Bill Lawrence

Bill used to play baseball for the Houston Frogs.
He ran for president of his elementary school, Branchville Elementary School in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
The Ohio connection for Nobody's Watching was inspired by relatives in Cincinnati.
His show Nobody's Watching was a major hit on YouTube, but got low ratings when it aired on network television.
Bill often puts himself into the background of Scrubs. According to the cast, he has done it more and more frequently as the seasons pass.
He says that the best part about working in an old creepy hospital [on Scrubs] is that no one ever comes by, so they can do whatever they want.
Bill and his wife are part of a co-ed softball team. They also play tennis competitively.
He credits Gary Goldberg with teaching him all that was involved in creating a series.
Bill has said that fans will know when Scrubs is over when the Janitor is given a name.
Bill wrote his first television script when he was twenty-two.
When Bill first met Christa, it was at an ABC network party in May 1998 and she already had a boyfriend. He made her promise to call him if they broke up. She did.
Bill often pays the cast and crew of Scrubs to do or eat something gross. It is known as the Scrubs Factor.