shadow, Father possesses almost superhuman powers, capable of hurtling fire in any direction, and mastering levitation and other incredible abilities, Father's abilities and resources have compromised and destroyed various KND strongholds.

So ruthless is this individual that upon seizing the KND Code Module, he cared little who he transformed into helpless animals, including his adopted sons and daughters, the Delightful Children From Down The Lane.

He has a significant history with the KND, as he was partially responsible for not only it's creation, but is also related to Sector V leader Nigel Uno and his father Monty.

Revealed in the movie Operation: Z.E.R.O to be Benedict Uno, Father is overshadowed in the movie by his own father, the Grand Evil, Grandfather, who even when comparing Benedict to Monty, prefers Monty over his more evil and eager son.

Father's face is rarley seen, though before the movie finally revealed his face, a version of Father's true form has been seen twice in the series, once in Operation: A.R.C.H.I.V.E, and as an alternate Universe version battling the forces of Negative Numbah Four in Operation: P.O.O.L
voiced Eduardo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Eduardo proves that looks can be deceiving. Perhaps one of the most intimidating in appearance, this bilingual imaginary friend has a very endearing demeanor. Even more shocking, he is very fearful of pretty much anything that moves and is shown constantly cowering.
voiced Jake Spider Monkey in My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Jake is an energetic spider monkey and is one of Adam's friends. He helps Adam in some difficult situations although sometimes he's the one that caused the whole thing. Also, Jake has an interest in his own butt and is a nephew of a twenty-five year old bobcat.
voiced Heffer Wolfe in Rocko's Modern Life

Heffer Wolfe has been Rocko's best friend since they met in high school. Hef is an adopted steer living with a family of Wolves who decided not to eat him. He eats a lot, his favorite snack being "Pasture Puffies", and because of this he is rather overweight. He has held many jobs, including a waiter at a coffee shop, a salesman at a tree farm, a mail carrier, and a security guard at Conglom-O.
voiced Konchi in Shaman King (US)

Konchi is Tammy's mischievously sarcastic fox spirit who seems to despise Anna. Konchi is usually follows Ponchi's strange and annoying actions. Konchi tries to develop a stronger sense of humor than Ponchi.
voiced Gary in SpongeBob SquarePants

Gary is SpongeBob's pet snail. He may be a snail,but he meows like a cat. SpongeBob is always directed into the right path and guided by Gary. Gary also knows how to tie shoes. He is very smart.
  voiced Narrator in SpongeBob SquarePants

The Narrator is the announcer of Spongebob and the Patchy The Pirate segments.
played Old Man Jenkins in SpongeBob SquarePants

Old Man Jenkins appears several times in many episodes, but each time he looks different and changes colors. He has been green, purple, blue, and orange. His jobs also change, from farmer, to sailor, to human cannonball.
voiced SpongeBob SquarePants [Main Character] in SpongeBob SquarePants

An incredibly optimistic square-shaped sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. He works at the Krusty Krab with his boring neighbor Squidward. He believes that no one has ulterior motives, and believes almost anything that anybody tells him. His interests are bubble blowing, jellyfishing, playing super heroes, and "doing things" with Patrick. He is very pliable and rubbery, and is capable of stretching, inflating, or even breaking apart.
  voiced Gibson/Additional Voices in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Gibson is the team's technical person, and is very impatient. He believes logic is the way to look
Powers: Robovac Drills
voiced Otto Octavius aka ‘Doctor Octopus’ in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors

Doc Ock cannot move or breathe without the high-tech Octo suit. Like a real octopus, Doc Ock is always hiding in the shadows, concealed in the cracks of his lab. Doc Ock's lab is under the HUDSON RIVER- with a secret tunnel that leads directly back to the OsCorp Tower.